Jar of Jubilee

By December 2nd, 2012

Family & Friends,

A new tradition has arisen at Aslan’s How where I live with six men students. We have the historic, first ever — “Jar of Jubilee”. You don’t have one, do you? I thought not. Its genesis was from Genesis. Chris Graham thought about Joseph and an idea popped. “What if we set saved our extra grain like Joseph did for seven years?” He proposed that we set aside extra food budget money for seven weeks and use it for a meal of biblical proportions. Austin Way remembered that every 50th year Israel celebrated Jubilee so he chimed in, “It will be named the Jubilee meal!” I found a jar to hold the extra money and immediately it was dubbed the “Jar of Jubilee”. When our first fifty days had passed, it was October so we celebrated Jubilee on Canadian Thanksgiving Day which is the second Monday in October, eh! The meal was big, with servings that Andre the Giant could appreciate. He might even say, “No meal is up to par, that doesn’t come from the Jar.” The Jar of Jubilee is filling again, and we are counting the days.


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