Getting A “Round Tuit”

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With heavy student traffic coming and going from our Admissions and Financial Aid departments, the Alumni department wanted to get in on the fun of meeting Multnomah’s Amazing Students… Thus the launch of our “Round Tuit” program!

The Tuit Experience Explained

Wooden nickels with the word “TUIT” on them have started popping up all over campus as a way to encourage students to stop by the Alumni Office and meet our alumni staff!

  • As students receive these wooden nickels - “round tuits” - in their mailboxes and from our staff, they are encouraged to stop by the Alumni Department when they get “around to it” (get it?).
  • Upon their visit they are given an opportunity to redeem their “tuit” for a treat and our alumni department is given the privilege of meeting different members of the F.A.M. (Future Alumni of Multnomah) and hearing how God is using Multnomah to shape their lives.


Be on the lookout, should an opportunity present itself for you to get a “round tuit” today! (See pictures from some of our “Top Tuits” on Multnomah University’s facebook page)

Multnomah Ranked in Oregon’s 100 Best Nonprofits

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In April 2009, Oregon Business magazine sent out an anonymous, 50-question survey to employees of small businesses all over Oregon. They also conducted an "independent assessment of the nonprofit employers’ workplace practices."

The result? Multnomah University was ranked #22 in the "Large Organization" category (over 75 employees worldwide) of "The 100 Best Nonprofits to Work for in Oregon". The list included well-known non-profits like the Oregon Research Institute, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the American Cancer Society, the Girl Scouts, the Oregon Humane Society, and OHSU Foundation (MU ranking higher than the last three).

Ranking Criteria

Organizations were ranked according to benefits and compensation, work environment, decision-making and trust, and career development and learning. Companies were placed into small, medium, and large categories according to employee number. More than 200 Oregon nonprofit organizations participated in the survey.

Thank You's

Big thanks to all of the Multnomah employees who participated in the survey, and to Multnomah itself for being such a great place to work!

Student Survey iPod Winners!

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If you're a current student, then you are probably well aware of the annual survey we, in the Multnomah administration, conduct called the "Student Satisfaction Survey". Our goal is to get an idea for how we're doing in serving our students so that we can learn what we're doing well and where we're falling short. (And then do something about it!)

The Response

This year we had a great response! Out of 891 total survey invitations sent, 364 of you completed the survey - that's a 41% response rate - which is really high!

(If you did not receive an invitation to take the survey in your email, then you should check to ensure that the address Multnomah uses for you is the one you check - and then check your spam box to make sure it wasn't blocked - but it would only help for next year, maybe...) 

The iPod's

To thank our survey-takers we offered two prize drawings - an iPod Touch for those who completed the survey before Thanksgiving Break, and an iPod Shuffle for everyone who didn't win the first prize, but still completed the survey by the deadline on 12/2/09 (including the ones before Thanksgiving).

We did two blind drawings from all who qualified - there was a 1 in 364 chance of winning one of the prizes.

The Winners!

1st Place - iPod Touch
Robert Goff, M.Div student at the Seminary
iPod Touch Winner

2nd Place - iPod Shuffle
Laura Bristline, Junior at the Bible College
iPod Shuffle Winner

Thank You!

Our students mean so much to us - you all turn in to Alumni, and then we all get to hear of the amazing things God does through your life after you leave this place too! Telling us how we're doing on these surveys helps us to serve you better and to fulfill our mission in this world...

...So...Thank You!

Dr. Dan Runs for Student Aid

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Dr. Dan Lockwood - Multnomah's current (and fit!) president enjoys a good run every now and then. This year is no exception as he will be running in the Portland Marathon (that's 26+ miles) on Sunday, October 4th.

He Likes To Run, So What?

What's different this year, is that he wants all of you to help him finish by giving him an pledging to donate money to the Student Aid Fund for every mile he completes!

The Student Aid Fund goes directly to lowering the cost of tuition (that's right, Multnomah students don't pay what it actually costs to educate them, we rely on donors to make up the $4,766 difference per student, per year! It's called the "Student Need Gap").

How Do I Make Dr. Dan Run Harder?

Consider how much you'd like to give per mile and remember that there are 26 miles...and I bet he'll finish if he knows there's student aid on the line!

Some ways to pledge:

  • Comment on this blog using the link/space below that you're pledging so everyone can show their support together - strength in numbers, people!
  • THEN...
  • Email
  • OR...
  • Call 800.352.4253

...But remember, do it by Sunday, October 4th!

How to actually make the gift:

Just go to for your options.

  • If you choose to pay online
  • Click the orange "Start a Gift" button
  • When you tell us where you want your gift to go, simply select "other" and tell us you're fulfilling your pledge for Dr. Dan's marathon run.

Dr. Dan with his daughter Elise at the Hood-to-Coast Relay.
"Borrowed" from his Facebook profile!

Things Bigger Than The New iPod Shuffle…

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The 4th generation iPod is most certainly larger than a new iPod Shuffle (that's the point, isn't it?)


A classic NES controller is bigger than a new iPod Shuffle. While some would say they're more fun, especially when plugged into the NES for a little Super Mario Brothers or Mike Tyson's Punch-out action, that's for you to decide.


This DeLorean time machine toy from Back to the Future is bigger than a new iPod Shuffle.

"What does this have to do with anything," you say?

This brand new iPod Shuffle happens to be the grand door prize at the New Alumni Celebration on May 14th! (this prize is for a new graduates only, and the battery in the photo, used to indicate size, is not included)


Other door prizes include books, CDs, fun MBCS logo merchandise, book bags, and more (all guests in attendance are eligible for these door prizes).

The Alumni Department is looking forward to welcoming this year's graduates into the Alumni Association at the New Alumni Celebration on May 14th at 7pm in the JCA.

Scott Frazier ('02 MABS) is our special guest speaker and Brian Cheney ('02 BS) will be providing musical entertainment. An elegant dessert will be served to over 225 guests at this evening celebration.

RSVP is required and the event is almost full - students need to RSVP today:

Other info:

  • Each grad present will receive their Alumni Association Card which gives them access to their Alumni Benefits
  • Each grad present will receive their Multnomah Alumni Association keychain

Clearly, you don't want to miss this event!

Alumni MU Night: Blazers Triumph!

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Student-Alumni Blazer Event_groupshotOver 130 Multnomah alumni, students, faculty, and friends witnessed a 106-98 Trailblazer victory over the Los Angeles Lakers during the Alumni-sponsored MU Night on April 10. After the game, all participants had the opportunity to shoot some free throws on the court. Check out the Alumni Photo Journal to view more photos of the evening.

The Alumni Department had reserved 130 tickets a year ago for this game-all of which were snapped up quickly for $25 each, leaving many disappointed. The department will be ordering more tickets for next year's game very soon. Contact the Alumni Department at to let them know if you are interested in attending next year, so that they can get an idea of how many more tickets to buy.

Kigali Library Kollection Update

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Context: Original Kigali Bible College - Kollection - Africa New Life Post

Kollection Was So Successful That...logo_0001

The Kigali Committee is now doubling its goal in hopes of collecting different Bible, theology, and Christian books by May 15, 2009 for the largest theological library in Rwanda. After much prayer, the committee decided that the goal should be "Double or Everything," renaming the drive the "Kigali-Kigali Kollection." The committee is praying toward another miracle of receiving a doubled portion of 4,018 books by the set date. If the "Double" goal is met before graduation, then the new goal will be 5,000!

4 Ways To Participate

  1. Book Donator: Each student donates TWO books; each faculty donates FOUR (or more).
  2. Book Kollector: The committee needs 24 collectors who will be the point person at their churches to get book donations.
  3. Book Recorder: The committee needs 25 people to record books for a minimum of 2 hours. Volunteers will be paid $10/hr (Priority goes to those who have already donated hours previously).
  4. Finance Giver: Give $1 at each SWOT chapel; give a one-time offering; or be a Buck-One-Book giver (BOB).

4 Contacts:

  1. To be a Book Donator, contact Amanda Schick at MSC#105
  2. To be a Book Kollector, contact Eric Faris at MSC#869
  3. To be a Book Recorder, contact Chelsea Cantrell at MSC#562
  4. To be a Finance Giver, contact Josh Libby at MSC#358

If you're off-campus, contact Dr. Garry Friesen at or Debbie Chin at or 503.251.6400.

Most Recent Report:

The number of books recorded has now reached 2,223. During the first wave, most books were donated by students and employees on campus - this second wave of books has been largely from the local churches.

With 37 days left until graduation, 1,795 more books are needed to reach the goal!

Dr. Dan’s Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge

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On January 13, 2009, in Convocation Chapel, Dr. Dan spoke from Jesus' last prayer in John 17:20-26. In those verses, Jesus prays specifically for us, and, of all the things our Lord could pray for, our unity is his central emphasis. He prays that we will be one-that we will enjoy visible community with one another on earth in the present and glorious reunion with Jesus in heaven in eternity.

Illustrating Unity
To illustrate this unity, Dr. Dan distributed to each student, faculty, and staff person, a piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

He made 2 suggestions:

  1. First, keep the piece (or pieces) in a place where you will see it every day as a reminder to pray this semester for unity.
  2. Second, prayerfully consider steps you might take this semester to build unity and community-whether it be personal, institutional, ecclesial, national, or global.

The Challenge
Then, when you do something to promote unity, you are invited to participate in the Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge. Simply take your puzzle piece to the Prayer Chapel. There you will find a large picture frame with the outer edge of the puzzle already assembled. On the frame and in the puzzle box are many other loose puzzle pieces.  See if you can fit your piece into another piece of the puzzle. If you can't, just leave it on the frame, or try to connect some of the scores of other loose pieces that are there. You might even drop by from time to time to see if you can help complete the puzzle picture by connecting more of the pieces.

By the end of the semester, let's see how much of the picture we can see in the puzzle that we assemble together. Let's see how much unity we can build on campus.

Chapel Recording

Have fun!

Multnomah University is Closed (yet again) on 12/18/08

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As of 9:00 AM PST, Multnomah University officials decided to send all staff home due to inclement weather on 12/18/08. Students and most Faculty are already home because finals were last week.

All Adult Degree Completion classes are also cancelled today.

Still Giving Out "Hot Beverage Mugs"
If you have any good photos of campus from TODAY to send me ( then I'm still giving away "Hot Beverage Mugs" - I'll keep it going until I run out of mugs!

I've gotten lot's of shots of the prayer chapel...anyone want to get other things? We'll turn it into a full on Flickr feed folder...

Multnomah University Closed (Again) On Wednesday 12/17/08

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The Winter Storm Continues
Due to continued inclement weather, all Multnomah offices - including Adult Degree Completion classes - are closed on Wednesday 12/17/08.

That's right night class folks, stay home and enjoy a day off like the rest of us!

Want A Free "hot beverage" Glass MU Mug?
Why do I call it a "hot beverage" mug? Because I don't want to be insensitive to all the tea and cocoa drinkers out there who have to "suffer" under the "repression" of being given nothing but "coffee" mugs! (That's my attempt at humor for tonight!)

But I digress...

If anyone can get good snowy photos of campus, and send them to me, I'll give you a "limited edition" Multnomah University hot beverage glass mug! Send them to