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Evolution & Multnomah…Logos

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Evolution & Multnomah…Logos

The Project

For the past few weeks, I have been hunting down, scanning, and rebuilding (using Illustrator) all of the logos from Multnomah's history. While I was at it, I did a little bit of research and recorded the approximate years during which each logo was used. I finished the project earlier this week, so what you see here is the fruit of my labor; the digital archiving of Multnomah's branding history.
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2009 President’s Annual Report

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At the beginning of every year, many folks tend to go through their time of reflecting on the year just passed and looking forward to developments in the year ahead. Well, we do the same things as an organization here.


At Multnomah, we ask many things of our president. Among them a "reflection," if you will, in the form of an annual report.

2009 President's Annual Report (PDF)

Looking Forward

In "looking forward," we've also asked Dr. Dan to star in an online video series where he discusses issues facing Multnomah and what we all might expect in the future. But far be it from him to simply lecture (it's not a classroom, afterall) - these videos are intended to be sparks that will bring feedback from you! As such, we've named the series "Conversations with Dr. Dan".


Why Accreditation Is Prudent

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As a private, Bible-teaching, Christian institution of higher learning, we can certainly sympathize with what is happening over in Wisconsin with Northland International University(formerly Northland Baptist Bible College).

Read about it at Inside Higher Ed

Note how the students and alumni are the ones who suffer - and if they suffer, it can start a domino effect of more learning not being done, credits not transferring, ministries not started, and on and on - this is the nature of being biblical higher education - and what makes it different from the local church's mission. Perhaps you can join us in praying for Northland.

Multnomah's Accreditation

Learn more about Multnomah's accreditation, the process, and benefits therein. While you're there, brush up on the doctrinal statement and mission statements!

Multnomah Apparel – 50% Off @ Bookstore

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Windows Booksellers (the Campus Bookstore on the Portland campus) is selling all their old "unnofficial" Multnomah clothing at 50% off their already low, low prices! (Insert chain-saw sound here as we talk about "slashing" prices).



Because there will be new official sweatshirts and t-shirts just in time for the new semester. You spoke, we listened. It will be collegiate and classic - and most of all - quality!

Sneak Peak


But seriously, help them get rid of the old stuff too!

Was Reno Really Our 1st Extension Site?

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One day, a wise and respected member of the Multnomah community with some knowledge and history under his belt mentioned to us that there used to be "Extension Sites" long ago for Multnomah. Certainly long before MU Reno-Tahoe was established!

I won't mention any names, but I'll shamelessly plug his blog here!

This would appear to be a problem since we're calling Reno-Tahoe our first extension I did some sleuthing (big thanks to Dr. Lockwood for pointing me in the right direction).

Was Reno The First?

Upon further research, we have come up with this general consensus:


  • In the 1950's and 1960's, Drs. John Mitchell and Willard Aldrich used to travel to various locations in the Northwest and conduct Bible classes.
  • These included at least Puget Sound/Tacoma, Eugene, Spokane, Shasta, and Reno. There may have been others.
  • It is true, some expired and others have developed into independent Bible institutes.
  • Shasta has become Shasta Bible College and is now accredited by TRACS (the Trans-national Accrediting Association).
  • Spokane eventually was taken over by Moody Bible Institute.
  • The one in Tacoma/Puget sound became Cascade Bible College and approached us for a merger in the 1990's. We were not prepared to take it over. Eventually it was absorbed by Antioch Bible Church and merged with their Imago Dei Institute.
  • Reno had several incarnations, but never made it until Meadows Bible Institute emerged - which is now MU Reno-Tahoe.


  • None of these were ever intended to become extension sites of Multnomah.
  • Dr. Mitchell certainly never indicated that he envisioned a network of Multnomah campuses around the Northwest and West.
  • He was willing to help others get a work like Multnomah started and then let them develop independently if they desired.
  • Therefore, there were no Multnomah School of the Bible extension sites.
  • We understand them as good-faith efforts of the early founders to do ministry in other cities, but not to develop extension sites for Multnomah School of the Bible per se.

There You Have It!

How's that for a history lesson? I should write a textbook (*imagine my sarcastic intonation here)!

Where Is The Love?

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Someone has absconded with the letters "L", "O", "V", and "E" from the "Multnomah University" sign on Glisan Street!


Honestly, who steals letters?

Some possible theories from around campus:

  • Since the "pink mist" (that means that engagements and love is in the air with students) is floating in spring, perhaps someone is trying to propose or otherwise proclaim their love with the golden letters of "love"?
  • Maybe it is tennis players from nearby Montavilla Park since "love" means "nothing" to them!
  • Maybe there is something malicious afoot where someone is trying to make a statement about no "love" in MU?
  • Perhaps our Advancement department is holding an elaborate fundraiser where "love" is being held hostage and only one letter at a time will be released as ransom is paid?
  • Maybe I couldn't think of anything better to blog about so I trooped out in the rain, in my suit, with an expensive camera, and staged it for giggles? (Nope. Campus Services would be ticked!)

Well, honestly, we don't know what happened or why. Maybe the letters will resurface? Probably not.

Oh well...any ideas? Anyone?

Signs of the Times

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This summer has us sporting two new signs.

The name change necessitated our new University sign which now joins our public face along Glisan Street. The Mulnomah seal is now affixed to the signs at our new extension campus in Reno, Nevada indicating their new name.

Building Facelifts and Dorm Upgrades
The Campus Support Services department has been hard at work upgrading things all around campus this summer. The last phase of the Memorial Dorm remodel was completed (I can almost hear the cheers from students now!).

Our Faculty annex (Helen-Carlson House) as well as our music and classroom building (Bradley Hall) received some paint, paneling, new windows, some new HVAC and nice landscaping (Again, cheers from the faculty and students!).

Multnomah commuter students have some classy new digs in the JCA Student Center.

We also have a new map as you pull into campus.

It may sound trite to say so, but there really have been too many improvements to mention them all. Come visit. It won't be hard to spot all the "signs" of progress here at Multnomah.

The Name Change that Launched a Web Redesign

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The official date of the change to Multnomah University looms. It was impressed on me to address the one area that I know is in the forefront of concern for all of you – Multnomah’s website.

Name Change Brings Web Change
When we first started discussing the name change we knew it would have an impact on our web presence. It really came down to a couple of options for what that would look like. We could do some touch up work on our current site (a band-aid really) or suck it up and rebuild the whole thing. Seeing how it was really about time for an overhaul, the process is now under way to come up with a brand-new look and feel as well as a new site structure.

New Challenges
A change of name for a well established institution means different things depending on who you ask. To me, university is a big name trying to bring together all that Multnomah does and is. Multnomah serves a diverse group of people all seeking very different things. We still have our traditional college and seminary students, but Multnomah has grown to offer other programs such as online education, graduate degrees in teaching, and a degree completion program. Multnomah also has a thriving alumni and contributor community. In fact, the list of those with vested interest in Multnomah is a very long one. All of these impact our decisions as we move forward on a website redesign. Our website, which is really your website, must be relevant to you.

More then just a cosmetic change, we are really striving to tailor Multnomah’s new website to meet the needs of these diverse groups, and to be quickly navigable, making the information you want easy to find.

The Wait
A fresh, new look, relevant/current information, well organized structure… it all sounds really good, doesn’t it? Well it won’t be up by July 1st. That is for certain. We are still in the beginning phases of research and analysis ([cough], the fun stuff). I am already excited to see what all the Multnomah site is going be. Now, I really don't expect you to just sit there and wait. What changes/additions to the Multnomah site could help you? Let us know what you think.

Of Diplomas and Transcripts…

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Well, as promised, we have gotten to the bottom of the questions regarding institutional names on diplomas and transcripts. In case you missed them, here are the two main questions:

  1. (Current Students) When I graduate, since the Bible College and Biblical Seminary will still exist under the University name, will I get a Bible College/Biblical Seminary diploma/transcript, a University diploma/transcript, my choice of either, or both automatically?
  2. (Alumni as of May 2007) If I need it for missions to closed countries or to get into public work (like teaching), can I "exchange" my diploma/transcripts for a version that is titled "Multnomah University"? Can I get a new one for any reason?
  3. (Future Graduates as of or after December 2008) Can I get two diplomas stating both the "University" name and the name of my division ("Bible College" or "Biblical Seminary")?

Answer to number 1 (current students graduating in December 2007 or May 2008):

The name change to "Multnomah University" will not be effective until July 1, 2008. As a result, any December 2007 and May 2008 (current year) Multnomah graduates will still receive a diploma with the name of "Multnomah Bible College" or "Multnomah Biblical Seminary". All transcripts will continue to bear the name "Multnomah Bible College and Seminary". However, ALL graduates for this current academic year will be eligible to request a different diploma with the new "Multnomah University" name on or after July 1, 2008 free of charge. All such requests will be processed by the office of the registrar.

Transcripts are not able to be changed to any name other than the name of the institution at the time of graduation. All college students who graduate after July 1, 2008 will begin to receive "Multnomah University" diplomas and transcripts. All seminary students who graduate after July 1, 2008 will receive "Multnomah Biblical Seminary" diplomas, but they will receive "Multnomah University" transcripts.

Answer to number 2 (alumni as of May 2007):

Any previous year graduates apart from this current academic year requesting a different diploma with the new "Multnomah University" name may do so on or after July 1, 2008 and will be charged a fee for the service of processing such requests as is common in cases like this with institutions of higher education. The price of the diploma change fee will be determined before the name change becomes effective on July 1, 2008. All such requests will be processed by the office of the registrar. Transcripts are not eligible for modification.

Answer to number 3 (Future Graduates as of or after December 2008):

Any future college graduates (on or after December 2008 graduation), having already earned the standard "Multnomah University" diploma, may request a second diploma with the name of the "Multnomah Bible College" division. Likewise, any seminary graduates (on or after December 2008 graduation), having already earned the standard "Multnomah Biblical Seminary" diploma may request a second diploma with the name of "Multnomah University". All such requests will be handled by the office of the registrar and will incur a processing fee as is common in cases like this with institutions of higher education. The extra diploma fee will be determined before July 1, 2008.

These policies will be re-evaluated periodically and are subject to change in accordance with decision making policies set forth in Multnomah's by-laws. Evaluating and documenting the successes and shortcomings of the above policies will be an ongoing priority for Multnomah as we seek to serve our students and alumni better.