Miracle of Beer into Furniture

By November 10th, 2012

Family & Friends,

Recently I joined about 75 pastors to hear F. Dale Bruner share about his new commentary on the Gospel of John. He was almost as refreshing as the gospel itself. A brilliant mind with a big heart, wisdom, passion and humor. We heard about a hard-drinking miner who came to faith. His fellow worker mocked the miracle of water turned to wine. The new-born believer said he was not there to see it, but he did know that at his house Jesus had turned beer into furniture.

We heard a beautiful description of the incarnation. “What the spoken word is to the invisible thought, so Jesus is to the invisible God.” John says the Word became flesh and moved into the neighborhood, full of grace and truth (John 1:14).

Bruner described Christ’s death as “He who did nothing wrong, suffered everything so that we who committed everything, might suffer nothing.” This death is remembered in communion which Bruner urged us to celebrate in every service. For as his priest friend said, “To have no communion at the gathering of the church is like a man marrying a woman and talking to her all night long.”


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