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Satan. What Does the Bible Say? – Angelology Video Series (Part 3/3)

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Theology Outside the Walls

In this 3rd and final installment of our new 3-part mini series of videos on Angelology, we ask the question "What does the Bible say about Satan?" You might be asking, "Why is Satan in a series about Angelology?", "Who is Satan in the Bible?" Watch the video and find out.

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Don’t Go To Homecoming?

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Don’t Go To Homecoming?

Student Video Blooper Reel

If you've been reading, you know that we've done a series of videos to promo our 75th Anniversary Homecoming week (That's this week!). Here is the 3rd video below. It's not really a blooper reel as much as it was a trick question for the stars to get them all loosened up. Check out what happens when the director (also a student) tells them to say "Don't go to homecoming."

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I Am Multnomah Video Cut 2

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I Am Multnomah Video Cut 2

Homecoming Video

This is the second version of the homecoming video that was produced entirely by students in MU's recording studio...and has nothing but students, alumni, faculty, and staff as the stars!

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We Are Multnomah Video Cut 1

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We Are Multnomah Video Cut 1

Homecoming Video

This was produced entirely by students in MU's recording studio...and has nothing but students, alumni, faculty, and staff as the stars!

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Online Application

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If you have been following us on twitter you may have caught the announcement of our new Online Application.


Now for a bit of an explanation

At some point in the distant past, MU released its first "online" app. It was awesome. You could pull all the necessary documents into your own home using only the power of the internet. In reality, we were providing what amounted to nothing more than a link to a PDF. But it was so cutting edge, so cool, that we rode that wave of technological magnificence up until yesterday.

On Monday, May 11, 2009 Multnomah University launched a real online application.


You are now able to do the entire process online - application, references, application fee - all real, all online, hence a "real online" application. Bottom line, we want to save you money on stamps. I mean, the price of stamps is a moving target now-a-days and we really don't want the stress of that financial uncertainty to be the deciding factor that comes between you and a MU Bible education. This is just part of how we here at Multnomah are working hard to make the admissions process faster, easier, and more convenient.


Don't even get me started on printer ink.

Friesen Refresh

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Did you know that our own Dr. Garry Friesen has a blog with a large following? Did you also know that it's recently been redesigned and relaunched?

Friesen Fortnightly Blog

Check out the Friesen Fortnightly - .

MU Lions Second at 2009 PCA Conference Tournament

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The Multnomah University Lions men's basketball team has made us proud this season, but now we are just downright impressed. Coach Bickley's high flying tactics have already created quite a bit of a buzz nationally. This last weekend in the 2009 Pacific Christian Athletic Tournament, Multnomah University finished second in the conference championships losing by 6 to the tournament hosts West Coast Baptist.


Big Moments of Note

  • MU knocked out the number 1 ranked Portland Bible College in the conference tourney. It was a shooter's game. MU came out on top 144-134. 88 of that just in the second half and the MU Lions hit 27 out of 55 from the three point line!
  • Nick Kamlade scored 34 against Golden State Baptist, 42 against Portland Bible College, and a career high 51 points in the championship game against the West Coast Baptist Eagles. He was named MVP of the Conference.
  • On Wednesday in Oklahoma City, it was announced that Nick Kamlade had made ACCA 1st Team All American. Tyler Yates was named 2nd team all conference and Brent Looyenga earned an honorable mention.
  • As of last Saturday, Multnomah University had hit 624 three pointers as a team!
  • The local news covering the tournament had two articles about our high scoring Lions. Read the Antelope Valley Press coverage of the Golden State Baptist (PDF) win and another on the Portland Bible College (PDF) victory.


The guys have two games left so be sure to check the updates on the MU Men's Basketball site.

We have added a lot of season pictures to the athletic site. Check out the men's basketball slideshow, women's volleyball and all MU athletics. You can also browse Multnomah University photos on Flickr.

MU Athletic Logo

Congratulations Roger!

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Roger PorretWe posted a little bit ago about Roger Porret, our faithful volunteer, when we were writing about tradition. You tend to shape the culture a bit when you have been around as long as he has. We celebrated Roger's 30th anniversary on Thursday. Roger is a volunteer in the cafeteria at MU and has certainly made an impression.

Roger Porret has had an impact at Multnomah since I was a student. I remember a special chapel when Roger was deputized as the "official" sheriff of Multnomah. His position came with a badge and a bunny blaster. He was thrilled and so was the student body. I was and am thankful to be a part of a school that would take the time to honor a special volunteer like Roger!
-Pam Middleton, MU Alumni and employee

An article from the 1980 Ambassador Magazine -

Article about Roger

We at Multnomah are sure thankful for Roger's spirit and his service. He sets a mighty good example. Here is to thirty years that Roger helped make great. Congratulations!

Just in time for Homecoming

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Gone today Home tomorrow

The Multnomah University homecoming is this Saturday (10/4/08) and we have lots of exciting things planned. The Current men's basketball and women's volleyball teams will get an opportunity to take on our legendary alumni. There will also be soccer, a 3-3 basketball tourney, a pep rally, prizes, and much, much more.

MU Athletics

A Web Response -

Lately, we have been pretty excited about our MU Lions and now our website reflects that. This week, in fact, we rolled out our new and improved athletics site. It was time to pump up the design and add a slew of features to allow our faithful (and even reach out to those not so faithful) MU sports fans to get their fill of Lion sports action.

Among the changes you will find:

  • A new graphical layout
  • New photos everywhere
  • Intramural games schedule, score, and standings now have a home
  • Each sport home page includes - upcoming games, recent scores, and team record
  • The Game Log now brings you summaries of all MU games as well as Player of the Game
  • You can now sign up to email or rss updates of The Game Log so you always have the latest news

You should definitely check it out, kick the tires a bit, come back and tell us what you think...

And by all means subscribe! RSS - Email

Signs of the Times

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This summer has us sporting two new signs.

The name change necessitated our new University sign which now joins our public face along Glisan Street. The Mulnomah seal is now affixed to the signs at our new extension campus in Reno, Nevada indicating their new name.

Building Facelifts and Dorm Upgrades
The Campus Support Services department has been hard at work upgrading things all around campus this summer. The last phase of the Memorial Dorm remodel was completed (I can almost hear the cheers from students now!).

Our Faculty annex (Helen-Carlson House) as well as our music and classroom building (Bradley Hall) received some paint, paneling, new windows, some new HVAC and nice landscaping (Again, cheers from the faculty and students!).

Multnomah commuter students have some classy new digs in the JCA Student Center.

We also have a new map as you pull into campus.

It may sound trite to say so, but there really have been too many improvements to mention them all. Come visit. It won't be hard to spot all the "signs" of progress here at Multnomah.