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400th Anniv. of the KJV Sees Two Ground-Breaking Books from Dr. Brake

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400th Anniv. of the KJV Sees Two Ground-Breaking Books from Dr. Brake

2011 is a big year for the King James Version Bible. Not only is it the 400th Anniversary, but Dr. Donald L. Brake, dean emeritus of Multnomah Biblical Seminary and avid Bible collector, will release two important books on the topic:

A Visual History of the King James Bible

A Royal Monument of English Literature: The King James Version 1611-2011. Read the rest of this entry »

Career Services Spring 2011 Workshops

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Career Services Spring 2011 Workshops

Between January 19 and April 22, Multnomah University's Career Services department is offering workshops designed to help students formulate a post-graduation plan (Alumni who show up won't be turned away, but call ahead because space is limited).

Workshops Read the rest of this entry »

New Issue of Cultural Encounters Journal

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The latest issue of Multnomah Biblical Seminary's journal Cultural Encounters: A Journal For the Theology of Culture (Vol. 6, No. 2) is available. Full of thought-provoking and deep theologically insights, the titles in this issue include: Read the rest of this entry »

Christmas Concert – December 5

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Don't miss Multnomah's Ambassador Choir's program, Christmas in the City. Come with family and friends to enjoy an evening of excellent choral music. Read the rest of this entry »

Cinco de Mustache 2010

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Whether you're an alum who is no longer on campus, a staff member who eats at a different time, or even a student or faculty member who had to be in class, you missed out on a glorious display of manliness that would have made the Old Spice Guy proud. I was especially pleased at the number of gentlemen who were able to capture the debonair sophistication of the mustache. Read the rest of this entry »

New Wine’s Fall Conference: A Letter from Dr. Metzger

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New Wine, New Wineskins' fall conference, Two Wailing Walls and the Peoples of Promise is right around the corner.

Saturday October 2
9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Multnomah University's Portland Campus
Travis Lovitt Hall (campus map) Read the rest of this entry »

Name That Cafe

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Welcome back, students! It's nice to have the vibrancy and energy back on campus that you always bring with you. Go check out what we've done with your coffee shop. It's cool, but it doesn't have a name yet. Read the rest of this entry »

The Greatest Christian Albums of All Time

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When you think about the "big names" in Christian music history, who comes to mind? Petra?The 77's? Maybe you go back to Larry NormanKeith Green or Steve Taylor, or more recent groups like DC Talk or Jars of Clay. Perhaps you think of Christian faith-influenced albums by artists like Bob Dylan or U2.

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Does Your College Job Pay $250 an Hour?

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Today's guest post features some sound advice from a Multnomah student about how to easily raise funds for your college education. What's the best part? She has the college funding to back up her advice!


My name is Kaitlyn Reidt and I’m a junior majoring in elementary education.  My search for scholarships started my senior year of high school and it has been really beneficial to me.  I didn’t want to have to take out loans to pay for school so I applied for scholarships and have received $21,100 in funds since I started Multnomah.  Scholarships are worth the work and they are money that doesn’t need to be paid back! I’m going to give you a few tips about where to look for scholarships and what criteria most scholarships look for in applicants.

Sources for Scholarships

Sources for scholarships range anywhere from the internet to businesses to private funds.  Some internet sites that I have found useful are:

  • - this site has you fill out a profile and sends scholarship applications your way that you meet the criteria for.
  • - this site is similar to fastweb and can direct you to other sites with scholarship availability.

Beyond the internet, a student can look at local businesses in the area.  Some restaurants have scholarships, insurance agencies have them, churches usually want to fund students attending a Bible College, and another good place to look would be with organizations such as the VFW or the Masons.

Scholarship Criteria

Scholarships are usually quite specific on the type of applicant they want to receive their funds.  I have found that several things listed on scholarship applications ask for the same type of materials, so I have provided you with a list of the most common criteria for a scholarship applicant.

  • Character-the scholarship committees want to know that you are a trustworthy and worthy applicant, so you need to illustrate to some degree the type of character that you possess.
  • Scholastic Ability-GPA does factor into applications for scholarships.  It is not the only thing that is looked at, but it does often decide whether a person is eligible to apply for a scholarship or not.  But don’t fear! Not all scholarships have a minimum GPA for their applicants.
  • Community Service/Campus Involvement-scholarship committees are looking for well-rounded applicants.  It is important that you are involved in your community with volunteer activities.  You can help at your church, volunteer for a non-profit organization, or be a part of a club at your school.  The more activities the better! Scholarship committees want students who are involved not only in school, but the community as well.
  • Essays-There are usually 2-4 essay questions on scholarship applications that ask questions like, “What do you want to do when you graduate,” “What types of community service activities have you been involved in,” and other personal questions.  These are considered heavily, so it is important that correct grammar and spelling be used in these.

$250 an Hour? Really?

Scholarship applications take anywhere from 1 hour to 10 hours.  They may seem time consuming, but think about taking 2 hours to apply for a $500 scholarship. You just made $250 an hour! I’d say that’s a time investment well worth it.  If you have any questions or want help with scholarships, e-mail me at

Multnomah Ranked in Oregon’s 100 Best Nonprofits

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In April 2009, Oregon Business magazine sent out an anonymous, 50-question survey to employees of small businesses all over Oregon. They also conducted an "independent assessment of the nonprofit employers’ workplace practices."

The result? Multnomah University was ranked #22 in the "Large Organization" category (over 75 employees worldwide) of "The 100 Best Nonprofits to Work for in Oregon". The list included well-known non-profits like the Oregon Research Institute, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the American Cancer Society, the Girl Scouts, the Oregon Humane Society, and OHSU Foundation (MU ranking higher than the last three).

Ranking Criteria

Organizations were ranked according to benefits and compensation, work environment, decision-making and trust, and career development and learning. Companies were placed into small, medium, and large categories according to employee number. More than 200 Oregon nonprofit organizations participated in the survey.

Thank You's

Big thanks to all of the Multnomah employees who participated in the survey, and to Multnomah itself for being such a great place to work!