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Alumni MU Night: Blazers Triumph!

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Student-Alumni Blazer Event_groupshotOver 130 Multnomah alumni, students, faculty, and friends witnessed a 106-98 Trailblazer victory over the Los Angeles Lakers during the Alumni-sponsored MU Night on April 10. After the game, all participants had the opportunity to shoot some free throws on the court. Check out the Alumni Photo Journal to view more photos of the evening.

The Alumni Department had reserved 130 tickets a year ago for this game-all of which were snapped up quickly for $25 each, leaving many disappointed. The department will be ordering more tickets for next year's game very soon. Contact the Alumni Department at to let them know if you are interested in attending next year, so that they can get an idea of how many more tickets to buy.

Take A Walk Around Multnomah’s Campus… Virtually That Is!

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vt_screenshotDuring the past few months, some of you may have seen me toting around a tripod and a camera, standing outside buildings, snapping away incessantly. Well, the fruit of my labor has finally come to fruition. The MU Virtual Tour has officially launched on Multnomah's web site:

Who It's For

The MU Virtual Tour is aimed at prospective students who would like to get better acquainted with Multnomah's campus, guests who may not be familiar with the campus layout, and people interested in booking Multnomah's facilities for events.

What It Took

The project started over a year ago. Numerous hours went into building the Virtual Tour and working the kinks out of it. The Virtual Tour features an interactive map allowing users to navigate to different buildings--many of which display 360 panoramas. For event planners, facility capacities and building layouts are available. Continual improvements will be made to the Virtual Tour as time goes on. For example, new photos will be taken as the spring flowers come in to accentuate the beauty of our campus.

What You Can Do

Check out the MU Virtual Tour, and have fun virtually exploring Multnomah's campus. If you have any comments or suggestions to help make this tool more user-friendly, contact the Promotions Department at

Kigali Library Kollection Update

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Context: Original Kigali Bible College - Kollection - Africa New Life Post

Kollection Was So Successful That...logo_0001

The Kigali Committee is now doubling its goal in hopes of collecting different Bible, theology, and Christian books by May 15, 2009 for the largest theological library in Rwanda. After much prayer, the committee decided that the goal should be "Double or Everything," renaming the drive the "Kigali-Kigali Kollection." The committee is praying toward another miracle of receiving a doubled portion of 4,018 books by the set date. If the "Double" goal is met before graduation, then the new goal will be 5,000!

4 Ways To Participate

  1. Book Donator: Each student donates TWO books; each faculty donates FOUR (or more).
  2. Book Kollector: The committee needs 24 collectors who will be the point person at their churches to get book donations.
  3. Book Recorder: The committee needs 25 people to record books for a minimum of 2 hours. Volunteers will be paid $10/hr (Priority goes to those who have already donated hours previously).
  4. Finance Giver: Give $1 at each SWOT chapel; give a one-time offering; or be a Buck-One-Book giver (BOB).

4 Contacts:

  1. To be a Book Donator, contact Amanda Schick at MSC#105
  2. To be a Book Kollector, contact Eric Faris at MSC#869
  3. To be a Book Recorder, contact Chelsea Cantrell at MSC#562
  4. To be a Finance Giver, contact Josh Libby at MSC#358

If you're off-campus, contact Dr. Garry Friesen at or Debbie Chin at or 503.251.6400.

Most Recent Report:

The number of books recorded has now reached 2,223. During the first wave, most books were donated by students and employees on campus - this second wave of books has been largely from the local churches.

With 37 days left until graduation, 1,795 more books are needed to reach the goal!

What Is This Kigali Kollection?

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Congratulations to the Kigali Kollection Committee on reaching their goal of collecting 2009 books for Kigali Bible College in Rwanda, Africa. During Spring break, the team recorded books for a total of 25 hours.  At 1:22 p.m. on Friday, March 27, Ali Newby was privileged to record the 2009th book.


In the summer of 2008, Africa New Life Ministries (founded by MBS graduate Charles Buregeya) was awarded a grant to start a Bible training school in Kigali, Rwanda. Upon hearing the news, a group of Multnomah students pulled together to create a library for the school-the largest theological library in Rwanda. The team set a goal of collecting 2009 books by graduation day in May.

MU Students Commit

Multnomah students were given the options to be book donators, book collectors (at their churches), book recorders, or "BOB" givers (Buck One Book - which means that you donate $1 to Debbie Chin in upper Sutcliffe). Every Monday, the team kept the school updated with a collection report along with a countdown of how many days were left until the deadline. Presently, 38 more days are left.

Help Meet A New Goal!

With the goal of 2009 books already attained, the Kigali Kollection Committee will reconvene to recalculate a new goal. Presently, the team has recorded 2,028 usable books. So if you have started on your spring cleaning and have books you don't need, play a part in building up the largest theological library in Rwanda and donate those books of yours.

3 Ways To Get Involved

  1. Buck-One-Book donation at the Mitchell Library
  2. Drop off books at Roger Trautman's office in the Seminary
  3. Drop off books at Garry Friesen's office in Sutcliffe Hall


Lonie (Friesen) Tucker Bible Contest Finalists

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Bible Reading

Congratulations to the top eight finalists of the Lonie (Friesen) Tucker Bible Contest! In alphabetical order:

  • Ray Aguilar
  • Jeffrey Allan
  • Jason Clark
  • Sterling Clark
  • James Dunn
  • Joel Harris
  • Kim (Jonathan) Jung
  • Clint Leigh

These finalists will compete in an Oral Bible Test during chapel on Feb. 19. Each student will receive a scholarship ranging from $150-$1,000 depending on how they fare. The scholarships will be added to the students’ 2009 fall semester.

Honorable Mention goes to students who placed from 9th-31st, who will each receive a $10 gift certificate. In order of finish:

Matt Rensi, Chelsea Cantrell, Micah Nims, Catherine Boone, Stephen Harris, John Lussier, Aaron Smith, Andrew Rowland, Seth Jacobsen, David Cabello, Amanda Schick, Cassandra Baker, Melissa Knowlton, Michael Stern, Gabriel Stice, Laura Fesler, Hannah Morrow, Andrew Kruse, Vanessa King, Erin Thiessen, Erin Fowler, Courtney Rice, and Carl Fourier.

The scholarships were established by the William Friesen and Charles Tucker families in honor of Lonie (Friesen) Tucker’s devoted life to the Lord. Lonie, Dr. Garry Friesen’s sister, passed away in 1997—19 days after being diagnosed with cancer.

Returning students have the option of participating in a written Bible test consisting of multiple choice questions. The top eight students then compete in an Oral Bible Test in front of the student body with Dr. Friesen as the Quiz Master. The student who scores the highest on the oral and written tests combined receives the $1,000 scholarship.

J. Merrill Peterson Memorial Service

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J. Merrill Peterson on extreme right
J. Merrill Peterson on extreme right

Former Multnomah University trustee and men’s basketball coach, James Merrill Peterson, died on December 17 of natural causes at the age of 86. He served faithfully for 40 years on Multnomah’s Board of Trustees and coached the men’s basketball team from 1962 to 1965. During Mr. Peterson’s reign as coach, he led Multnomah to a record year of 15 wins out of 19 games.

Mr. Peterson is remembered by family and friends as one who embodied strong moral integrity, a disciplined work ethic, and committed faithfulness to God and others. Survivors include his wife of 63 years, Melba Baller; sons, Timothy J. and James M. Jr.; and six grandchildren.

In remembrance and celebration of his life, you are invited to a public memorial service held in Mr. Peterson’s honor on Saturday, January 3, 2009 at 1 p.m. in Riverview Abbey Funeral Home, 0319 SW Taylors Ferry Road. His family has generously requested that all remembrances be sent to the Multnomah University Student Aid Fund, c/o Multnomah University, 8435 NE Glisan St. Portland, OR 97220.

Dr. Norm Cook: Alumnus of the Year 2008

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This year, Multnomah University awarded Dr. Norm Cook as the Honored Alumnus of the year, recognizing him as an alumnus who exemplifies Christ and the mission of Multnomah as demonstrated by his life.

On September 23, a special chapel event was held in his honor, with Dr. Cook's long-time friend, Bud Schaeffer, making a surprise guest appearance.

Dr. Cook: a missionary to Taiwan for 16 years, to Multnomah Seminarian graduate, to chairman of Multnomah's Intercultural Studies department for 23 years.

In 2003, Dr. Cook retired. However, he continues counseling, teaching weekend seminars, and speaking at various churches with Mrs. Cook.

"The Alumnus of the Year award is one of the highest honors Multnomah can bestow on an alum, and Dr. Cook is certainly one worthy of such recognition," Michelle Peel, Multnomah's director of alumni relations said.

To view more pictures of the event, go to the Alumni Photo Journal.

To read more about Dr. Cook, go here or catch it in the Winter Issue of the Multnomah Magazine.

Listen to our Alumnus of the Year Chapel.