Cinco de Mustache

By November 26th, 2012

Family & Friends,

We just relived “Cinco de Mustache” at Multnomah. Men start growing facial hair on Oct. 5 and on Nov. 5 they create the most interesting “stache” that they can. Our house had several involved in Cinco. This led to finding famous and made up whimsical whisker quotes. We also learned a new word, “complibeard” – noun, words of admiration for a man’s facial hair.

“A Beard covers a multitude of chins.”

“A man does not grow a beard. A beard grows a man.”

“A woman’s glory is her hair, and the majesty of man is in his beard.” (Chris Graham, man of the How).

“Beards carry with them a sense of reverence, wisdom and old crumbs.”

“When a man shaves, an angel in heaven loses his wings.”

Proverbs 18:22 (paraphrase): “He who finds a husband finds a good thing. An awesome beard just sweetens the deal.” The Shulammite


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