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Dear MU Family,

Celebration and sighs of relief are in the air at Multnomah University! The light pink cherry blossoms are in full bloom, much like the burgeoning graduates who recently received their hard-earned diplomas. One of them — a global studies major named Kevin Perry — has an amazing story I’d like to share with you.

The youngest of six children, Kevin was born into a military family and raised on a military base in Germany. Youth camps, outreach groups, and missions organizations visited the base frequently, but one group changed the course of his life forever.

In 2010, Youth Ministry Department Chair Dr. Rob Hildebrand brought a group of Multnomah students to minister to the military kids on Kevin’s base. One of these students was Anthony Beatty, who was given the opportunity to share the gospel. Though Kevin had heard the story many times before, Jesus had been preparing his heart for the special moment when he prayed with Anthony. With tears streaming down his face, Kevin committed his life to Christ, no matter the cost.


When you follow Christ, your faithfulness creates a profound ripple effect. In fact, you may never know how many people your converted life touches.

Anthony grew up in a spiritually mixed home comprised of atheism and Christian Science. Even still, he came to know the Lord through his youth pastor, Will Vollstedt. Will was a Multnomah graduate.


Anthony (left) and Kevin (center) hike with a group to Oneonta Gorge.

The ripple effect connects Will, Anthony and Kevin to this day. Will is now the senior pastor at Grace and Glory Community Church in Vancouver, Washington. He is still one of Anthony’s pastors. Anthony runs his own video company called M25 Productions (named after the parable of the talents in Matthew 25). He regularly works with clients such as Nike, Old Trapper, Timbuk2 and even Multnomah. He and Kevin have remained close friends. And now that he’s graduated, Kevin and his wife (also an alum) are committing to full-time missionary work in Austria.


Kevin and Rachel Perry on their wedding day

We recently got the chance to hear Anthony and Kevin retell their remarkable story in person:

Friends, it’s incredible to see these lives bonded by continued friendship, a love for Jesus Christ and Multnomah University. From Will’s obedience, to Anthony’s faithfulness, to Kevin’s acceptance, there are two things for certain: The Gospel will never cease to go out, and Multnomah will never stop equipping people to share it.

In Matthew 28, Jesus shared his vision for the entire world with his disciples:

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing

them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the

Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”

As the president of Multnomah University, I’m proud to share that we take this mission to heart, and we take it very seriously. Christ’s mission, the Great Commission, is our mission! I also have the responsibility to strategically implement ways to equip our students to meet the world’s current needs while embodying both the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.


To be a pivotal transforming force in the world, we need several things, and they all require you!

First, we need you to tell more people about Multnomah. More than 94 percent of our students came here because a friend, family member, alum, pastor or coach recommended it. In fact, prospective students are over nine times more likely to enroll by a word-of-mouth referral than any other source!

Second, we need your prayer. You already know Multnomah was founded on the bedrock of prayer. On February 14, 1936, Reverend John G. Mitchell came together with Portland-area ministers to pray about this place, which was still an ethereal idea at the time. Eighty-one years later, we are still here, because of prayer and because of God’s blessing through you.

Third, we need your faith. We need your faith that God will supply all of Multnomah’s needs as we seek to follow his will for this place. We need your faith that he will provide for your needs as you help meet ours. The simple fact is Multnomah would cease to exist if it weren’t for your help.

We still need to raise $609,491 by June 30. We whole-heartedly believe in God’s ability to stir the hearts of MU family members like you. We need your help. Will you help us reach our goal by June 30? There are so many opportunities to participate — cash gifts, stock gifts, and IRAs are just a few ways you can help.


Your gifts, your support, your prayer and your recommendations are vitally essential for us to heed Christ’s command — to go out and make disciples!   

Thank you for furthering the mission of Multnomah, and for being a part of the ripple effect.


Rev. G. Craig Williford, Ph.D.

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