No Water, but Tears

By November 1st, 2012

Family & Friends,

Imago Dei Community has sent Jonathan & Taryn to Nepal to bring the good news where they have never heard. The village of Mangri is the largest of the Karmarong people. It is remote and life is difficult. Recently Taryn went to the community well. An aggressive man was there and he would not let her get water for her family. She did not give up and tried to push through. He and others made it impossible. She returned home waterless except for her tears. The next well was a mile further.

That week, the same man fell over in his home for no apparent reason and cut his head badly. They called for Taryn, the medicine woman, to come. Taryn expected to patch up another child with her simple first aid kit and went immediately. She arrived to a bloody man. It was the well-enforcer! He was embarrassed. She acted in grace and gently cleaned and bandaged the wound. The hardened man began to soften with each wrap of the bandage. Later, he made sure that the people at the well let Taryn get all the water she needed.

We are not sure, but God may have knocked the man over so that his physical need would make room for the gospel. God did exactly that with Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus. Who knows? Maybe this strong willed man is God’s “apostle Paul” to his own people. Meanwhile, Taryn has made a friend and water is refreshing.


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