Engagement at the How

By February 10th, 2013

Family & Friends,

There are many on-line dating services, and some of them for believers like E-Harmony. But, Ryan had a better plan. Ryan Tallmon of Aslan’s How is now happily engaged to Elisabeth “Lisa” Moxon. He did not notice her beauty right away because it was too dark and his eyes were supposed to be closed. They connected during early morning prayer walks for the persecuted church. Match that eHarmony dot com! After much walking on many dewy mornings a friend asked, “Why don’t you ask Lisa out?” The seed was planted. On Oct. 14, 2011 at 9am, Lisa walked in a class and Ryan thought I must date her. On the very day, his father asked if he was interested in any young ladies. The seed started to sprout. During Christmas break her parents were able to return from missionary work in Haiti to be in Portland. Ryan met with them and asked for the hand of their daughter. Shortly afterward Ryan and Lisa were visiting a beautiful amphitheater on Mount Tabor that she had mentioned as a perfect place for a wedding. As they stood on the stage, he knelt down and gave her some practice at saying, “Yes.” I saw them shortly afterward when they returned from the park. She had said, “Yes,” and there was a ring on her finger. The seed is blooming and the persecuted church has a couple on their side.


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