Are You Going To The Innovative Evangelism Conference?

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Have you heard of the Innovative Evangelism Conference being held right here in Portland (technically, at the Jantzen Beach Red Lion)? Did you also know that because of Multnomah Seminary student involvement and Multnomah University event sponsorship that all MU students get a discounted rate to attend?



 Speakers & Artists

Seminary Class Participation

Here's a brief synopsis of the practical involvement of one of Dr. Roger Trautmann's classes:

MBS students enrolled in "PM 645: Evangelism for the 21st Century" have an assignment to interview practitioners mobilizing God’s people in the area of “word & deed” evangelism.  The assignment is designed to take the theory constructed and discussed in the classroom and then see it contextualizing and implementing in the world of “every-day” life.  The Innovative Evangelism Conference provides the rare opportunity to hear and interact with  up-to-date practitioners and theoreticians through plenary and workshop sessions.  This has been provided by the Next Generation Alliance , a leader in the area of evangelism in both the local community and around the world, to MBS students.  PM (Pastoral Ministry) 645 students are given the opportunity to attend and report on what they learned in this conference as a part of the course.

And, For Your Viewing Pleasure

What You Didn’t Hear On the Radio

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You may have heard radio commercials on-air for the Adult Degree Completion program on a number of radio stations. Recently we ran one on 1190 KEX that profiled a grad from our first DCP Cohort, Brian Wiggs.

His story is amazing and typical all at once (Mechanic, out of school for a long time, wants to go back, wants to minister to children in Honduras, needs to know more about the truths in the Bible in order to make the leap well. You get the picture!).

But there's only so much you can say in a 60-second radio spot...

1190 KEX Radio Spot

What You Didn't Hear

We have a great 9 minute interview from the KEX studio that didn't make it into the spot - it always reminds me about why I do what I do.

Download Interview

Big thank you to Phil Bernstein at Clearchannel Radio Portland for letting me have this recording!

Adult Degree Completion’s 1st Grads!

Our very successful Adult Degree Completion Program has just recently graduated its first cohort - what a wonderful acheivement! I recently asked Prof. Holley Clough to reflect on these last two years.

Reflections from the Director

000125364Graduation for students in a degree completion program is the  joyous achievement of a lifetime goal.  This fall, Multnomah is pleased to celebrate the completion of such goals for

students that are graduating from the Alpha, Beta and Gamma Cohorts.  The students in these cohorts are the first graduates for Multnomah University’s Degree Completion Program.  As the Director of the Program, it is a highlight of my job to see this event occur.  The goal is accomplished one step at a time, earning credit, bonding with fellow students, leaning on God for the tenacity to face the challenges of being in class, raising families and working at the same time.

For Me Personally

As I reflect on the last two years, I can see the growth of individual students as they have thought through what they want to do with this degree. For me personally, I know I have achieved my calling to this program when I can say that I resonate my faith by creatively helping others discern and develop their God-given potential.  Every day that I come to work, I can see the hand of the Lord in students’ lives as their eyes and their words reveal God’s active ministry to their hearts as He releases who they are through the learning in this program. Some individuals want to attain the degree as the goal itself, which is fantastic.   Then other students decide to take their learning into new areas such as graduate school to attain seminary, teaching or counseling degrees.  There are others yet, that are moving into foreign missions and church service.

Do You Like Your Job?

Lastly, recruiting students is a primary responsibility in my role.  Recently a potential student randomly asked me, “Do you like your job?”  I was taken by surprise, but laughed and replied, “Yes, I love my job.  It is like a giant puzzle.”  I get to help adults think through all the pieces of their lives, look at their priorities and dreams and help them figure out how their dreams might be possible.”  After the student comes into the program and then graduates as the Alpha, Beta and Gamma cohorts are this fall, I get to realize the dreams with the students and rejoice in what the Lord has done and will continue to do in their lives.

“ To God be the glory great things He has done…  Praise the Lord, let the people rejoice.”

It doesn’t get any better than that!

Was Reno Really Our 1st Extension Site?

One day, a wise and respected member of the Multnomah community with some knowledge and history under his belt mentioned to us that there used to be "Extension Sites" long ago for Multnomah. Certainly long before MU Reno-Tahoe was established!

I won't mention any names, but I'll shamelessly plug his blog here!

This would appear to be a problem since we're calling Reno-Tahoe our first extension I did some sleuthing (big thanks to Dr. Lockwood for pointing me in the right direction).

Was Reno The First?

Upon further research, we have come up with this general consensus:


  • In the 1950's and 1960's, Drs. John Mitchell and Willard Aldrich used to travel to various locations in the Northwest and conduct Bible classes.
  • These included at least Puget Sound/Tacoma, Eugene, Spokane, Shasta, and Reno. There may have been others.
  • It is true, some expired and others have developed into independent Bible institutes.
  • Shasta has become Shasta Bible College and is now accredited by TRACS (the Trans-national Accrediting Association).
  • Spokane eventually was taken over by Moody Bible Institute.
  • The one in Tacoma/Puget sound became Cascade Bible College and approached us for a merger in the 1990's. We were not prepared to take it over. Eventually it was absorbed by Antioch Bible Church and merged with their Imago Dei Institute.
  • Reno had several incarnations, but never made it until Meadows Bible Institute emerged - which is now MU Reno-Tahoe.


  • None of these were ever intended to become extension sites of Multnomah.
  • Dr. Mitchell certainly never indicated that he envisioned a network of Multnomah campuses around the Northwest and West.
  • He was willing to help others get a work like Multnomah started and then let them develop independently if they desired.
  • Therefore, there were no Multnomah School of the Bible extension sites.
  • We understand them as good-faith efforts of the early founders to do ministry in other cities, but not to develop extension sites for Multnomah School of the Bible per se.

There You Have It!

How's that for a history lesson? I should write a textbook (*imagine my sarcastic intonation here)!

Prayer for Multnomah

As you frequent readers know, we post ways that you can pray for Multnomah on this blog. We're so thankful for all of you!

The Latest

  • Taste and See
    Advancement's trip with donors to Tillamook on August 28th. We ask for safe travels and a time of honoring God. Also, pray that our donors would continue to see the fruits of their donations in the work that God is doing through students and alumni.
    Read More
  • Alumni PDX Chapter Service Event
    Pray for a good turnout from alumni and that Jesus' name would be honored through this community service project.
    Read More 
  • Adult Degree Completion's First Graduating Class
    Pray that their commitment to finish their degree would pay off in the form of increased ministry opportunities and success wherever God takes them.

Prayer for You?

Remember, you can request that Multnomah staff and faculty can pray for you - just do it online or call. We pray for you every week!

Spring 2009 Magazine – Did You Get It?

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We've been getting a lot of feedback on the latest issue of Multnomah Magazine. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

MultMag_Spring09_060909_Web-1What's Inside

  • Is seminary really worth it? 
  • Retooling pastoral training for a new generation
  • Remembering Dr. Joe Aldrich
  • Introducing the new Seminary Dean
  • Devotional
  • Speaking Schedules
  • Alumni News
  • Planning for retirement and helping future Multnomah students
  • Letters to the editor
  • And more!

Free Subscription

Questions for Our “Master of Counseling”

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000130322MUBlog recently announced the official details of the new Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC) degree. Recently, we got some commonly asked questions answered by our "Master of Counseling" Dr. Elizabeth List.

Interview with Elizabeth List, PsyD

Tell me a little about the Masters in Counseling Program at Multnomah University.

The Masters of Arts in Counseling degree at Multnomah is a 62 semester-credit-hour program for working students who are interested in a career in counseling.  We are fully accredited by the Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) and the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) and we are currently under the guidance of the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists to ensure that we meet educational licensing requirements.

Our desire with this program is to focus on two distinct goals:

  1. Merging faith integration and academic quality
  2. Offering practical information from practicing professionals.

We want to produce quality, biblically-based counselors that will be able to work in any venue in which God calls them, whether that be secular or church-based.

What kind of career can you have with a Masters in Counseling?

The M.A in Counseling program is designed to meet the educational requirements for licensure by the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC).  Licensed Professional Counselors may seek employment in counseling agencies, private practice, hospitals, para-church organizations, educational settings, human service agencies, or may go on to pursue a doctorate in clinical Psychology.

Can you work in a school with a Masters in Counseling?

The M.A. in Counseling degree prepares you to counsel many different populations, including children, adults, teens, groups, families, and couples, with many different kinds of issues. While you will be trained to counsel children and their families, you will not be considered a School Counselor. A school counselor is a profession that results from a Masters Degree in School Counseling (which we do not currently offer). The Masters in School Counseling distinct degree is necessary in order to work in the school system with children.

You said before that this program is designed for working students. How does that work?

Our program is offered at night and on the weekends in order to allow students to work full time for at least the first year of the program.

  • The bulk of the classes are offered one night a week, from 6-10pm, one at a time.
  • There are a few weekend elective courses (Friday night and all day Saturday) that are offered once a month as well.
  • In the second year of the program, each student must complete an internship where they practice what they are learning in the "real world." While the internship will probably take some time away from working, we are committed to flexibility with this time in order to help working students find a balance between work and school.

Our small cohort-style classes are also designed for the adult student. A masters degree in any form is a lot of hard work. Our class design allows for students to get to know each other and their professors in a personal way. Throughout the classes, cohorts grow to support each other in their endeavors to finish the program. Many cohorts continue to meet and fellowship on their own long after they are finished with their degree.

What is the internship program like at Multnomah?

Oregon law requires 600 hours of internship while students are in their masters program. Multnomah will partner with each student to place them in an internship that meets the internship requirements of the state. The internship hours are to be accumulated in the second year of the program. If students desire to graduate within the timeframe of their classes, students should complete approximately 11 hours of internship a week. Those who cannot dedicate this much time to internship in the second year may work out an internship plan with their advisor to complete internship hours after they finish their coursework.

What if a student wants to pursue a license in another state?

While this degree meets Oregon licensure requirements, this does not mean that you cannot receive licensure in other states with this degree. The Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists is aware of national standards and works to meet them, if not exceed them. If you know that there is a possibility that you will be going to another state, the best thing to do is to talk to your advisor about this so that we can make sure that your educational requirements are met in the state you want to be licensed in.

 Anything else you want to add?

I am very excited about this program and its potential to reach those who need highly qualified and Biblically-centered counselors. I believe that caring for the suffering is one of the most loving thing anyone can do. If you feel that God is calling you to this ministry, then this program is for you.

Oregon Independent Colleges Keeping Costs Down

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In this day and age, every penny saved counts. One story that I've wanted to talk about for some while is that of how there is increased public scrutiny over college costs - and what colleges are doing to keep them down. Let's face it, it's expensive to run an institution of higher education - even one like Multnomah which operates with minimal staffing and even less physical overhead.

One Big Difference Between Publics & Privates

Recently, almost all public institutions (including community colleges) have announced sizeable increases in their tuition and operating expenses - and have lobbied for more taxpayer support (And why not? It's even more expensive to run a major public research institution).

As you may know, private independent institutions are not subsidized by public money. The good part about this is that it forces us to tighten our belts when the times get tough and endowments take dives with the stock market. This can be a very healthy thing, forcing us to focus more on achieving our mission efficiently.

The Charge of Stewardship

Instead of passing all the costs on to students and their families or asking donors to throw more money at the operation (although, we'll gladly talk to any donor willing to contribute!) we have to trim expenses and make wise moves to demonstrate good stewardship with an eye toward future health. At Multnomah, this stewardship principle takes on a whole new meaning, because we know it is not "our" operation to begin with - we are only taking care of what God has charged to us.

But Not Just Multnomah

Multnomah belongs to an organization called the Oregon Independent Colleges Association (OICA). As a collective, it has become a mantra to show a commitment to keeping cost increases to an absolute minimum. Recently, OICA sent out a news release that gave a brief overview of what these institutions are doing.

OICA College Cost Containment Press Release

Also, don't forget about our new Tuition Relief Scholarship we announced after this press release went out.

Master of Arts in Counseling – Now Enrolling!

000130322In case you missed our press release about the new Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC) program, or the one about Dr. Elizabeth List, the Psychology department chair and faculty member directing the MAC program - we have the whole scoop here.

The long awaited Master of Arts in Counseling program is accepting applicants into the upcoming Fall Semester - and the response has been very positive!

4 Facts You Should Know:

  1. Fully Accredited:  Multnomah's MAC program is accredited by ABHE and NWCCU.
  2. Licensure:  Multnomah's MAC program meets the educational requirements for licensure and is approved by the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists based on the fact that Multnomah is a regionally accredited institution.
  3. Stronger Bible:  There are many MAC programs out there, but what makes the MU program unique is that Bible and theology is the foundation on which it is built. We are committed to Biblically-grounded counseling as a ministry - not just a profession.
  4. Accessible:  With classes taking place one night per week and small cohort-style groups forming throughout the year, it is an ideal program for busy professionals looking to get qualified for a career in counseling - especially Christian counseling.

Any Questions?

We are looking to build an FAQ page to answer questions, so let us know what we should put on it! Also, I will be interviewing Dr. List in the coming weeks, so I will be sure to ask her your questions for you!

In the meantime, I hear that there are many applicants already - so if you want in, you probably should contact Admissions right away to find out how!


Pray With Us

Over the years we here at Multnomah have gotten many, many, many requests from alumni, donors, and parents for us to let them/you know how to pray for/with the Multnomah community. Since we definitely need the prayer and know that many people praying in accord is a good thing, what we've decided to do is create a category called "Pray For MU" (you can find it in the menus on the right side) on this blog and every few weeks we'll post a list of requests from around campus.

Most of the following requests are quoted or strictly paraphrased from the person requesting it - so if the tone, style, and tense changes then you'll know why.

Please Pray For:

Student Services

  • Strong finish for students, that they would take good self-care, and safety traveling home after finals.
  • Protection and provision for our graduating seniors.
  • A healthy, protected campus should swine flu get worse.


Teacher Ed/MAT

  • Increased enrollment in the Teacher Education program.
  • Our students to have the resources to keep coming.
  • Wisdom and discernment for the program director.
  • Kathy McKee, our new full-time faculty member who starts on July 1st.
  • Adjuncts: excellence, good relationships with students and with other faculty.
  • Our preparations for an upcoming (September) TSPC site visit.

General Staff

  • Those being laid off here at Multnomah to find peace, work, and new ministry opportunities.
  • Energy to complete the tasks that God has laid before us.

Financial Aid

  • Our students and their families during the economic times - not just on having more money for school and living - but having the peace of Jesus.
  • More and more students and their families at home are a mess. In some cases, the children are "parenting their parents" because their parents are overwhelmed with life - whether it's financial, emotional or whatever - these kids are so burdened for their parents but more importantly their younger siblings that are still at home. They feel responsible and want to be there for their younger siblings but they want to stay in school and fulfill God's call to be at Multnomah. It's fairly obvious that these students are overwhelmed with all of this.
  • Our enrollment challenges to not just get new students, but keeping the old ones in the midst of total chaos. They [students] need wisdom and peace.


Do You Need Prayer?

  • If you would like prayer, please use the comments on this blog to state it and other readers will pray with us for you.
  • If you would like prayer, but don't want it public, you can request it here. Our Advancement Department prays for these requests every week.