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News You Can Use (Winter 2016)

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Reminders from the Business Office

  1. Spring Term tuition due date is December 15
  2. Students with Fall balances will not be able to register for Spring Term until balance is paid.


Financial Aid tidbits

Study abroad

For students interested in studying abroad for a semester, parents will be glad to know that students’ financial aid will remain intact during their international education. As long as students select a participating program (Best Semester, GO ED, Veritas), the organization will bill Multnomah directly and MU will reimburse the program costs. Students register for a study abroad “course,” and financial aid will be disbursed as though the student is still enrolled on the Portland campus.

Space is limited, so be sure to apply early! Shorter trips may also be eligible to be covered using financial aid funds, if a student has not yet exhausted their annual loan allotment. For more information, visit the Study Abroad webpage and contact the lead faculty member or call the Director of Financial Aid at 503-251-5337.


The FAFSA is now available as of October 1! It is no longer necessary to wait until the New Year to a file a FAFSA.  Returning students will file the 2017-18 FAFSA using 2015 tax data, which can be easily imported using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool.


From the Registrar

Do you need a “good student” discount letter, or an enrollment letter for your health or auto insurance policies for your student? Your student has access to these certifications by signing into their Self-Service account and clicking on the grades tab, then clicking the tab for enrollment verification. Your student will be redirected to the National Student Clearinghouse, where they will be able to obtain enrollment certificates and proof of enrollment, in addition to student loan deferment notifications.

This functionality is available to your student 24/7. For more information or questions, contact the Registrar’s Office at 503-251-5370 or


Connecting through the new MU app

The new MU app is available from the App Store. Type “Multnomah University” for it to show up. Cruise around the app to connect to social media, athletics, the MU calendar, New Wine New Wineskins, parent resources, prayer, daily verses, a Bible and more! Questions? Contact the Advancement Department at


This holiday season, bless Multnomah University through AmazonSmile

Did you know that while you are purchasing items from Amazon you can also be supporting the University every time you shop at no extra cost to you? At, you’ll find the exact same low prices, a vast selection, and a convenient shopping experience with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price back to the charity of your choice. Multnomah University is a registered charity, so it’s easy to begin. Visit on your desktop or mobile phone browser and simply select “Change your Charity” in “Your Account.” Thanks for supporting your MU student!



Important dates to remember

  • December 16 – Close of Fall Term
  • January 9-13 – January Term
  • January 16 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no classes)
  • January 17 – Spring Term begins for traditional students
  • Move-in date for new students – January 13
  • Move-in date for returning students – January 14


Important links

Building Strong Alumni (Winter 2016)

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As Alumni Director, I consider it a great privilege and joy to have the honor of walking alongside our students. Multnomah is all about life change, and this is certainly a season of life where A LOT is changing as they continue to grow and mature as young people. I love being an eye witness as God uses both written curriculum (things they’re learning in the classroom) and unwritten curriculum (life that happens in between classes) to shape them in beautiful ways.

MichelleAs an Alumni Department, we are committed to the success of your student. We believe that in order to ensure the success of our alumni, the journey begins the moment your student steps onto Multnomah’s campus. While they may not see themselves as alums at that moment, we do. We like to call them “alumni in the making.” Our goal is to do all that we can to help them cross the graduation day finish line.

Our Building Strong Alumni program was initiated with this goal in mind. We believe that it not only fosters an affinity among our students, but that it also helps support their overall MU experience.

As incoming freshman, we welcome students into the “F.A.M.” (Future Alumni of Multnomah) with a fun F.A.M. t-shirt. We briefly introduce them to the history of MU, and we also let them know about the alumni community they’re becoming a part of. As sophomores, our students enjoy a special Sophomore Mugging Event at our president’s home, where they’ll receive their very own sophomore mug as a touch point of encouragement along their journey. During their junior year, our goal is to provide career networking opportunities as they anticipate life beyond MU. In their final year, as seniors, we celebrate their success and welcome them into Multnomah’s Alumni Association.

What I love most about Multnomah is that it truly is more than an academic institution experience. Your student is not only receiving a diploma or degree; they are becoming a part of a great community characterized by some amazing men and women that have gone before them.  Our graduates really do become family, as well as a part of an amazing legacy that has been lived out through the lives of men and women for more than eighty years.

Many of our alumni have achieved great things in life and in their careers, and they are committed to supporting the ongoing work of Multnomah, which includes supporting your student today. Through their gifts of time, talent and treasure, they ensure that your student — as well as those who follow in their footsteps — will always have the benefit of the best opportunities available during their time at Multnomah and beyond.

Our prayer for your student today is that they would not only grow in academia, but also in the knowledge of God’s Word, and that as they create lasting bonds of friendship among their peers, they would find their place within this amazing community as they continue to fall deeper in love with the Savior!

Building Strong Alumni,

Michelle Underwood

Director of Alumni Relations

Helping Students Succeed (Winter 2016)

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Below you'll find two articles about supporting your student over the holidays. The first is written by Lisa Wold, the director of the MU Student Counseling Center, and the second is written by Christy Martin, Assistant Director of Housing and Academic Support. We hope you'll find these tips helpful as you welcome your student home for Christmas break.

Six tips for welcoming your student home this Christmas

The upcoming Christmas break is a wonderful opportunity for you to reconnect with your student after a busy semester at school. Life at Multnomah can be challenging as students balance the demands of academics, work, and relationships. For some students, this challenge feels difficult but manageable; for others, it may feel a bit overwhelming.

Coming home after an intense semester can also be challenging as students and parents navigate the changes that are occurring in their relationship. For many parents, it can be difficult to know how to support their student while at the same time allowing them to develop greater independence.

Here are a few practical ways to help:

  1. Lisa

    Lisa Wold is the Director of the MU Student Counseling Center. You can read her full bio here.

    Ask open-ended questions. Express interest in and ask questions about what your student has learned and how they are doing. Listen non-judgmentally and focus on working to understand where your student is coming from. Be a safe person for your student to share with openly.

  2. Expect change. Your student experienced many opportunities to grow and change during the past semester. They may not be quite the way you remembered them. Allow your student space to be different and celebrate the ways in which they have grown.
  3. Highlight your student’s strengths. Encourage them regarding the things they accomplished and the challenges they overcame this semester. Let them know how proud you are of them. Encouragement from you can go a long way!
  4. Pay attention to warning signs. Many mental health issues first emerge during early adulthood and can be brought on or exacerbated by stress. Be aware of any changes in behavior that are concerning, such as expressions of hopelessness, low mood, increased anxiety, significant changes in weight, or indications of self-harm.
  5. Encourage your student to seek support. If you notice your student is struggling, sit down and share your concerns with them in a supportive, non-judgmental manner. Then work together to discuss options for additional support.
  6. Enjoy your student. Finally, take some time over the busy Christmas season to enjoy time with your student. Celebrate all that God has done and is continuing to do in their life!

Wishing you a merry Christmas,

Lisa Wold

Director, MU Student Counseling Center

Five ways to help a discouraged student during the break

As the semester comes to a close, many students are discovering whether or not they were able to meet the academic expectations they had of themselves. Some may have done better academically than they thought they would, but many will feel they did worse.

Here are five helpful things you can do for your student over the break if they ended the term feeling discouraged:

  • Christy

    Christy Martin is the Assistant Director of Housing and Academic Support. You can read her full bio here.

    Normalize the experience. College and grad school is HARD! Remind them that it’s likely they have peers who feel discouraged too. Encourage them to reach out to friends and talk about how they feel.

  • Promote a growth mind-set rather than a fixed one. It’s easy for us as humans to talk in very concrete terms to ourselves about our abilities. We may tell ourselves things like, “I can’t write” or “I’m not good at math.” While these may be legitimately more difficult for one student than the next, it is important to acknowledge that we are all capable of growth and learning. Sometimes we learn without even realizing it.
  • Look at the positive. Because we are all capable of learning, it is likely that your student is, even in the smallest of ways, more prepared to succeed next term than they were for this current term! They have one more semester under their belts, which helps them understand their environment better and what it takes to succeed. Help them be aware of these new advantages!
  • Direct them to helpful resources. If they are confused about their major, or career direction, have them check in with Career Services for free career coaching.
  • Encourage self-efficacy in your student. If you hear your student giving external forces (such as a particular teacher or one particular event) credit for his/her perceived success or failure, validate the challenge or positive influence that factor had, but ask good questions about how your student chose to respond as well. Try to foster in your student a healthy willingness to own their own reactions and behaviors, both in their triumphs and their struggles.
  • Invite them to partner with us. Encourage your student to use the semester break to partner with Multnomah’s Student Success Center and work on strategies for success in the spring term EARLY! We are open over the break (except for the week between Christmas and New Year's Day). We can meet with your student in person, by phone, or by video chat to discuss their goals, their perceptions of the previous term, and their strategy for feeling better about their success in the new semester!

Christy Martin

Assistant Director of Housing and Academic Support

Parent to Parent (Winter 2016)

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Dear Parent,

Polivka2_blogOur twins, Joseph and Jonathan, are not our first children to head to college. They are actually our fourth and fifth to choose a collegiate path after high school. But even though I've been down this path before, this time was different. These boys are just different. The two of them added so much life to our home.

Being twin brothers, they are not the same at all, and even had opposite activities while at home; however, they uniquely love each other, and they truly love and respect me as their Mom. I've received much joy from their day-to-day presence. They added a sense of normalcy and fun to our home.

Polivka4_blogEven though they are not far away from home while attending MU, we don't see either of them very often. The adjustment for me has been harder than I expected. I'm very excited and hopeful for this new chapter in their lives, but I miss those two boys immensely. I also struggled a bit with how this 'new chapter' would affect the two of them as close brothers.

In all their 18 years of life, they've never NOT shared a room together. But at MU, they chose to room separately and have roommates. I was encouraged by their choice and also concerned as to how this would weaken or possibly strengthen their relationship.

The latest report from one of the boys is, "I believe our relationship is stronger now than ever. We are proactive about staying connected and checking in." This makes my Mama heart very happy. God is good!

Polivka5_blogAs far as their involvement on the MU campus, the boys took to the college life like ducks to water. There have been adjustments like time management, study commitments, sleep schedules, and balancing a job and a social life, which may or may not include girlfriends. Overall, they each have expressed a love and joy for being at MU and all it offers.

Each has individually shared how great certain professors are and the individualized attention they've received. One even expressed he has a 'team' of people who are spurring him on and keeping him accountable.

There is one activity in which the twins are involved that my husband and I are very excited and hopeful about. And not only are they involved, but one of them — Jonathan — is the instigator and creator of this new group.

Polivka3_blogThe boys are part of an accountability group for young men who desire to keep their personal lives pure and free from lust and sin. They meet once a week and discuss these specific areas most men struggle with, young and old. They read scripture, pray, and verbally encourage one another throughout the week. They even give personal testimony in their gathering times of how each have had victory in Jesus over a particular sin. There is now quite a committed following on the MU campus.

This is so exciting and brings such joy! They are organically being used exactly where God has placed them for His kingdom and His purposes. To Him be the glory!

“But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Corinthians 15:57).

We praise God for Multnomah and for His provision in allowing our boys to be in this wonderful community. We pray Joseph and Jonathan will grow in wisdom and stature. We know all these gifts are from the Lord.

Jana Polivka

“For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding” (Proverbs 2:6).


Student Athlete Stories (Winter 2016)

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Ana Wakefield – Basketball

Athletics_Dec2016_aFrom the beginning, sophomore business student Ana Wakefield knew that she wanted to attend a private, Christian university and play basketball. “When I went to a basketball open gym, the players were friendly and kind, which was influential in helping me make my decision to attend Multnomah,” she says. “I was drawn to Multnomah because of the programs it offered, as well as the character of the people who attended.”

When asked what she enjoys most about MU, Ana didn’t hesitate: “The Bible classes! I am constantly amazed and empowered by new information about God and encouragement to grow in my spiritual walk. My professors and coaches have encouraged me to be of upstanding character and have challenged me to walk in a way that is unworldly.”

Ana’s hopes for her future after MU are uncertain at this point, but she does know that she wants to be involved in ministry, especially with young teenagers and children. “I am really grateful for the opportunity to be able to travel with my basketball team,” she says. “I feel so blessed by having the chance to share my faith around the world and right here in my community as well.”

To see Ana and her basketball teammates in action on the court, visit for a complete schedule of games.

Trevor Cooley – Basketball and Track

Athletics_Dec2016_bMeet senior Trevor Cooley, the 6’1” guard for the MU Lions men’s basketball team. “I first heard about Multnomah through basketball,” he says. “I was instantly interested because of the change they were making to become members of the NAIA and part of the Cascade Collegiate Conference, and I desired the opportunity to improve my walk with God.”

“When I first came to visit, it was the joy around campus that drew me in. I felt that everyone truly cared about me as a person. Now as a student, I am truly grateful for the influence and encouragement of Coach Bickley and my professors. They have taught me a lot.”

After completing his undergraduate work in Psychology, Trevor hopes to play sports oversees for a time and then pursue a full-time career in Law Enforcement. “I just want to thank everyone who has supported me along my journey,” he says. “I truly appreciate each and every one of you!”

To see Trevor and his basketball teammates in action on the court, visit for a complete schedule of games.

Ivory Linger – Golf

Athletics_Dec2016_cMeet Ivory Linger, History student and member of our women’s golf team. “When touring colleges my senior year of high school, MU was my last stop of eight universities,” she says. “As I came on the campus, I felt such peace and witnessed firsthand the genuine care from the students and professors for others. It was obvious to me that Christ was at the center of the community at Multnomah University, which can be hard to find in this day in age, even among ‘Christian’ universities.”

“Since coming to MU, my golf coaches have taught me how to play the game safely and not to worry about a bad shot, which I used to do a lot more in the past. They have shown me that golf shouldn't be stressful, but rather enjoyable and fun! I have been impacted heavily by both my professors and golf coaches to never give up and always try my hardest.”

Ivory enjoys that MU is a place where people come together from different places around the world to live in a community that is focused on learning and growing with Christ. “Personally, I have found a community of people that are intent on speaking into each other’s lives and being there just to listen,” she says. “I don’t know what my future holds, career-wise, but I would love to do something combining history and global studies.”

“I'd like to give thanks to all of the scholarship donors,” she adds. “Because of God working through them, I am able to go to MU, and that means so much!”

A Letter from the President (Winter 2016)

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Dear Parent,

Amid a country deeply divided over the upcoming inauguration of America’s 45th president, we as believers in the King of kings can find some much-needed encouragement from Isaiah 9:6.

“For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us;

And the government will rest on His shoulders;

And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor,

Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.”

As we embrace the Advent season and celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace, this truth remains constant: After more than 80 years, the men and women at Multnomah University continue to grow and be transformed in their faith as they trust in God rather than allow the ways of the world to sway them.

Our commitment to Multnomah’s core values and goals remains undaunted. Our mission of equipping Christian students to be biblically competent, academically proficient, spiritually formed, and culturally engaged servant leaders, shaped to be a transforming force in the community and world, remains stronger than ever!

We at Multnomah are grateful to you for entrusting your student to us this past semester. It is, and continues to be, one of the greatest blessings to our staff and faculty to steward your child through his or her time at MU.

On behalf of everyone at Multnomah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Craig Williford

University President


Fall 2016 Parent Newsletter

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Connecting Parent to Parent

Dear MU Parent,

steve-cummings - office

I am extremely fortunate that I am able to enjoy not only serving at MU as Vice President of Advancement, but also as an MU parent.  Our two youngest, Jamilyn (junior Global Studies major) and Jackson (sophomore Pastoral Ministry major) attend Multnomah and live on campus.  This is their second year here at MU, and they could not be any more different in how they approach school.  One is a “planner” and gets the books bought, papers written and schedules time to study.  The other “wings it” and has discovered how to get A’s and B’s without ever buying a single book, leaves papers till the night before and manages to do well on exams with little to no studying – which drives me absolutely nuts!  But guess what?  It works for him.  (Oops… I spilled the beans on who I was talking about.)

Now, you need to know I am a recovering “control parent.”  Ask my wife Julia; she will tell you.  She is a marriage and family therapist, and I take my cues from her when it comes to raising our kids.  The single hardest thing for me, as my kids come to their college years, is letting go.  In the early years, I had to learn to not send the text message asking them about getting a job, buying their books, making sure they study for classes, and just about every other need that comes up.

I have come to discover that I can’t play the Holy Spirit in their life.  This is where the road ends for us recovering “control parents.”  If I truly have trusted my kids to the LORD, and if I truly believe they belong to Him and I am merely a steward of their lives – I have to let go and let the LORD do His work in them, even when they stumble and fall, and I see it before they do.


My two youngest kids, Jamilyn and Jackson.

Remember when they were toddlers and wobbled across the room and fell and cried?  They have to do the same thing now while they are in college.  There is a strong community of believers here at Multnomah. My kids will find their way, and I believe they’ll come out of MU with a deeper, richer meaning that they can own because they were left to experience life themselves.  In the end – they figure it out.

That brings me to the second thing I want to say.

The Multnomah campus is fertile soil for kingdom learning and the transforming power of God’s Spirit.  It’s been going on for 81 years and hasn’t stopped.  Talk to any alumni today from any decade, and they will tell you the same thing: The DNA of Multnomah is the community that is created here on these 25 acres, year in and year out.

Our kids could not be in a better place on this earth to fall deeper in love with Jesus and discover and live out their true identity as children of God in whatever discipline they are gifted to serve His world.

Early in Jackson’s first semester last year, he was struggling with doubts about his faith.  I remember taking him to the Burgerville across the street from campus one night and just listening to his heart and not trying to “fix” him and tell him why he was off.  I just sat there and listened.  When he was done talking about his doubts, which would send fear into any parent’s heart that have raised their son or daughter in the faith, I told him “I’m glad you’re struggling with owning your faith, Jack.  You could not be in a better pace on this earth to ask those questions and not feel out of place or judged.”  

He looked at me, bewildered. It was not what he was expecting me to say.  I pushed him away from me as his primary source of wisdom and encouragement toward the godly faculty at MU, who have been speaking truth into students’ lives for decades, while allowing them to ask the tough questions – all the while creating a safe environment and a “no-shame” zone to do so.

Guess what?  God showed up in Jackson’s life. And because he was given that space to doubt and question and ask – he has a much deeper understanding of who God is, his identity in Christ, and he’s more passionate about fulfilling his calling in life.  In a sense – he has owned it.  He’s is God’s child first and Steve and Julia’s son second.  I have to remember that daily.

So, moms and dads – I am here to say that I understand those of you who have a hard time letting go, or who need to send a daily text to check in on your son or daughter.  Fight the urge.  They are in the best of kingdom shaping hands.  They will figure it out.  If they don’t text back, it’s not because they don’t love you.  They are getting deeply involved in the community here – and that’s a GOOD thing!

Steve Cummings
Director of Advancement

P.S. In each edition of the MU Parent Connection, we give the opportunity to one of you to reflect on something the LORD puts on your heart to say to other MU parents in the “Parent to Parent” section.  If you would like to contribute something in a future edition, please contact Christine Thiessen at  We’d love to hear your story!

Connecting with Student Life

Watch the New Student Welcome video!

As you and your student navigate this season of transition to college, scan the encouragement and tips below. This material was taken directly from the August 25th Parent Information Session during New Student Orientation on campus.

Tips for parents after launching their child to college:

  • Judy Glanz, MU faculty and parent of a recent MU alum, shared wisdom from her experience, including these three gold nuggets:
    • In the transition to adult relationship, let your student initiate as much as possible, and be ready to respond when they are (even if it’s a phone call at 11 p.m.)!
    • MU is academically rigorous. As adults, students need to learn to advocate for themselves.
    • In this transition, trust your parenting, trust God, trust us, and – most importantly – pray.  Students push boundaries.  It’s part of healthy growth.
  • Remember that for some parents, launching a child into college is a joyous occasion. For others, it is a time of grief. Many parents experience a combination of both emotions. What is most important is to allow each of these emotions to be okay, as they are a very natural part of this transition. You don’t need to feel guilty if you’re happy, and you don’t need to mask your sadness if you’re grieving. Acknowledging and processing both ends of this emotional spectrum will also help family members and your student know that it’s okay for them to experience a wide range of emotions too.

Adjustments for Students after being launched to College:


Your son or daughter may experience a different way of living than what they have experienced in the past. They may need to deal with:

  • Potentially losing their support system at home.
  • The complicated dynamics of older relationships changing.
  • As they anticipate new freedom and responsibilities, they may fear making errors or not knowing what to do.
  • If they live on campus, they are navigating the loss of privacy, comforts of home, or the many things you did for them which they now need to do on their own.

What Multnomah provides:

  • A balance of lots of support and challenge toward the goal of greater personal growth.
  • A safe community in which to have open conversations about how they feel and what they are learning.
  • We will remind them that they aren’t alone…they are surrounded by other students going through similar transitions who are asking similar questions.
  • We will also provide many opportunities to enjoy social activities and outings, which will cultivate a sense of belonging to the Multnomah community.

What you, as a parent, can provide:

  • Your listening skills (if they want to talk)
  • Assurance of your love and belief in them
  • Encouragement to talk to a staff member if there is a concern they need help with – we have many capable and caring personnel ready to help!
  • Care packages!


Your son or daughter may experience a different way of learning than what they have experienced in the past. They may need to deal with:

  • Balancing pride of being in college with fear that they may not be able to keep up with the academic demands
  • Thinking they are coming to summer camp and not fully appreciating the requirement for serious study and academic discipline
  • How to schedule their time and balance academic requirements with social and other responsibilities throughout the day…this is a very different pace than high school.

What Multnomah provides:

  • Academically rigorous yet very personal faculty who care about each student
  • Tutoring, time management and study skill resources provided through the Student Success Center
  • Disability services and other accommodation capabilities

What you, as a parent, can provide:

  • Encouragement, rather than nagging
  • Suggestions to utilize resources available, like setting up a meeting with a professor or scheduling a study skills session in the Student Success Center

Spiritually and Personally

Your son or daughter may experience a different way of growing than what they have experienced in the past. They may need to deal with:

  • The struggle to maintain their own spiritual disciplines as they spend time in the Word in classes, chapels and assignments.
  • They may be challenged as they evaluate their thoughts and beliefs accepted since childhood and wrestle with deep spiritual issues.
  • They may be faced with peers or faculty who have different theological perspectives that provide ways of thinking they’ve never considered.

What Multnomah provides:

  • A wide range of faculty and staff willing to mentor, disciple or even just pray with your child
  • A dynamic spiritually formative chapel program offering multiple venues for worship and growth
  • A free counseling center, providing counsel from a professional Christian counseling staff
  • An open and honest community of peers, staff and faculty, living out a shared mission

What you, as a parent, can provide:

  • Prayer for wisdom, peace, personal discipline and a deep sense of God’s presence and love.
  • Counsel, as appropriate.
  • Respect for their decisions and reminding them that their spiritual journey is their own to discover with the Lord – and that you support them in that growth!
  • Assurance that you are there for them and supportive of their good decisions. If in the process of growing they make unwise decisions, you won’t abandon or reject them.

Finally, remember:

God loves your children even more than you do. Put them back in His hands, but keep them close in your heart, and continue to reach out to them in love.

Connecting through Prayer

One of the best things about your student attending Multnomah is the support they’ll have from staff and faculty. When Moses went before the people up to Mount Sinai and received the Law from the Lord, the people grew impatient waiting for him to come down and built themselves a golden calf to worship. God was so angry that He decided to wipe them out from their very existence, but Moses pleaded before Him, and because of one man’s prayer, history was re-written.

Prayer changes things. Prayer changes lives. Prayer saves lives.

At Multnomah, we believe God hears our cries to Him. It is an honor and a joy to come before Him as staff and faculty to regularly pray on behalf of our students and their families. Please do not hesitate to submit big or small prayer requests for your family and student on the Multnomah University app (available in the App Store for iPhones or Androids) or online either by visiting our Prayer Page or by emailing us directly at

Connecting through Worship: MU Chapels

At Multnomah, we highly value worshiping God in the context of our community. As we study His Word and grow in knowledge, we also seek to grow in relationship with Him by allowing the Holy Spirit to work in and through our lives. Christian education is transformational and demands a response of the heart and will. Chapels provide intentional opportunities beyond the classroom for us to come together for encouragement and support so we may learn to live authentically and fully for Him.

If you are in the area, please join us for a Chapel service.  Here are a few we think you’d enjoy attending:

  • Thursday, September 15, 2016, 10:00 a.m. – Christian Life Conference, Pastor Ben Tertin, speaker
  • Thursday, September 29, 2016, 10:00 a.m. – University Chapel, Dr. G. Craig Williford, speaker
  • Thursday, October 6, 2016, 10:00 a.m. – Alumni Chapel, “Alumni of the Year: Tim Mackie”
  • Monday, November 21, 2016, 10:00 a.m. – Thanksgiving Chapel

For a complete list of Chapel offerings, please contact Student Life at

Athletics Spotlight


Meet some of our student athletes

Three students have graciously shared how they have been impacted by both Multnomah and the Athletics Department.

Katherine Edmonds (basketball)

Katherine_blogMeet Katherine Edmonds, a senior Business Administration and Bible and Theology Major AND a member of our Women’s Basketball Team.  Katherine was recruited to play ball for Multnomah, but before deciding to join, she traveled up from California to visit the campus.  “I fell in love with it,” she says. “From the beautiful campus to the friendly people… it felt like home immediately.”

“When I consider what I like most about MU, I would say it’s the genuine people: my classmates, teammates, professors and coaches,” she continues.  “My coach, Tim Bieri, is an amazing coach and individual.  Through tough personal times, Coach Tim has been a prime example for us athletes to always put God first and put our full trust and faith in him, even when it may seem difficult.  I also appreciate my Business Professor, Donald Lee Sellers.  He is very encouraging and supportive of student athletes and cares about our success in all aspects of our time here at MU.

Like other students, I had opportunities to go to other colleges, but I am SO GLAD I chose Multnomah.  Being here has been a life-changer.  It’s amazing to see what doors God opens for people, and I am thankful he opened this door for me.”

To see Katherine and her Basketball teammates in action on the court, visit for a complete schedule of games.

Manny Oliveres (soccer)

Meet Manuel “Manny” Olivares, a Multnomah University Business student and member of our Men’s Soccer team.  “It was soccer that brought me to Multnomah, but it’s the support of everyone around me that has kept me here,” he says.  Manny is the first in his family to graduate high school and attend college.  “The community we have at this school is amazing,” he says.  “My coaches and professors have influenced me to be the best that I can be, pushing me physically and mentally.  Also, they have explained the Bible to me and have shown me how to become closer to God.”


Manny is grateful to his family in Las Vegas and in Mexico, to God and to his friends here at MU.  “Without their support and encouragement to never give up, I would have never been able to come to Multnomah,” he says. “It’s important to pick yourself up whenever you fall, never look back, just keep looking forward.”

Manny’s dream is to play professional soccer and go around the world teaching soccer and sharing his story about what God did for him.  Your prayer support of Manny and the MU Lions Soccer team is helping that dream come true.

Miranda Halverson (volleyball)

Miranda_blogMiranda Halverson is a Multnomah University Business/Accounting student and a member of our Women’s Volleyball team.  “Even though I was recruited to come play volleyball for MU, it was important to me to visit the campus before making a decision,” she says.  “I wanted to love the school for its professors, classes, degrees, the people and the atmosphere. After taking a tour, I was hooked.  I loved the campus!  So, volleyball lead me to the school, but God called me here.”

Currently in her sophomore year, Miranda reflects on what continues to bless her about MU:  “I love the Bible classes and the students the most.  The Bible classes challenge me and reassure my faith.  I feel stronger in my relationship with Christ.  It’s also good to know that the students around me are walking the same journey as well.  The coaches and professors help me to stay focused on my relationship with Christ and grow stronger as an individual.  I am encouraged that God alone is good and I am in His will… that makes me successful.”

Multnomah Athletics

The mission of the Department of Athletics, Physical Education, and Intramural Sports is to bring students, faculty, staff and alumni together in educational activities that promote healthy lifestyles, enhance a sense of community, foster growth in leadership and teamwork skills, and encourage the pursuit of excellence.

You, parents, are a part of that community, and we hope that you’ll be able to attend some of our sporting events to encourage your student and his or her teammates.  Visit for a complete schedule of sports.

StadiumChair_blogIn addition, if you love watching games but have a hard time sitting on the bleachers, our Athletic Department is now taking orders for individual Stadium Chairs at a purchase price of $50/chair.  Proceeds benefit the Athletic Department.

Contact Debbie Chin at or call 503-251-6400 if you want to place an order.  Allow three weeks for delivery.  A limited amount of chairs will also be available to rent for $5/game.



Helping Students Succeed


Student Success Center

Multnomah University is continuing to improve on the academic support that we offer to students by formalizing a Student Success Center – now open! We have provided free tutoring in the past, but we are now adding to that effort with academic coaching.  This can include support and training for students in the areas of time management, study skills, writing strategies, life management, ongoing accountability and more!

We aim to maximize the learning experience of all our students. We are located in the JCA Student Center and are available by walk-in and appointment. Please encourage your student to come see us at any time!

Career Services

Is your student looking for career direction?  MU’s Career Services provides career coaching from the time a student enters their first year and throughout their entire time here.  And these services continue to be available even when they become alumni!

Here are some areas Career Services can assist your student in:

  • Are they struggling with finding the best fit in a major?  Coaching in discovering who they are is strength in our department.
  • Would vocational testing tools help? Strength Finder, personality testing, Spiritual gifts, and other discovery tools are available for free at any time. Strengths Finders is included in their freshman Spiritual and Personal Formation course. More specific vocational information is contained in their course on Career Development in either their Junior or Senior year.
  • Service Learning and internships help in the area of practical experience and with recognizing transferable skills.
  • Optimal Resume, an online service, provides an electronic job board that includes information on part-time jobs while in school, as well as full-time career positions.
  • There’s a section of the Student Success Center for informal browsing through vocational information in handouts, books and notebooks full of examples of resumes, articles and other tools.
  • Help in resume writing, cover letters, mock job interviews and networking is available for any stage.

Encourage your student to stop by. A casual conversation with Carley Wecks, the Career Services Coordinator with a degree in counseling and 25 years of experience at MU, might be just the next step for your student in their personal and vocational journey.

The Career Services office is located in the Student Success Center on the first floor of the JCA.

Specific webpages can be seen at

Student Employment at MU

Parents: Be sure your student brings with them original documents they will need to secure employment.  Whether on campus or off, your student will need original, unexpired identification and work authorization documents in order to be hired for pay.

Samples of acceptable documents for completing the Federal I-9 form include:

  • US Passport, or foreign passport with work authorization
  • Social Security Card
  • Driver’s License or Identification Card
  • Certified Birth Certificate
  • US Military Identification Card
  • Military Dependent ID Card

You can also view a list of our open student employment positions here.

Important Information


Connecting through the new MU App

The new MU app is available from the App Store.  Type “Multnomah University” for it to show up.  Cruise around the App to connect to Social Media, Athletics, the MU Calendar, New Wine New Wineskins, Parent Resources, Prayer, Daily Verses, a Bible and more!  Questions?  Contact the Advancement Department at

Financial Aid News

  • Parent PLUS Loans Originated between July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017 will accrue a reduced interest rate of 6.31% (down from 6.84% for 2015-16).
  • October 1, 2016:  The 2017-18 FAFSA becomes available ( using 2015 tax data.  Families are encouraged to utilize the IRS Data Retrieval Tool for accuracy.

If you have further questions about Financial Aid for your student, contact us at 503-251-5335.

Student Accounts

The Student Accounts Office is here to serve you and answer any questions you may have about paying for school.  Please contact Student Accounts at 503-251-5345 or email us at

Spring 2017 tuition is due December 15, 2016.

Financial aid and payment arrangements, including a payment plan, need to be in place by December 15.  A 1.5% monthly finance charge may be applied to all balances not covered by a payment plan or financial aid. Make a Payment.

24-hour account access:
After logging in, go to the Finance Tab to see your account balance by semester, make an online payment or view statements.

Payment Plan Information

We offer a variety of payment plan options to assist you with the payment of your student account. For a small fee, a payment plan can be set up with automatic payments to manage your student account balance.

Veteran’s Education/Army Tuition Assistance Benefits

If you are utilizing one or both of these benefits, please contact the VA Representative at Multnomah by calling 503-251-5372.

Family Education Privacy Act (FERPA)

If you would like to allow others to have access to your student account information, please fill out the FERPA form:

Connecting with Multnomah through AmazonSmile

Did you know that while you are purchasing items from Amazon you can also be supporting the University every time you shop… at no extra cost to you?  At, you’ll find the exact same low prices, a vast selection and a convenient shopping experience with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price back to the charity of your choice.  Multnomah University is a registered charity, so it’s easy to begin.  Visit on your desktop or mobile phone browser and simply select “Change your Charity” in “Your Account.”  Thanks for supporting your MU student!

Important Dates to Remember – No classes for students

  • October 14 and 17 – Fall Mid-semester Break
  • November 24 and 25 – Thanksgiving Break
  • December 16 – Close of Fall Term
  • January 9-13 – January Term
  • January 16 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day, No Classes
  • January 17 – Spring Term begins for traditional students

Move in date January 13th for new students and January 14th for returning students. Classes resume on Tuesday, January 17, 2017.


Student Store:

Gift Baskets for your Student:

MU Lions Athletic Schedules:

Campus Happenings, Fall 2016

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Dr. Derek Chinn selected as interim dean of Multnomah Biblical Seminary

Dr. Derek Chinn, who directs the seminary’s Doctor of Ministry program, assumed his new role on August 1. “I’m going to work closely with my colleagues to pursue what God is calling Multnomah to be in our rapidly changing society,” he says. Chinn takes over for Dr. Roy Andrews, who served as seminary dean for the past three years.

MU community raises support for family of Khen Tua Tang

Khen Tua Tuang was getting ready to start his second year of the Global Development and Justice program when he was tragically killed in a car accident on July 28. He left behind his wife Huai and their young daughter ZemZem, who will need tremendous financial help in the months ahead. You can support them by contributing to the Khen Tua Tuang Family Fund here.

Multnomah announces arrival of new student center

MU is excited to introduce The Den, a student gathering space opening in January 2017. The industrial-style lounge will serve as a living room for commuter students on weekdays. During evenings and weekends, it will be a go-to spot for general student events. The Den concept was born thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor and the creativity of various university employees and student leaders.

Business students volunteer in Italy

MU’s business program has forged an on-going partnership with Kingdom Ministries, a local nonprofit that equips ministries in Italy by connecting them to volunteers who can serve in their camps, English classes and city festivals. Five business majors interned in finance, marketing and project management roles to promote, arrange and fund this year’s summer camps. “They’re getting experience they won’t get anywhere else,” says Kingdom Ministries co-founder Andrew Stone. The interns’ work culminated in a trip to Italy in June.

Athletics Department adds indoor track and field

The Athletics Department is happy to announce the addition of indoor track and field to its sports lineup, which also includes outdoor track and field, basketball, cross country, golf, volleyball and soccer. Stay connected to our sports teams by visiting

MA TESOL students run Bible camp in Japan

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This month, a team of MA TESOL students and professors led an English Bible camp for college, high school, junior high and elementary students in Kobe, Japan. In addition to preparing English lessons for each day of camp, the group also planned games, rallies, campfires, worship services and special activities. Team members spent a week before the 12-day trip studying Japanese culture and taking a collaborative approach to camp planning.


The team worked with Pastor Akinori Taniguchi of Youth Harvest Church, which offers English Bible Club classes throughout the week. For Taniguchi, TESOL is a way to engage his community, build relationships and share the gospel. “Churches in Japan are small, and the work can be discouraging,” says MA TESOL Director Kristyn Kidney. “Our collaboration with this local church allowed us to support, encourage and pray over their workers.”


It also allowed them to richly bless their Japanese students. “They had a lot of fun, and they learned a lot of English,” says Kidney. “We saw first-time professions of faith. We saw campers memorizing scripture together and discussing the meaning of the verses. We even saw some attend church for the very first time.”


But the campers weren’t the only ones who were impacted. “It was amazing to see how God spoke to our team members through this experience,” says Kidney. “Some discovered new confidence in their teaching as they relied on God and found him faithful. Others felt a new tug on their heart to connect their TESOL training to overseas missions.”


The theme for this year’s camp was Great Discoveries. “Both campers and our team discovered a great deal about language, friendship, and love of God,” says Kidney. “We delighted in getting to know them, teaching them English and seeing God work in their hearts.”

Youth Harvest Church has invited the team to return next year.


Watch the New Student Welcome video

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New Student Orientation was last week, and the Multnomah community was thrilled to welcome a new batch of undergraduate students to campus. The weekend festivities included a Tonight Show, a commissioning service with the university president and a Portland-themed Instagram hunt. Check out our orientation video here: