Drawing Backwards

By September 14th, 2011

Family & Friends,

I just had one of my favorite C.S. Lewis class projects framed. Usually, I offer to buy such projects from my students. But, last year I was saving money for the year of unemployment to help my elderly parents. So I could offer nothing. Jordan showed grace and gave it go me. Jordan Hughes is the artist and he described the technique as “drawing backwards”. It is also known as Scratch board art. A poster board type surface is coated with white chalk. This is then covered with blank ink. When dry, the artist uses a sharp stylus or knife creating white marks by scratching and exposing the white surface below. You can’t make a mistake, because it is impossible to “unscratch”! Jordan took this difficult art form and tried to scratch a lion head. More precisely, Aslan’s portrait. It is detailed and beautiful. The C.S. Lewis class gave an audible “Oooh” when they saw it. It is now framed and hanging in The Great Hall of Aslan’s How. Below the picture is an inscription which says,

Scratchboard Art, 2010
C.S. Lewis Class Project
by Jordan Hughes

Come on over and give it a nice long “Oooh”, but no scratching allowed.


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One Response to “Drawing Backwards”

  1. John Gruber Says:

    I would love to see a picture and hopefully can see it in Portland sometime. Thanks.