The Shepherd has your Back

By September 17th, 2012

Family & Friends,

On Sunday we worshiped our way through Psalm 23 at Imago Dei. It reminded me of a story about two preachers. One was highly educated in his understanding of Hebrew in general and Psalm 23 in particular. He also was eloquent and presented the beauty of this Psalm fitting the splendor of the famous poem. The large congregation was impressed. One of his church members later remembered this sermon when he went to visit a friend’s church in the countryside.

This congregation was smaller and the sanctuary spartan by comparison. The preacher was simple, barely educated, but passionate. He also preached on Psalm 23. He listened and felt his heart stirred by the sermon. He looked around and saw people touched deeply and many moved to tears of joy. He pondered the contrast of experiences from the two sermons on the same pastoral Psalm. Later, a friend asked about his trip to country. He said, “I have heard an eloquent sermon on Psalm 23 and I have heard a country preacher on the same.” He concluded, “One preacher knew Psalm 23. The other preacher knew the Shepherd of Psalm 23.”

Sunday we learned that when our eyes are on the Shepherd, we don’t have to worry about watching our back. The Shepherd is in front and “goodness and mercy” are following behind.


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