Leaving the Eagle Eerie

By October 11th, 2008

Dear Family & Friends,

Today I attended my last regular meeting of the Eagle & Child Reading group as co-founder and co-leader. We began in July 1985, so this was our 23rd year and our 279th monthly meeting. We have read about 250 books and have taken several trips to England to hold our meeting in our name sake: Eagle & Child Pub, Oxford, England (aka Bird & Baby). I have written the meeting minutes since the start. Here is an excerpt from the October 11, 2008 meeting:

We had a good meeting, but it was not plan A, B or C. Our annual October meeting at Sylvia Beach Hotel (Newport, OR) got beached by a high school reunion group who took over the book haven hotel. Our annual combined groups meeting didn’t combine as the “Frugal Chariot” group never left Eugene. Our McMinamins weekend option failed as they did not have a discussion room for us to use. We try to pick our best books for this combined meeting, but we rated our book 101st of 130 books we have rated. Dorothy Sayers’ Strong Poison was not “poison”, but neither was it “strong.” Our founders, Dick & Martha Sleeper, planned to come, but Dick had to take Martha to the hospital. The oncologist did a great blood test, but forgot to take her temperature and discover that she had an infection. We had a good meeting, but it was more like plan Z. Plan “Z” ended up being — “potluck brunch at Aslan’s How followed by discussion”. Well, the men of the How think it was a great meeting since they are enjoying the leftovers. Now that I think of it “potluck brunch at Aslan’s How” has a good ring to it. But, it still felt like strong poison to me.

Sadly, for the last time,
Your Eagle & Child scribe,

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One Response to “Leaving the Eagle Eerie”

  1. Dave Says:

    Garry, I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like to see the complete list of books you and the group have “rated.” Any way we could get a copy of that?