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What’s In A Name?

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Lately, I have recieved a very steady stream of emails from current students and alumni regarding their diplomas and transcripts. Two questions keep coming up:

  1. (Current Students) When I graduate, since the Bible College and Biblical Seminary will still exist under the University name, will I get a Bible College/Biblical Seminary diploma/transcript, a University diploma/transcript, my choice of either, or both automatically?
  2. (Alumni) If I need it for missions to closed countries or to get into public work (like teaching), can I "exchange" my diploma/transcripts for a version that is titled "Multnomah University" - can I get a new one for any reason?

Well, I have been doing my best with the President's Council and the Academic Dean's Council to help resolve this very important question for you. Basically, it boils down to issues of legality when it comes to the accrediting bodies and the Oregon State Department of Degree Authorization when issuing transcripts. So, needless to say, it is taking some time to develop this policy in accordance with laws and expectations that any fully-accredited institution would have to consider. Also, since we won't officially be operating as "Multnomah University" until after July 1, 2008, there are some additional questions of how this issue is best handled.

However; now that you know a bit about "behind-the-scenes" issues, I am happy to inform you that I have it on good authority that there will be a decision by the end of 2007! So, as soon as I know, you all will know too - so keep checking back every week.

Keep those comments coming - because the decision-makers at Multnomah read them!