Pathologically Optomistic

By November 17th, 2012

Family & Friends,

Day of Prayer at Multnomah is always one of my highlights, but it soared last Wednesday. Our president has had the Sword of Damocles hanging above him for eight years in the form of cancer. He still feels good despite the chemo treatments. Dr Dan with his wife Janie shared about God’s hope. Janie shared a homily that she called a “momily”. It would normally go to daughter Elise, but went to the whole Multnomah family. She urged us to have an “Eternal Perspective.” She reminded us that we all are facing death and are utterly dependent upon God. Her anxiety was turned to prayer and she urged us to all become prayer warriors right now.

The “momily” was joined beautifully to Dr. Dan’s testimony of trust in a sovereign God or what he called God’s “compassionate control.” They are so convinced of this truth that they are not plagued by the “Why” questions – why me, why now, why cancer? In seminary Dr Dan wrapped his arms around the comfort of God’s divine sovereignty. As a result he now felt wrapped around by God’s arms of love. It left him with a longing for heaven and for following God’s adventure that comes with submission. He calls himself “pathologically optimistic”. He convinced us that when your path is logically following God’s truth you have a right to be eternally optimistic. We were left wanting to catch his faith disease. Just the same, we surrounded them at the front of chapel and asked the God of all hope to heal him for sake of the kingdom of God.


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