“Whoa, please!”

By September 10th, 2012

Family & Friends,

The college year kicked off with a beautiful convocation service to dedicate ourselves to the academic year. Dr Dan, our president, shared from the life of Barnabas the power of a mentor and we learned about riding a spirited horse. His horse story forced a sublimated terror out of the black hole in my soul. As a ten year old, we boy scouts went on a horse ride. Within five minutes the horse knew who was in control. I perched in fear waiting for for what the equine master would do next. As we finally started back to the barn, my steed found its speed. He bolted for home with the stamp of hooves and the drowned out ten year old saying, “whoa, please”. I got off and never returned. Dr Dan’s similar experience ended with a mentor saying, “You will ride him.” He learned through a wise mentor and now is not afraid of any horse. I never lost my fear and turned to riding bikes and later Miatas. Where was my Barnabas when I needed him? We are hoping that each of our new students will find one and be one. The horses are optional.


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  1. Denise Stone Says:

    Really enjoyed this story. Thanks for wise words and a good reminder.