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Valentine’s Day & Multnomah’s 75th Birthday

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Valentine’s Day & Multnomah’s 75th Birthday

Many of you know that February 14th, 1936 was the day that Rev. John G. Mitchell gathered a group of ministers who collectively decided to start a school that would teach the Truth of God's Word in the Pacific Northwest. And the following Fall 1936 semester saw Multnomah School of the Bible's first class of students. Read the rest of this entry »

Alumni Department Transitions

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Alumni Department Transitions

Goodbye Farrah – Hello Ronnie!

With the New Year comes many new changes and life opportunities here in the Alumni Department. In fact, there are great changes taking place in my own life as I step in to take over Farrah Weinert’s position as Senior Alumni Relations Coordinator. My name is Ronnie Glazner (BS ’10) and I grew up in a pastor’s home with two older sisters in Sutherlin, Oregon. After I graduated from high Read the rest of this entry »

Save On Taxes, Help Students, In 5 minutes

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As 2010 draws to an end, I am writing to you about Multnomah's vision for the future and how you can support our students.


Vision is a word we've been using a lot lately at Multnomah. As we look back on this past year we can't help but reflect upon our new vision "to become a biblical university of global influence that dynamically shapes Christian students into ambassadors of Jesus Christ, saturated in Scripture and ready to serve." Read the rest of this entry »

President’s 2010 Christmas Letter

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As you read this letter, Jani and I will have pulled out boxes of Christmas decorations from their attic home, launching a multi-day process of “decking the halls” for Advent.  We love this annual ritual even though it takes energy, creativity, patience, and more than a few cups of rich, foamy eggnog!

Nativity Scenes

I especially look forward to unpacking our two nativity scenes.  One is a delicate wooden crèche, with tiny figures shaped on a lathe, which we acquired when traveling through “Luther Country” in Germany.  The other is from France, and contains a dozen figurines called “santons.”   Read the rest of this entry »

Is Gov’t Opening Door To Christian College Discrimination?

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Recently, Multnomah President Dr. Daniel Lockwood was on The Georgene Rice Show to discuss a major piece of rule-making on the part of the federal government that threatens to create a layer of governmental oversight of private institutions that also opens the door for various forms of discrimination against institutions who have a faith-based mission.

During the interview, this article from Christianity Today was referenced. Read the rest of this entry »

Conversations with Dr. Dan – Christmas And A Year In Review

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Dr. Dan's Transcript

I’m Dan Lockwood, Multnomah’s president, and I want to extend to you a “Merry Christmas” greeting as we begin the month of December.  I trust you had a good Thanksgiving with family and friends.  We all have so much to be thankful for, don’t we?  And as we enter this Christmas season, I trust that your celebration of the birth of our Savior will be rich and deep. Read the rest of this entry »

2010 Constitution Day At Multnomah

Here's a post from 2008 about Consitution Day at Multnomah.

Church and State

Making Sense of the Establishment and Freedom Clauses

Every year we are required by law to do an activity in honor of Constitution Day. In the past, we have held “Prayer at the Flagpole” and have prayed for our nation, but this year we are doing something different. Instead, on September 17 (today for most of you), Multnomah will be hosting a panel discussion on two of the most important and yet, most debated portions of the U.S. Constitution: the Establishment Clause and the Freedom of Religion Clause. Read the rest of this entry »

Alumni + Compassion + Radio

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As many of you know, MU is combining the annual PDX Alumni Chapter event with a ministry outreach called Compassion Connect to help run a Downtown Compassion clinic day.

A Letter From An Alum re: Compassion

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Just the other day I (Michelle Peel in Alumni) received the letter below from an alum who, because she's getting involved with this year's PDX Chapter Event, began seeing another woman's need in a new light.

Get the Event details on this PDF Flier Read the rest of this entry »

Can We Get Some Prayer For Student Orientation?

Fall 2010 is here (even though it still feels like summer!). Students will be on campus for orientation and move in days the rest of this week. Undergrad Bible College students have orientation beginning on 8/26; Seminary on 8/27; and non-seminary Master's Programs already had theirs. Read the rest of this entry »