God and a Big Rock

By September 16th, 2011

Family & Friends,

Our all-college retreat was again at the Washington Family Ranch in Wild Horse Canyon. During the weekend, one of the ranch directors told us about a spiritual exercise that a high school camp experienced. The high desert surrounds the lush lawns of the camp center. Each student was told to take a Bible and walk out into the rocky hills. During their time with God, they were given a unique assignment. Each one was to seek out a rock that represented their current life with God. One of the participants, we will call Shawn, had a very troubled background, but was making progress in his faith. Later students returned and reported things like, “I selected this rock that is rough on one side and smooth on the other. God is slowly chipping off the unproductive things in my life, but we have a ways to go.” “I selected this rather ugly rock because I often feel ugly. But, when it is held up to the sun, it shows small diamond like spots that are beautiful as God is shining on me.”

The camp director was worried, however, because Shawn had not returned. Nearly, an hour later they noticed a small figure slowly approaching. He was hindered by carrying a very large boulder. When Shawn shared, he said, “My life has been very hard. I wanted to pick a rock that was too big to put in my pocket, but had to held with two arms. I’m learning how desperately that I need God. Right now I’m not going to make it unless I hold onto God with both arms.” The good news is that God is also holding onto Shawn with both of His everlasting arms. Faith is a divine embrace.


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