Righteousness & Peace will Kiss

By December 20th, 2012

Dear Family & Friends

What a heart-jarring whiplash of emotions this past week. Our faculty and staff had an impromptu prayer time at 2:30pm to pray for the tragedies here in Portland and in Newtown, Conn. At 3:00pm we were celebrating our Multnomah Christmas party with Advent joy. At Imago Dei our prayer team prayed for the families hit by the week’s violence which came on the heels of praising God for three big and wonderful answered prayers for Jimmy on our prayer team. This same week I saw “The Hobbit” movie and was reminded by Gandolf that in pushing back evil you sometimes need hobbits and the small ordinary acts of kindness and bravery.

A friend asked how can you celebrate Advent and grieve over evil at the same time? Then it dawned on me. It has always been that way. The godly celebrating is always in the midst of the reign of terror in this world. The story with praising angelic hosts and rejoicing shepherds came with the wailing of mothers in Bethlehem who could not be comforted. Jesus’ kingdom of grace will always be breaking in and when it does the Herod’s of the world will respond with fearful insanity. With sorrow in Clackamas and Newtown, it is still Advent joy. Prince of Peace versus prince of darkness until the day when righteousness and peace will kiss one another (Psalm 85:10).


Those who are still ordering “Lion Sightings in the Rose City” ($10). They won’t be sent out until I return to Portland Dec. 28. Send to 8435 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97220.

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