Monty F.C.

By February 16th, 2013

Family & Friends,

Multnomah has a club soccer team named Montavilla Football Club, fondly referred to as “Monty F.C.”. They won the championship last season and now are in a higher league. Their first game was a big win and a big loss. The won the game 2-1. But, Austin Davis from Aslan’s How plays on defense. In the last game an opponent came late with a high sliding tackle to his legs. It left him in utter pain. Emotionally it was worse. He looked down at his shin guard and thought it was his bone going the wrong way. His mind raced back to Nov. 18, 1985 and Joe Theismann’s famous leg injury replayed ad nausea by the NFL. Austin has two bones broken in his left leg. His current hospital bed is one of our living room leather couches. So our house breakfast & prayer together were driven to the Great Hall where he lies in state, that is, in a state of fragile pain. Austin’s prayer that morning thanked God for the humbling experience of having to depend on everyone for daily activities and for the reminder of how fragile life really is. Today he has got his full leg cast, but every day is a humble reminder that life is fragile.


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