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NOTICE: Beware the MU “Copycat” Phishing Scam

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Multnomah University's Director of IT Brenda Gibson sent out a message today, warning all of us in the Multnomah family about a new email phishing scam.

A Note From Brenda Gibson In IT

Good afternoon Multnomah Family,

I know I have sent several of these warnings out in the past couple of months, but last evening a student email account was compromised because he received the following email account and responded to it.  This one looks pretty legitimate, but it is not.  Please remember IT will never send a generic email  account telling you to reset your account settings.

Please remember to be ever vigilant as spammers are getting trickier and using more and more effective ruses to get you to give them your confidential information.

The Suspicious Email

Here is the email Mrs. Gibson references in her warning (all links removed):

Dear user of the mailing service!

We are informing you that because of the security upgrade of the mailing service your mailbox ***email removed*** settings were changed. In order to apply the new set of settings click on the following link:

***link removed***

Best regards, Technical Support.


Be Careful

Remember, Multnomah's IT "will never send a generic email  account telling you to reset your account settings." If you receive any such email, notify the IT department immediately at 503.251.6555 or

As we've said in the past, protect yourself!

Faculty Mustaches We Wish We Had

Last year, in observance of Cinco de Mustache, we took you on a glorious walk down Multnomah's Mustache Memory Lane. This year, we present a handful of faculty with...

Mustaches We Wish They Had

After he lands you an interview for the perfect ministry job, Dr. Trautmann will make sure you are the most memorable candidate.

Being a Mel Gibson fan doesn't give you an excuse to emulate his facial hair. Furthermore, we still don't believe Dr. Campbell's stories about "aliens in his cornfield".

Nice soul patch! I think I heard somewhere that Dr. Hauff's facial hair grows this way naturally - the "General Burnside Cheek Beard", that is.

Contrary to popular belief, Vince Guaraldi is alive and well, working under an alias here at MU. Ask Dr. Katsion to play Linus & Lucy for you sometime and you'll know it's true.

The "after" photo of Dr. Paul "Magnum" Metzger after shaving his beard.

Dr. Stephen Kim is, quite possibly, the most versatile "mustacher" on campus. Observe...

... ready for a little swashbuckling...

... is it Hall or Oates that had the mustache? I can never remember...

... be afraid.

Fast-forward 50 years, and this is what Dr. Kutz (2nd Dan Black Sash in Hwa Rang Do) will look like.

Until next year, Cheers!

Check out past Cinco de Mustache posts.

Things Bigger Than The New iPod Shuffle…

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The 4th generation iPod is most certainly larger than a new iPod Shuffle (that's the point, isn't it?)


A classic NES controller is bigger than a new iPod Shuffle. While some would say they're more fun, especially when plugged into the NES for a little Super Mario Brothers or Mike Tyson's Punch-out action, that's for you to decide.


This DeLorean time machine toy from Back to the Future is bigger than a new iPod Shuffle.

"What does this have to do with anything," you say?

This brand new iPod Shuffle happens to be the grand door prize at the New Alumni Celebration on May 14th! (this prize is for a new graduates only, and the battery in the photo, used to indicate size, is not included)


Other door prizes include books, CDs, fun MBCS logo merchandise, book bags, and more (all guests in attendance are eligible for these door prizes).

The Alumni Department is looking forward to welcoming this year's graduates into the Alumni Association at the New Alumni Celebration on May 14th at 7pm in the JCA.

Scott Frazier ('02 MABS) is our special guest speaker and Brian Cheney ('02 BS) will be providing musical entertainment. An elegant dessert will be served to over 225 guests at this evening celebration.

RSVP is required and the event is almost full - students need to RSVP today:

Other info:

  • Each grad present will receive their Alumni Association Card which gives them access to their Alumni Benefits
  • Each grad present will receive their Multnomah Alumni Association keychain

Clearly, you don't want to miss this event!

Silva Memorial: Press Coverage and a Faculty Eulogy

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Silva Memorial ProgramGood Shepherd Community Church was packed for Tony Silva and Laura Dyal-Silva's memorial service yesterday. Powerful tributes were paid to both Tony and Laura, and the Gospel was presented clearly and powerfully.

Press Coverage Update

Faculty Eulogy
In closing I have included a eulogy that was shared at the service by Dr. Karl Kutz.

As students come and go each year, they leave a lasting impact upon my life.  I find myself immensely proud of them as I see their interaction in the classroom, witness their passion for God, and hear what they are learning through the struggles of life.  In the process they touch me just as much as I touch them.  Naturally there are some who, for some reason or another, I get to know more closely - and Laura was one of those people.  Although Laura began taking classes at Multnomah only this last Fall, I had the privilege of getting to know her several years ago.

My first encounters with Laura were second-hand . . . through conversations with Bobby.  Bobby was in many of my classes and as we talked after class about theology or life, inevitably he would mention Laura.  From the way that he spoke of her, the way that he honored, loved, and trusted her, I could tell that she was a remarkable young woman.  Her opinions mattered, their purpose was a shared vision, ... she was truly a cherished companion.

When I finally met Laura I could not help but be warmed by her presence.  No one could; her smile was contagious.  It was always such an encouragement to look out into the classroom and see her smile and attentive eyes. Her comments and questions revealed an inquisitive mind and an eagerness to learn.  She was engaging and focused and I know that in study groups with students she kept everyone on task.   I can attest to her delightful, subtle sense of humor and a love for life that thrived on adventure and the discovery of new things.  But by far what stood out the most to me was how I saw her encourage those around her and reach out in a way that reflected genuine interest, patience, and love.  Ministry was not something that Laura did; it was simply an extension of who she was.

As I think of all the things that Laura could yet have done, the lives that she would yet have touched, her tragic death is such a loss.  But I cannot help but be reminded that on this path of life God does not always lead us along through-streets.  He sometimes guides us through dead ends because the journey is often more important than reaching many of our destinations.  And Laura traveled well.  All of us that encountered her along the way have been enriched by having known her and we will all deeply miss her.

Link to original story.

Book Signing – Dr. Garry Friesen

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How Then Should We Choose?Visit Multnomah for a book signing event by Dr. Garry Friesen for his new book, How Then Should We Choose?: Three Views on God's Will and Decision Making.

Where: Upper Sutcliffe on Multnomah's campus
Date: Friday, March 13, 2009
Time: 10:00

Copies of How Then Should We Choose? will be on sale for $9 (retail price $15.99), and he will be on hand to sign your copy. Be sure to arrive early to buy your copy before they sell out.

Dr. Garry Friesen contributed to How Then Should We Choose? along with authors Henry and Richard Blackaby and Gordon T. Smith. The book presents three principal views on God's will and how his will should affect our everyday decisions as Christians.

See you there!

Welcome! – Dr. Robert Redman

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Dr. Robert RedmanDr. Robert Redman, the new academic dean of Multnomah Biblical Seminary began work this past January, and hit the ground running with new initiatives already in the works. Thanks to a generous $500,000 grant from the Kern Family Foundation, Dr. Redman will lead the way for some exciting new developments at the Seminary. In the next four years, Dr. Redman will help launch:

Dr. Redman's experience as the dean at non-campus-based Tozer Seminary will provide him with the necessary insight to helm a distance education endeavor at Multnomah. He also served as the director of a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) program at Fuller Seminary for six years, with approximately 1,200 D.Min students, making him a natural fit to launch Multnomah's D.Min.

You can read more about Dr. Redman's professional and educational background in our official press release.

You can also find Dr. Redman on Facebook.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for exciting developments at Multnomah Biblical Seminary as Dr. Redman works hard to make seminary education a reality for more future students!

Remembering Dr. Joe Aldrich

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For those of you who weren't able to attend Dr. Joe Aldrich's funeral, you can listen to it here.

[audio:|titles=Dr. Joe Aldrich's Memorial Service|artists=]

Also, be sure to check out this slide-show of Dr. Joe photos from Multnomah's archives.

Global Ministries Conference recordings online

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The 2009 Global Ministries Conference is coming to a close. If you weren't able to make it, if you missed a session that looked interesting, or if you want to experience your favorite moments again, you're in luck.

Recordings from the conference are now available online!

Head on over to the audio recordings page on Multnomah University's Website and listen to them at your leisure. Recordings are uploaded as they are processed, so check back if the session you're looking for isn't online yet.


Come On Down to the Global Ministries Conference!

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February 23-27, 2009

Needless to say, we're excited about this year's Global Ministries Conference. In fact, we're so excited, we've launched a new section dedicated completely to the event. For the first time ever, you have online access to:

Check out what we have so far, and come back to hear some of the exciting sessions as they're uploaded. Better yet, come down to the conference for yourself and see it all firsthand! Here are some of the highlights:

Special events:

Monday, February 23
Missionary Appreciation Reception – Rub elbows with missionaries and hear firsthand stories of life in the field. This event is an opportunity to honor them for their work and self-sacrifice.

Tuesday, February 24
Real Life Stories from the Field – Enjoy stories from around the world as missionaries share what the Lord is doing in their corner of the globe.

Thursday, February 26
Focus on Culture – Enjoy food, music, and stories from around the world, and explore other cultures that have arrived at Multnomah through international students.

Friday, February 27
A Day to Serve
– Multnomah students will go out into the Portland community to practice what they've been hearing about all week through local ministry.

Daily Events:

  • Dramatizations of the lives of well-known missionaries such as Lottie Moon, Jim and Elizabeth Elliot, Fannie Crosby and William Borden (whose quote "No reserves, no retreats, no regrets" is the theme of the conference).
  • Workshop sessions taught by mission reps, faculty from Multnomah and Western Seminary, and others who specialize in missions.
  • 24 tables, manned by mission agency representatives prepared to answer questions and share opportunities with visitors.

Fun with Book Ratings

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On October 11, 2008, when Dr. Garry Friesen posted a blog entry about his last meeting with his book club Eagle & Child (a group he co-founded and co-led for 23 years), my interest was piqued when he mentioned the 250 books the group had read, many of which they rated and ranked. I asked Dr. Friesen for the complete list of rated books, which I just received over Christmas break.

The Rating "System"

As I scanned over the list, I couldn't help but wonder what "criteria" the members of Eagle & Child used to rate the books... so I asked. This was Dr. Friesen's response:

It was very unscientific. We had a scale of 0=pornography and 11=the Bible. We ranked each book individually by our own personal criteria of what we considered a good book. In general it was: interesting, valuable to me personally, well written and good for learning something.

Makes sense to me. What could be more worthless than pornography? What could even come close to the Bible?

And so, without further ado...

The List
(rank, rating, author, title, date)

  1. 9.22 Yancy, What's So Amazing About Grace (7/99)
  2. 9.16 Griffin, Black Like Me (6/07)
  3. 9.01 Alcorn, Safely Home (11/06)
  4. 9.00 Saint, End of the Spear (5/07)
  5. 8.90 Bobrick, Wide as the Waters (8/07)
  6. 8.87 Sayers, The Man Born to Be King (11/07)
  7. 8.84 Lauck, Blackbird (5/03)
  8. 8.78 Olson, Bruchko (6/98)
  9. 8.77 Lewis, The Weight of Glory (3/99)
  10. 8.75 Lewis, Prince Caspian (1/08)
  11. 8.75 Ross, Beyond the Cosmos (6/06) (four responses)
  12. 8.70 Doig, The Wistling Season (9/07)
  13. 8.64 Zacharias, Deliver Us from Evil (5/00)
  14. 8.57 Fischer, Washington's Crossing (11/05)
  15. 8.54 Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring (7/01)
  16. 8.53 Lewis, The Magician's Nephew (3/01)
  17. 8.50 Chacour, Blood Brothers (11/04)
  18. 8.50 Tolstoy, Anna Karenina (4/04)
  19. 8.46 Brand, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made (4/97)
  20. 8.45 Anderson, In Search of the Source (11/96)
  21. 8.45 Howatch, Glittering Images (4/08)
  22. 8.44 Potok, My Name is Asher Lev (10/05)
  23. 8.41 Hillenbrand, Seabiscuit (9/02)
  24. 8.37 Steinbeck, Grapes of Wrath (4/07)
  25. 8.36 Vanauken, A Severe Mercy (7/96)
  26. 8:34 Lewis, The Great Divorce (2/02)
  27. 8:33 Lewis, Till We Have Faces (2/06)
  28. 8.32 Tolkien, The Hobbit (3/96)
  29. 8.31 Patterson, Bridge to Terabithia (1/98)
  30. 8.30 Dickens, David Copperfield (11/99)
  31. 8.30 Hugo, Les Miserables (4/99)
  32. 8.28 Lewis, The World's Last Night (7/08)
  33. 8.28 Strobel, The Case for Christ (9/01)
  34. 8.28 Grahme, Wind in the Willows (2/05)
  35. 8.27 Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities (4/00)
  36. 8.26 MacDonald, Thomas Wingfold, Curate (8/99)
  37. 8.25 Kozol, Amazing Grace (3/06)
  38. 8.23 James, A Certain Justice (4/06)
  39. 8.21 Ambrose, Undaunted Courage (2/99)
  40. 8.20 Brand, God's Forever Feast (7/06)
  41. 8.19 Nordhoff & Hall, Mutiny on the Bounty (11/02)
  42. 8.12 Conway, The Road From Coorain (10/97)
  43. 8.12 Shute, A Town Like Alice (9/99)
  44. 8.11 Lewis, The Four Loves (9/96)
  45. 8.10 Mattingly, The Armada (11/00)
  46. 8.07 Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl (11/00)
  47. 8.06 Lewis, Miracles (3/04)
  48. 8.03 Sayers, Have His Carcass (8/06)
  49. 8.00 Frazier, Cold Mountain (7/00)
  50. 8.00 Kirkpatrick, Love to Water My Soul (4/02)
  51. 8.00 Sayers, Gaudy Night (5/98)
  52. 8.00 Winner, Girl Meets God (9/04)
  53. 8.00 Houston, The Tranforming Power of Prayer (9/05)
  54. 7.94 Pargeter, The 8th Champion of Chrstendom (7/04)
  55. 7.89 Eliot, Adam Bede (2/96)
  56. 7.88 Behe, Darwin's Black Box (8/98)
  57. 7.88 Goudge, The Dean's Watch (5/02)
  58. 7.84 Bonhoeffer, The Cost of Discipleship (4/05)
  59. 7.83 Lewis, The Horse and His Boy (3/03)
  60. 7.80 Pascal, Mind on Fire (Pensees) (11/97)
  61. 7.81 Pressfield, Gates of Fire (2/08)
  62. 7.79 Alcorn, Dominion (4/98)
  63. 7.75 Wangerin, The Book of the Dun Cow (8/96)
  64. 7.73 Gould, Garden of Dreams (5/04)
  65. 7.72 MacDonald, Paul Faber, Surgeon (7/02)
  66. 7.72 Waugh, The Class of 1846 (10/04)
  67. 7.70 Bronte, Jane Eyre (7/98)
  68. 7.70 Tan, The Joy Luck Club (6/05)
  69. 7.67 Sayers, Thrones and Dominations (1/00)
  70. 7.64 Julian, Righteous Sinners (11/98)
  71. 7.62 Willis, To Say Nothing of the Dog (1/05)
  72. 7.60 Mowat, The Dog Who Wouldn't Be (1/99)
  73. 7.60 Elie, The Life You Save May Be Your Own (10/06)
  74. 7.58 Yancy, Soul Survivor (9/03)
  75. 7.58 Willberforce, A Practical View of Christianity
  76. 7.56 Horn, In the Image (10/07)
  77. 7.55 Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Front (4/03)
  78. 7.54 MacDonald, The Portent (5/96)
  79. 7.53 James, PD, Original Sin (12/02)
  80. 7.48 Unset, Kristin Lavransdatter (10/98)
  81. 7.46 Lewis, That Hideous Strength (3/98)
  82. 7.46 Noll, The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind (5/01)
  83. 7.42* Piper, Faith in Future Grace (6/00)
  84. 7.33 Miller, Blue Like Jazz (5/05)
  85. 7.33 Deere, Surprised By the Power of the Spirit (4/96)
  86. 7.33 Raban, Bad Lands (11/03)
  87. 7.33 Saint-Exupery, Wind, Sand and Stars (8/07)
  88. 7.27 Ransome, Swallows and Amazons (9/03)
  89. 7.25 Emerson & Smith, Divided By Faith (3/05)
  90. 7.25 Metzger, Consuming Jesus (3/08)
  91. 7.25 Lewis, Reflections on the Psalms (9/06)
  92. 7.23 Newcombe, Abandon Ship! (6/02)
  93. 7.21 Krakauer, Into Thin Air (11/01)
  94. 7.20 Green, Victory (3/07)
  95. 7.17 Gresham, Lenten Lands (8/00)
  96. 7.14 Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter (10/96)
  97. 7.14 Lewis, Warren, The Splendid Century (2/97)
  98. 7.11 Sayers, Mind of the Maker (8/04)
  99. 7.07 Nafisi, Reading Lolita in Tehran (2/07)
  100. 7.02 du Maurier, Rebecca (9/08)
  101. 7.00 Peters, A Morbid Taste for Bones (8/97)
  102. 7.00 Sayers, Strong Poison (10/08)
  103. 6.97 Lewis, The Abolition of Man (3/00)
  104. 6.96 Yancey, The Jesus I Never Knew (6/97)
  105. 6.96 Allender/Longman, Bold Love (6/96)
  106. 6.81 Coomes, Dorothy L. Sayers (5/97)
  107. 6.80 Gladwell, The Tipping Point (10/03)
  108. 6.80 Tannen, You Just Don't Understand (5/99)
  109. 6.78 Goldberg, Bee Season (10/02)
  110. 6.75 Johnson, Reason in the Balance (2/03)
  111. 6.75 Moore, Riverwalking (7/99)
  112. 6.72 Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov (4/01)
  113. 6.72 Hale, The Man Without a Country (3/02)
  114. 6.70 Buechner, Speak What We Feel Not What We Ought to Say (6/08)
  115. 6.68 Lucado, In the Grip of Grace (6/99)
  116. 6.60 Kreeft, Between Heaven & Hell (7/01)
  117. 6.58 McPhee, Coming into the Country (6/03)
  118. 6.54 Grisham, The Chamber (9/98)
  119. 6.46 Trollope, The Warden (6/97)
  120. 6.06 Shakespeare, All's Well that Ends Well (8/97)
  121. 6.00 McManus, Real Ponies Don't Go Oink (1/97)
  122. 5.86 Camus, The Plague (10/99)
  123. 5.81 Percy, The Moviegoer (6/04)
  124. 5.53 O'Brian, Master and Commander (10/00)
  125. 5.49 Maclean, A River Runs Through It (9/00)
  126. 5.30 Conroy, The Great Santini (1/02)
  127. 5.11 Cooke, Encounters with Truth (2/00)
  128. 4.92 Esquivel, Like Water for Chocolate (6/01)
  129. 4.76 Adams, Hitchhikers's Guide to the Galaxy (1/01)
  130. 4.70 Twain, A Conn. Yankee in K. Arthur's Court (3/97)