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Alumnus Paul J. Pastor releases “The Listening Day”

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MU alum Paul Pastor has released volume one of his new book series entitled “The Listening Day: Meditations On The Way” (Zeal Books, 2017). “The Listening Day” is a collection of 90 devotional readings to help readers enter God’s passionate invitation to know him today. It will release in multiple volumes throughout 2017-18, and then be collected with bonus material and readings into a single year-long devotional. You can order “The Listening Day” on Amazon, Apple,, Kindle or Kobo.

Until you can get your hands on a copy, Pastor answers our questions about “The Listening Day” and the unique vision behind it.


What compelled you to write “The Listening Day”?

We live in a Christian culture awash with information, but often lacking in formation — growing to be like Jesus. Don’t get me wrong, I love information, and am a voracious reader. But I am haunted by the question of how our lives and world would change if Christians paired a vibrant life of the mind with a life of true imitation of Jesus.

Great, right? But here’s the thing: we can’t imitate Christ without listening to the Father. The Listening Day works to put the Father’s voice, as revealed through the Bible and the Spirit, into words spoken directly to you and me.

The Listening Day is written to cut through the distractions (yes, even the good distractions) of the Christian in today’s culture to recapture a rich, humble, beautiful devotion to God’s voice.

 How might reading “The Listening Day” benefit the journey of a Christ-follower?

Great question! For starters, it will point them to the Bible — every single day. Each entry starts with two passages, some of which are familiar, and some of which are very obscure. I want the reader’s attention to cling to those words, and my entries are designed to bring them to life in some encouraging, challenging, or surprising way.

But besides that commitment to Scripture, The Listening Day will bring a creative, poetic angle to faith in daily life that I simply love. I’ve had many people say things like, “This is a devotional for people who don’t read devotionals,” or “I hate ‘devotionals,’ but I love whatever this is!” That speaks to me. I am not a reader of daily devotionals — not because there aren’t fine ones out there, but because most simply do not offer the richness, depth, quality, and theological vibrancy that I long for to point me to God.

The Listening Day offers a daily deep-dive into the Word and primes the heart to listen for God. It is often strange, and (I think) beautifully crafted. It will point Christians, daily, to the Lord.

What are your hopes for this book?

I hope that it touches the lives of many thousands. Specifically, I hope that it helps other hear God’s voice the way that I do in the Bible and through his Spirit.

For many of us, often because of how we were raised, God the Father tends to have a booming, borderline angry voice. We as Christians have largely adopted a vision of a Gary Larson “Far Side” God: old, curmudgeonly, beard-to-his-knees, and just waiting for us to mess up so he can arbitrarily smite, plague, or damn us.

While the Father has a ferocious side, it is always in the service of love and restoration. All-powerful? Yes! And also limitlessly merciful. Kind. Welcoming. One who runs to weep and feast with the returning prodigal. It’s that voice that speaks belovedness, welcome, and kindness (along with restoration, reproof, and longing for our true repentance) that comes through in these pages.

My hope? That people truly hear that voice, for themselves, and grow in their love for its Speaker.

How has Multnomah influenced your journey as a writer?

Profoundly. My writing — whether reporting, essay, non-fiction, or devotional — is deeply influenced not only by the subject matter of the Bible, but its style, imagery, poetry, mystery, and imaginative scope. Encountering the Bible through the lenses of my Multnomah professors — particularly Ray Lubeck, Domani Pothen, Doug Schaak, and Garry Friesen during his tenure — did not only deepen my knowledge of scripture, but my love for it — and the One who gave it to us.

Though I attended Multnomah before the English program began, many of my formative moments as a writer happened as a tutor for Pothen’s writing and literature courses, a lab instructor for Lubeck’s literature-oriented Bible Study Methods class, and an (I think) glorious one-off survey with Schaak of pretty much everything Herman Melville ever wrote (a daunting, life-changing class).

I’m grateful for those experiences. They didn’t just educate my fact-holding mind; they helped form my imagination. I felt free to pursue excellence in prose and poetry (a lifelong journey), combining seemingly unrelated themes from across my studies into some kind of cohesive whole that both inspired my spirit and expressed my growing self-expression as an artist who happens to have a pastoral call too.

You can learn more about Paul J. Pastor on his website,

Graduates celebrate accomplishments, God’s blessings

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Last Friday, our spring graduates walked across the stage of Rolling Hills Community Church to receive their diplomas. Among them were Parker Jones, Nicole Verrett, Katie Schefter Sheron, Moses Clark, Ashleigh Rich, Gregory Stansel and Susie Amato, seven students who picked up much more than a quality education at MU. They took some time to reflect on what they’ve learned, how they’ve changed — and where they plan to go next.

parkerParker Jones

Hometown: Yakima, Washington

Undergrad majors: Bible and Theology and Youth Ministry

Favorite MU experience: My freshman year while I was living in community, making some life-long friendships and going to all the Multnomah sports games with my friends.

Favorite class: Abnormal Psychology with Professor Velez, Mission with Children at Risk with Dr. Burch and all of the science field-trips with Dr. Swenson.

Favorite thing about MU: The community of students. I also love being able to learn from all the students and professors while really getting to know them.

Favorite thing about Portland: I love the various city ministries to get involved in, the Blazers, the variety of different foods here, and being outdoors in the springtime (when it’s not raining) with my friends.

Plans after graduation: After high school, I started a sign advertising business. I was blessed with this opportunity, as it has opened many doors through these five years. But before coming to Multnomah, I knew I wanted to help out in youth groups. So this summer I will be working in a church as an intern for the summer in youth ministry. After this summer, I want to get involved in a Christian nonprofit for youth in the areas of education, sports and community development. I look forward to continuing my entrepreneurial dream in starting another business.

How MU impacted your spiritual journey: Multnomah has not only given me Bible knowledge, but it has transformed my relationship with Christ in a new way. I have grown in my reverence for God. I value the local church more now and the importance of trusting in the Lord in every season. Through my years at Multnomah, I’ve learned that when I hold tight to my plans and things I want to do, I’m cheating myself of what God wants for me. Coming into Multnomah I had so many ideas and expectations for my life, and as I graduate from Multnomah I am more open and confident in the Lord’s plan for me in the coming seasons.

Advice to your first-year self: The relationships you make at Multnomah will matter equally as much as the education you receive. Don’t neglect the opportunities you are given in your time at school. Don’t be afraid to do new things and be challenged.

nicoleNicole Denise Verrett

Hometown: Vallejo, California and Murrieta, California

Program: Bible and Theology & Global Studies

Favorite MU experience: My favorite MU experience was playing for Multnomah’s Women's Basketball team. Also building relationships with the professors and the community.

Favorite class: All the Intercultural Study Classes: World Religions, Intercultural Communications, Strategies of Evangelism, Theology of Missions, Spiritual Warfare, Pressing Issues, etc.

Favorite thing about MU: The professors. They care for and love the students so much. The professors are what make Multnomah University, at least in my opinion.

Favorite thing about Portland: There is good food, lots of wonderful hikes, and the people are open-minded.

Plans after graduation: I intend to finish my practicum, travel and find a job, while living a life of servanthood.

How MU impacted your spiritual journey: MU has grown my spiritual awareness for Christ. It has helped me build my relationship with Christ. MU has encouraged me to build relationships with people as well.

Advice to your first-year self: Be yourself, be open-minded, love God and love others. Challenge yourself, take risks and get out of your comfort zone. Don’t be discouraged if things don’t go the way you want them to. Be kind and loving. Become a servant, a servant of Christ.

katieKatie Schefter Sheron

Hometown: Yakima, Washington and Vancouver, Washington

Program: Master’s of Arts in Counseling

Favorite MU experience: Getting to be a part of a counseling triad from the very start of our program. We are all from Vancouver and are graduating together. 

Favorite class: Spiritual Integration and Social Concern. I loved how Dr. Feil was able to integrate counseling and spiritual issues in such a practical and applicable way.

Favorite thing about MU: I loved my cohort!  We were a small but mighty group, and I am forever grateful for the relationships that I gained after taking on this journey together.

Favorite thing about Portland: The view of Mt. Hood on a sunny day.

Plans after graduation: Immediate plans?  To recoup and love on my kids for a bit. Professionally, I know God has called me into the counseling field to sit with hurting people and walk alongside them in their journey to find healing and hope.

How MU impacted your spiritual journey: MU and the MAC program came to me at a crucial junction in my life. Having to choose to trust God’s plan, even when it didn’t make sense along the way, was a major part of my growth and healing over the past two and a half years.

A theme in your life: Galatians 6:9, "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."

Advice to your first-year self: Trust God. It will all turn out OK.  And hang on tight!  The time goes so fast.

 Musa (Moses) Clarkmoses

Hometown: Allat, Cameroon

Program: Masters of Arts in Global Development and Justice

Favorite MU experience: After class on Wednesdays, a group of us in Cohort 3 go to East Glisan Street Pizza, two blocks away, and enjoy their $1 New York Style Pizza after 10 p.m. It is a great time of fellowship and setting aside all of the stresses of life to enjoy yummy pizza and share some laughs.

Favorite Class: Conflict, Refugees, and Complex Disasters with Dr. Karen Fancher. This class really taught us about approaching difficult situations in a nurturing and holistic way. God came to seek and save the lost, so should we come alongside our brothers and sisters in a loving and delicate way. This class taught us a lot about being involved in humanitarian development, and we researched case studies around the world implementing different methods as organizations took into consideration location, culture, and prudence.

Favorite thing about MU: It may just be Cohort 3 in the MAGDJ program, but there is such a close bond and connection within our community. We all encourage each other, pray for each other, rant about homework, challenge growth and are really investing daily. It is hard to believe that in just two short years, so much will have happened, but we’ve created a strong network of support which is exactly what makes global development successful; a strong global network.

Favorite thing about Portland: I love the pace of life and the activities that are always going on in the city. Portland is a city where you get the city feel, but not overwhelmingly like major US cities. The vibes surrounding the Portland Timbers, Blazers and Thorns has been really fun to experience firsthand as part of a great fan base. I love the location of Portland, with the coast in one direction and the mountains the other. I’ll have to say the trees are what really strikes me as wonderful. Growing up in Sub-Saharan Africa, you learn to appreciate green trees when you see them.

Plans after graduation: I plan to continue working at RH Construction as a Project Engineer. I will continue to network and develop relationships with international organizations as I make plans to return to Africa and partner global development with construction engineering and business. There are some amazing organizations doing wonderful things in transformational development directed around building. But beyond building buildings in His name, I want to build relationships that will last for eternity.

How MU impacted your spiritual journey: MU greatly emphasized the need to look at development from a biblical perspective, similar to my undergraduate experience at John Brown University. They ensure that with whatever you are learning, you are applying a Christian perspective and engaging your community missionally. Living out Micah 6:8 in its entirety is something that has ignited a passion in my heart as I prepare to obey the Great Commission.

Advice to your first-year self: Prepare your eyes for an insane amount of reading. I read and wrote more the first semester than all 5 years of undergrad combined. When you do a math-based engineering degree, then switch to a Master of Arts, there is a shift in what your brain is used to. I had to push myself to stay engaged. 

ashleighAshleigh Rich

Hometown: I’ve moved several times in my life (lived in Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, and now Oregon), but most recently and for the greatest number of years, I’ve lived in West Chester, Ohio.

Program: Masters of Divinity, Theological Studies

Favorite MU experience: My experience at MU has been great all around, but I think one of my favorite experiences was being a part of the Hebrew tutoring program last year. It was just a really unique opportunity to connect with other students and to get to know Dr. Josberger and Dr. Kutz in a more relaxed, relational way. The Hebrew family is awesome.

Favorite class: This is a really hard one. I’ve really enjoyed a lot of my classes and I feel like there have been so many that have changed my thinking in one way or another. It might be a three way tie between Dr. Metzger’s Readings Ethics class, Patristics with Dr. Robertson, and Ecclesiastes in Hebrew with Dr. Josberger.

Favorite thing about MU: I really love the community at MU and the access you have to your professors. That’s one of the nice things about a smaller school and small class sizes: You really get to know your classmates and your professors in a way that isn’t possible in other places. I knew no one at Multnomah when I started, and now it feels like a second home to me.

Favorite thing about Portland: Probably the Timbers. I love going to games with my husband. He has a season tickets in the Timber’s Army, and it is fun to go to the games with him and cheer the team on. It’s a really unique environment, unlike any other sporting event I’ve ever been to. I wasn’t really a big soccer fan before I moved here, but the Timbers have converted me. Also, there’s a ton of great food in the city that’s really unique.

Plans after graduation: Right now I have a part-time, summer position at my church, Beaverton Foursquare, as the Camp Office Director (mostly doing administrative stuff for their four summer camps). I’ll be doing that until the end of July. I’m also working on a book in my spare time (which I’ll have more of after graduation), so I’ll probably keep working on that and see if it goes anywhere. After July, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing, but I’m eager to see what God has in store.

How MU impacted your spiritual journey: MU has had a big impact on my spiritual journey. I’ve been a Christian all my life, and it’s been easy for me to think that I know pretty much everything there is to know about Jesus and how to live like him. My time at Multnomah has opened my eyes to so many other facets of theology that I hadn’t thought of before, and to other ways of thinking about the things I had thought about. It’s also been great to interact with so many brothers and sisters in Christ who think differently from me. I love the diversity at Multnomah. It gives me hope for greater unity in the midst of diversity in the church at large. That’s been a huge spiritual development for me as well.

Advice to your first-year self: Make sure you always have margin space in your life, whether that’s a free day each week or even just a couple of hours. It can be easy to let homework and school commitments take over your life, but make sure you always have some space to just enjoy life with God, your family, and friends. School only lasts for a couple of years, but those relationships last forever. Sometimes it’s better to say no to an opportunity (even if it’s a good one) than to make your life overly hectic.

gregGregory Stansel

Hometown: Tarkington, Texas

Program: Masters of Divinity, Theological Studies 

Favorite MU experience: My favorite MU experience is being part of the Hebrew family and working through this beautiful language with my fellow students. Not only did we deepen our knowledge of the Word and the Hebrew language, but we also developed a family. We were able to speak the Word into each other’s lives, pray for each other, laugh and grow.

Favorite class: There is no possible way to decide just one favorite, so I am going to give you three. First was BIB 502 – The Prophets with Dr. Josberger. In this class I fell in love with the Old Testament, how the Scripture is beautifully woven together, and how to really read the prophets. Second, TH 628 – Contemporary Theologies with Dr. Metzger; this class changed the way I looked at theology, the marginalized, and Kant (just don’t tell Dr. Metzger). My last (but not least) favorite course was BTH 633 – Methods in Biblical Theology with Dr. Baylis. I cannot say enough about this course, but it has changed the way I read Scripture and how I preach forever.

Favorite thing about MU: My favorite thing about MU is the diverse nature of the student body. I have grown more being in classes with those who have different points-of-view than I could have anywhere else. I have been humbled and strengthened getting to know the diversity of the body of Christ because of MU, and I am eternally grateful.

Favorite thing about Portland: My favorite thing about Portland has to be the coffee, Powell’s Books and of course MU.

Plans after graduation: I am pursuing several different opportunities in pastoral ministry at the moment, and I am confident that God will place my family and me in the perfect place. Regardless of where we land, I am confident that God has called me to preach the Word (2 Tim. 4:2).

How MU impacted your spiritual journey: I would say that the greatest way MU has impacted my spiritual journey is by helping me fall in love with the Word of God.

Advice to your first-year self: What a great question! I would say to my first-year self, “Schedule your time well, protect your Sabbath rest, family is much more important than grades, and get involved with the MU community.” I have the tendency to get lost in my work, and it is very important to remember what the important things are in life and godly living.

suzieSuzie Amato 

Hometown: Sherwood, Oregon

Program: Degree Completion Program, Leadership and Ministry

Favorite MU experience: Being in a cohort with three other amazing women that I probably would have never met otherwise, and sharing our lives, our hearts and our passion for Christ.

Favorite class: Acts and Pauline Letters, Pentateuch, and Effective Communication of Scripture. I grew the most in my faith and as a person through each of those classes. I learned that the Bible is a beautiful, living, breathing story about creation, redemption and restoration and that I, personally, fit into that story. 

Favorite thing about MU: I felt a sense of peace and calm that is unexplainable come over me each and every time I was on campus. No matter what was going on in my life, the outside world seemed to stop for a little while, and learning about God in the cohort setting was like a beautiful act of worship each week. The DCP staff and instructors all come in a close second to that. There was always a sense of community pulling for you to succeed. The passion displayed by the faculty who taught us was contagious, and the love and grace shown by the staff of the DCP office made Multnomah feel like home. 

Favorite thing about Portland: The location is the best; equally close to the beach and the mountains. The food is pretty amazing too! And when the sun is shining I can’t think of a better place to be.

Plans after graduation: I’m still trying to discern between pursuing a Master’s Degree in Leadership or going to seminary. But ultimately, I’ll go where the Lord leads. 

How MU impacted your spiritual journey: I came to understand God’s character in ways that I never fully understood before. Not only through my education, but through relationships I built here with people I met and during quiet times spent alone on campus. It felt as though God used MU as the place in which to show me how to fully depend on Him and how to take my eyes off the horizon and only think about my next step, one at a time.

Advice to your first-year self:

God led you to MU in his perfect timing, and he will not allow you to fail. So enjoy every moment without worrying, and put 100% of yourself into the experience in order to get the most out of it.
"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own" Matt 6:34.

Campus Happenings, Spring 2017

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MU hires new MAC director


Dr. Kristen White

Dr. Kristen M. White has been selected as director of Multnomah University’s Master of Arts in Counseling program. She will begin serving in her new role in April.

Dr. Karen Fancher, interim director of the MAC program, said White is devoted to the field of clinical psychology and dedicated to helping students follow their calling. “Dr. White brings a depth of clinical insight, experience in counselor education and a passion for spiritual formation,” Fancher said. “She is passionate about becoming all God created her to be and helping others to do the same.”

Read the full article here.


Lady Lions make history

On February 21, the Lady Lions of Multnomah made school history by being the first team to make the Cascade Conference playoffs. The Lions faced the Southern Oregon Raiders in Ashland, where they played well but ultimately lost by a score of 84-62.

The loss concludes the 2016-17 women’s basketball season for the Lady Lions, with a record of 8-21 overall and 6-15 in the Cascade Conference. Multnomah women’s basketball graduates four seniors this year, with six juniors, four sophomores, and four freshmen.

Read the full article here.


The Den celebrates grand opening

This January, MU celebrated the grand opening of The Den, a new space on campus designed with commuter students in mind. The Den is located in the building north of the JCA that used to host Windows Books, which moved off campus last year. The space has since been completely remodeled and now includes leather couches, study desks and a kitchenette.
While The Den will be reserved for commuters on weekdays, the Student Life Department will be using the new locale during nights and weekend to host a slew of events ranging from karaoke sing-a-thons to the student-led chapels.

Read the full article here.


New study space opens in JCA

This February, MU celebrated the grand opening of The Study, a new space for students who want to focus on homework. An extension of the Student Success Center, The Study is located in the southwest corner of the JCA. It takes the place of the former Commuter Center Lounge, which has since relocated to The Den.

The new space will be overseen by Christy Martin, assistant director for housing & academic support, and will host weekly study hall sessions when students can stop by without an appointment to meet with a staff member or tutor. “We want this to be a place where people can learn from one another, connect with staff, and just drop in and get some homework done,” said Martin.

Read the full article here.


GMC focuses on creation care

Multnomah hosted the 77th annual Global Missions Conference (GMC) from February 21 to 23. The title of this year’s conference was “Cultivating Renewal: Back to the Beginning.” The seminars, plenary talks and activities revolved around creation care in its many aspects.
“We put on the GMC each year to give students an opportunity to open their eyes to issues going on around the world and even our own community,” said GMC Promotions Coordinator Kara Swanson. “Caring for God’s creation plays a significant part in how we care for God’s children, and I was excited to hear how we can be better stewards of the gifts he’s blessed us with.”

Read the full article here.

Hebrew, Th.M. student accepted to Ph.D. program at Wheaton

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Master of Theology and Hebrew student Daniel Somboonsiri has been accepted to the Ph.D. in Biblical & Theological Studies program under Dr. Daniel Carroll Rodas at Wheaton College. Congratulations, Daniel!

What does this opportunity mean to you?

I'm really still in shock over having been chosen. I knew a few years ago that Dr. Carroll Rodas was the mentor who could best equip me for the research I want to do. I started reading his books, and the books he had read. We started emailing back and forth so that I could do whatever it took to be mentored by him.

After years of preparation, I was the one person chosen this year to work with Dr. Carroll Rodas. While I still do not know how God will provide for my family during my Ph.D. studies, I am overjoyed to have been selected. I had a rough childhood. To be where I am today is the miraculous grace of God, for which I am gratefully undeserving.

How has MU’s Hebrew program helped get you to where you are now?

Multnomah has one of the best Hebrew programs in the world. Though it is a smaller university, our Hebrew program is highly esteemed by those in academia who know of it. During the interview process, I was never asked to prove my capability with Hebrew. It seemed as though my Ph.D. supervisor was well aware of the language training I had received. Beyond the nuts and bolts of knowing the biblical languages, I was given the opportunity through Multnomah to co-author three papers on three unpublished Dead Sea Scrolls. While there was a lot of "on the job" learning for these projects and help from my academic mentors, those projects are now listed on my CV and likely helped me get noticed in the highly competitive Ph.D. application process.

My Ph.D. research will also lean heavily on what I have learned through The Institute for the Theology of Culture: New Wine, New Wineskins. My research will integrate cultural studies and the Hebrew Prophets. Dr. Paul Metzger has been instrumental in training me to be an astute student of cultural issues and their relevance to biblical studies. Through my work with New Wine, I was given the opportunity to serve as editor on "Prophetic Lament" by Soong-Chan Rah, which also contributed to my development and application for Ph.D. studies. During the Ph.D. interview process, I was asked about my involvement with New Wine on issues such as interfaith dialogue and advocacy for the poor. In all, it is the overall development process, both academic and spiritual, which has prepared me to move on to study and teach at the highest level.

What are the highlights of MU’s Hebrew program?

We, the MU Hebrew family, do life together. We bond through learning the Hebrew Scriptures. We learn and pray together. This probably wouldn't happen at a larger university. The classroom size allows Dr. Becky Josberger and Dr. Karl Kutz to really invest in our lives and foster community.

Dr. Kutz, with the help of Dr. Josberger, has put together a method for teaching biblical Hebrew that is unlike anything else. They teach Hebrew in a way that brings the language to life and allows it to stick without memorizing hundreds of rules and charts.

What are you hoping to do with your Ph.D.?

My emphasis will be on social ethics in the Hebrew Prophets. My research proposal is to look at Micah through the lens of the social sciences and literary analysis to show how Micah can in part be recognized as social theory. In Micah, God condemns an wicked society that fosters poverty and oppression of all sorts. In contrast, Micah envisions a future world ruled by God in which nations live together in community without war and oppression.

While my Ph.D. work will focus on the book of Micah in its ancient context, my life's goal is to research, teach, and write on how the biblical prophets can serve to shape the life of the Church and the Church's engagement of culture in ever changing contexts.

Want to read more student stories? Check out our student stories page!

MU celebrates grand opening of new study space

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This afternoon, students, staff and faculty gathered to celebrate the grand opening of The Study, a new space for students who want to focus on homework. An extension of the Student Success Center, The Study is located in the southwest corner of the JCA. It takes the place of the former Commuter Center Lounge, which has since relocated to The Den.

“I’m so glad you’ve all made yourselves at home,” said Dean of Student Kim Stave to the group before her. “We’re so excited to open up this space. Our hope is that The Study will become a bustling center of academic effort and success. It’s been exciting to see this come to life!”

The Study offers computers and a printer, as well as several cozy areas designed for individual or group study. Food is permitted, and the space is available during the same hours as the JCA Student Center, which is typically open from 6:30 a.m. to 1 a.m.

The new space will be overseen by Christy Martin, assistant director for housing & academic support. And while The Study will usually be unstaffed, Martin announced there will be weekly study hall sessions when students can drop in without an appointment to meet with a staff member or tutor.

“We can provide more opportunities for students to maximize their learning,” says Martin. “We want this to be a place where people can learn from one another, connect with staff, and just drop in and get some homework done.”

Elementary Education major Sarah Carrier already plans on making The Study a regular haunt. “I think it’s a really beneficial and needed space,” she says. It’s homey and conducive for studying. I think students will really benefit from it.”

Study hall times

2:30 to 4:30 p.m.
Staff member: Christy Martin

11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Student tutor

6 to 8 p.m.
Student tutor

If you have any questions about The Study, contact Christy Martin at


Meet our new director of alumni and parent relations

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For Natalie Correll, Multnomah isn’t just another university — it’s a gift. The new director of alumni and parent relations, who graduated from MU in 2016, says her own experience compelled her to take on this unique role with energy and passion.

“The faculty at MU constantly create spaces where people can become who they want to be,” says Correll. “They loved me as I was, but they also saw what I was capable of. It was incredibly inspiring. When you’ve been given that gift, you want to create that space for someone else.”

Correll’s new responsibilities will include managing the university’s alumni network, meeting with the Alumni Leadership Council, traveling to various alumni events across the US, and working with university volunteers and student employees. Her work as the university’s parent relations director will include building relationships with parents, as well as managing the Parent Connection, a quarterly newsletter written especially for MU parents.

“In the past, we haven’t had as much parent involvement as we’ve wanted, so I’m excited to invite them to connect with us,” says Correll. “We’re not just looking for parents who have unlimited free time — there will be a level of involvement for everyone. I want to hear their ideas and collaborate with them. ”

Vice President of Advancement Steve Cummings says his team is delighted to welcome Correll on board. “Natalie’s love and loyalty to Multnomah exudes from her vibrant personality, and I’m confident our more than 17,000 alumni worldwide will enjoy connecting with her,” he says. “I’m especially pleased that we’ve expanded this position to now include parent relations, something Natalie has experience with thanks to her time in Admissions. This will enable us to broaden our reach amongst all aspects of the Multnomah community.”

Correll, who previously worked for the Admissions Department as campus visit coordinator, will be taking over for Michelle Peel-Underwood, who served MU as alumni director for more than 11 years. “I’m excited to deepen the existing relationships that have been poured into by Michelle and the Advancement Department,” says Correll. “I put such a high value on narratives, and I can’t wait to share our alumni’s stories.”


Alumni news

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Keep us up to date on what is happening in your life! Let us know about births, deaths or marriages via email at, or you can fill out a short update form here.

HasenkampGarrett and Mindy Kate

Garrett and Mindy Kate ‘11 (Rawlins) Hasenkamp were married on Sunday, February 21, 2016, at Langdon Farms in Aurora, Oregon. Garrett is currently the activity director at an assisted living community, and Mindy Kate is the director of Admissions at Multnomah University.


CorrellLucas and Natalie

Lucas and Natalie ‘16 (Tidswell) Correll were married on Friday, October 9, 2015, at The Aerie at Eagle Landing in Happy Valley, Oregon. Natalie works as the campus visit coordinator in the Admissions Department at Multnomah University, and Lucas is a student at MU. The Corrells are part of the Bridgetown Church Community in downtown Portland. They are both pursuing vocations in local church-focused ministry.

WoodhurstAnthony and Carly

Anthony and Carly ‘16 (Nicholson) Woodhurst were married on Saturday, October 08, 2016, at First Evangelical Church in Vancouver, Washington. Carly is currently working for the Pioneer Catering Company at Multnomah University. After graduation, Anthony wants to join the Portland Police Department, and Carly plans to pursue a master’s degree in theology with an emphasis in church history.

PerryKevin and Rachel

Kevin and Rachel ‘16 (Piñon) Perry were married on Sunday, May 15, 2016, at Multnomah University on North Bradley Lawn. After Kevin graduates, the Perrys are possibly moving to Austria to work with Muslim refugees alongside other missionary couples.

The Perrys say they are so thankful for how the Lord has orchestrated their lives so far — they can’t wait to see what’s next, and how the Lord will use them as a couple!


Keep us up to date on what is happening in your life! Let us know about births, deaths or marriages via email at or you can fill out a short update form here.

Callaway BennettCallaway Bennett

Peter ‘12 and Molly ’12 (Callaway) Holmes welcomed son Callaway Bennett Holmes on Saturday, January 16, 2016, at 8:10 a.m. He arrived 11 days early, but weighed seven pounds, six ounces and measured 20 inches long.

Anna Joy Brock

Greg ’01 and Carolyn ’01 (Olson) Brock welcomed their fourth baby into the world on August 13, 2015. Anna Joy was born at 1:45 a.m. She weighed seven pounds, two ounces, and was 19 inches long.

Robin RinneRobin Claire Rinne

Nathan ’14 and Kaitlin ’12 (Handley) Rinne welcomed daughter Robin Claire Rinne on January 30, 2016. Robin weighed six pounds, four ounces. Nathan and Kaitlin are living in the Spokane area while Nathan is working on his aviation internship at Moody Aviation.

Araina BellAraina Bell

Curtis ’16 and Annie ’14 (Partridge) Bell welcomed daughter Araina Bell on July 28, 2016, at 11:30 p.m. Baby Bell weighed seven pounds, three ounces. Araina is a sister to big brother Odin.

Amalia VelasquezAmalia Rose Valasquez

Carlos ’01 and Christine ’01 Velasquez welcomed daughter Amalia Rose Velasquez on October 13, 2016. Baby Amalia weighed eight pounds and six ounces, and measured 20 inches long.

Kaylin BedlionKaylin Noelle Bedlion

Ben ’13 and Leanne ’13 (Gish) Bedlion welcomed daughter Kaylin Noelle Bedlion on July 17, 2016, at 6:11 p.m. Baby Kaylin weighed nine pounds and measured 20 ¾ inches long.

In Memoriam

Keep us up to date on what is happening in your life! Let us know about births, deaths or marriages via email at or you can fill out a short update form here.

Ryan Mark Franklin

Ryan Mark Franklin ’05 was born October 4, 1981, and died May 18, 2016. Ryan was born in Eugene, Oregon, to Mark and Margaret Franklin. He was soon joined by his two younger brothers Kevin and Aaron. He attended Multnomah University in Portland, Oregon, and played basketball as a Multnomah Ambassador. When he didn’t skip class, he worked toward a bachelor’s degree in education. He graduated in 2005. He met Amie at Multnomah, and in July of 2004 they were married at her home ranch in Idaho. He is survived by his wife, Amie, three daughters and 12-month-old son.

Leah Johnson

Leah (McInnelly) Johnson ’60 was born on August 06, 1938, and passed away on May 21, 2016, in Plano, Texas. Leah is survived by Neil Johnson, her loving husband of 49 years. They were married in Tacoma, Washington, on July 1, 1967. Leah is lovingly remembered by her children: Keven Johnson and his wife Katrina of Van Alstyne, Texas; Janelle Johnson Hyde of Fairview, Texas; and Rebecca Hiza of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. She is missed by her grandchildren: Kayla Brazeal, Bronwyn Brazeal, McInelly (Elly) Hyde, Gemma Johnson, Rylan Johnson, and Samantha Padilla. She is also survived by her siblings: Steve McInelly of Pinetop, Arizona; Jeanie Standley of Los Alamos, New Mexico; and V. Don McInelly of Scottsdale, Arizona. Leah is predeceased by her father Ruebuck McInelly, mother Alice McInelly, and daughter Melani Corrine Padilla.

Betty Jean Wellsfry

Betty Jean (Vrieling) Wellsfry ’56 was born on January 10, 1935, and passed away on January 30, 2016. God chose Betty on September 27, 1952. She was 17 years old. From that moment on, she had a hunger for the Word, a love for Jesus, and a desire to obey. Howard and Betty met at Multnomah School of the Bible in Portland, Oregon in 1953.

Seymour Waldo Baybrook

Seymour Waldo Baybrook ’51 was born on February 17, 1926, and peacefully entered eternal life on April 14, 2016. He came to Oregon in 1942 to finish high school and attend Oregon State University. After graduating with a B.A., Seymour went on to get an M.A. at Eastern Oregon State. He also attended Multnomah School of the Bible in Portland, Oregon. He is survived by his brother George W. Baybrook, his sister-in-law Margie (nee Young) Baybrook, his nephew Stephen Baybrook, nieces Grace Takamura and Becky Baybrook (married to Jim Heckenbach), as well as two grand-nephews, Mark and Jon Takamura.

Richard Carl Ryder

Richard Carl Ryder ’60 was born on March 27, 1939, and passed away on March 7, 2016. He attended Ceres High School, Multnomah University and Biola University. Richard proudly served in the US Army. He is survived by his loving wife, Dixie Ryder (Froggatte).

Yaoki Peter Iijima

Yaoki Peter Iijima ’62 was born August 31, 1932, and passed away September 9, 2016. In 1961, he came to Portland, Oregon, for a one-year Bible course at Multnomah School of the Bible. He met Geneva Cobb at an area church, and they were married August 25, 1962. Yaoki is survived by his daughters Robin Clement of Aloha, Oregon, and Crystal Kfir of Jerusalem, Israel, and his sons Stephen Iijima of Tokyo, Japan, and Timothy Iijima of Alexandria, Virginia. Yaoki has eight grandchildren: Jonathan Rohr, Grace Iijima, Sofia Iijima, John Iijima, Leo Iijima, Antonio Iijima, Itay Kfir, and Liron Kfir.

Virgil Owen Vater

Virgil Owen Vater ’60 was born on November 5, 1926, and passed away on May 6, 2016. In 1945, Virgil met Martha Ellen Jones (Marty). They married in Seattle on June 25, 1948, and they shared 64 years until Marty passed away in 2012. Virgil is survived by sons Roger (married to Kathy) of Marysville; Randy (married to Bonnie) of Sultan; Ron (married to Jana) of Burlington; and daughter Renee (married to Lou) of Peoria, Arizona. Grandchildren include: Laura (Vater) Elsing, Leah Usack, David Vater, Daniel Vater, Simon Vater, and Jake Farley, as well as great-granddaughter Summer Elsing. Virgil also leaves behind his sisters Jackie Warner and Pauline Wharton, and his brother Raymond (married to Jeanette). He was preceded in death by his wife Marty and his sister Betty Florence.

Marlene Virginia Geraud

Marlene Virginia Geraud ’57 was born on October 25, 1936, and passed away on August 27, 2016. She graduated as valedictorian from Grand Coulee High School in 1954, and Multnomah Bible School in 1957. She is survived by her sister, Beverly Durstan of Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada; nephew, Brian Durstan of Salmon Arm, British Columbia; and three nieces: Connie Johnson of Steinbach and Kathy Elias and Leanne Allison of Winnipeg, Manitoba. She was preceded in death by her parents.

V. Deane Keller

V. Deane Keller ’52, ’55 was born on December 19, 1929, and passed away on February 26, 2016. Deane received his diploma from Multnomah School of the Bible in 1952. He also received his Bachelor of Theology degree from Multnomah in 1955. He also taught at Multnomah from 1976 -1978. After he retired, he was an Elder at Calvary Baptist Church in The Dalles, where he led Wednesday night Bible studies before moving to Arizona. He is survived by three children: Tim Keller, Ruth Ann Lash, and Marilee Ade. He is preceded in death by his wife Doris.

Marvin Thiessen

Marvin Thiessen ’50 passed away on November 24, 2016.

Samuel Teeny

Samuel TeenySamuel Teeny was born October 10, 1924, and passed away on October 27, 2016. Sam attended Multnomah Bible College and followed God’s call to Lebanon, traveling there multiple times. He married Minerva Ghossian on July 10, 1949. In 1964, Sam and Minerva opened Middle East Bakeries, coined the name Pocket Bread™, and shared God’s love by putting a Bible verse on every bag of bread. Sam is survived by his wife of 67 years, Minerva Teeny and their five children: Parry (married to Alexa), Suezette (married to Craig), Rick (married to Debbi), Scott (married to Kelly), and Andrea (married Dan). The Teenys have been blessed with 11 grandchildren: Rebecca (married to Wayne), Andrew (married to Jeanette), Mark, Nathan, Naomi, Daniel, Isaiah, Tonia, Theo, Kaetha, and Erika. They also have four great-grandchildren: Joelle, Timothy, Luke, and Peter.

Alice Sturz

Alice Sturz ’54 was born on May 7, 1926, and passed away on January 1, 2015. She spent many years serving the Lord in Ivory Coast, West Africa, as a missionary nurse with the Conservative Baptists. She moved to Denver when she retired and then moved to California shortly before the Lord took her Home. The night of her Home-going, she asked her caregiver to draw a bath and to put clean sheets on her bed. When she was ready, she lay down, saying, “I’m going to meet my Bridegroom.” And, in her sleep, she did.

Campus Happenings, Winter 2017

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MU to change name of pastoral ministry major

Multnomah University is changing the name of the pastoral ministry major to church leadership. The revision will take effect at the start of the 2017 spring semester. “In many ways, the two titles are synonymous,” says Practical Theology Division Chair Dr. Hildebrand. “The heart of the program will remain the same, and the training will largely remain the same.”

Dr. Derek Chinn selected as dean of Multnomah Biblical Seminary

Dr. Derek Chinn has accepted the position as dean for the School of Biblical and
Theological Studies and dean of the Seminary on December 6, 2016. “Dr. Chinn’s experience as a pastor and academic administrator combined with his M.B.A. and seminary degrees uniquely qualify him for this new role,” said University President Dr. Craig Williford. “His outstanding leadership as our interim dean over the past few months also affirmed that he is our best choice.”

Veterans Resource Center

Multnomah University celebrated the grand opening of its Veterans Resource Center on November 11, 2016, Veterans Day. Veterans can shop at the center’s food pantry, browse pamphlets for off-campus resources, and connect with other veterans. If you’re interested in volunteering at the Veterans Resource Center, contact Matthew Comprix at You do not need to be a veteran to volunteer.

Fall graduation

Multnomah University celebrated its fall graduation ceremony at Central Bible Church on December 12, 2016. Friends and family looked on as 73 graduates crossed the stage and received their diplomas.

Dead Sea Scrolls event

Biblical Languages Chair Dr. Karl Kutz and a number of his students presented their recently published research on several Dead Sea Scrolls fragments on October 10, 2016, at Multnomah University. In addition, the Museum of the Bible from Washington D.C. brought the fragments themselves for an exhibit in the university’s upper library. Research on these Dead Sea Scrolls fragments has been ongoing at MU since 2014 as part of the Scholars Initiative program, a research arm of the Museum of the Bible. The Scholars Initiative provides opportunities for students to work closely with mentor-scholars in research of ancient texts provided by the Museum Collection, one of the largest private collections of biblical texts and artifacts in the world.

MU celebrates fall graduation

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Last Monday, 73 Multnomah students gathered with friends and family members at Central Bible Church to celebrate graduation. As each student walked across the stage, they shook hands with University President Craig Williford and received their diplomas.

Below are some pictures taken from that night. Well done, graduates! We are very proud of you all.












Connecting with Student Life (Winter 2016)

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Being involved is one of the best ways to maximize the college experience.

As the parent of a Multnomah student, you may have mixed feelings. You might being saying to yourself, “My child is gone, and I am freaking out!” — or you might be saying, “My child is gone...finally some alone time!” Either response is normal and expected.


Rich Ward is the Associate Dean of Students. You can read his full bio here.

In Student Life, our sole purpose is to create opportunities outside classroom to enhance the college experience. We walk hand in hand with the faculty and provide opportunities for students to learn about themselves, develop leadership skills, and enjoy co-curricular activities that help them feel like they matter. This ultimately provides a deep sense of belonging at Multnomah.

It has been statistically proven that students who are involved and working are more likely to excel in the classroom. We have many ways your student can be involved at Multnomah. From the many spiritual formation events, to athletics, to student leadership activities, our community has something almost daily for students to engage in.

Encourage your student to join in. You are the most influential person in your son or daughter’s life. You have the opportunity to encourage them to maximize their time here at MU. In the same way, pray with us for your son or daughter to grow and deepen their relationship with Christ. All of us here in Student Life are excited to be walking with your student, and we know that we are in this together!

Thank you for being a part of the Multnomah Family!

Rich Ward, M.A.

Associate Dean of Students/Dir. Of Residence Life