Roger’s Cafe

By February 23rd, 2013

Family & Friends,

I see him at 6:15 am in the morning darkness pulling a carry-on luggage on Glisan St. He is determined to be on time for the early shift at Multnomah University’s kitchen crew. You get paid for work, but he has never been paid. On the other hand, he does have a Café named after him. Do you? I thought not. Nearly once a week I order the “Roger Special To Go”, but I usually don’t go since I like Roger and I like his Café. Roger has learning disabilities, but no lack of love for Multnomah students and the kitchen crew. In turn the students and staff love Roger right back. When Multnomah negotiates a contract with a food service company, it always requires that there is a job for Roger! On the first of the month he makes sure that when you meet, he says, “rabbit” first. I’ve never beat him in thirty-five years.

Multnomah lore now enshrines how Roger’s Café got its moniker. Students were gathered to vote on the name for the newly built campus café. One disgruntled student asked, “What if you don’t like any of the names on the voting form?” The leader responded, “What would you suggest?” There was a pause . . . . and then those epic words, “Let’s name it ROGER’S CAFÉ.” An instantaneous roar and standing ovation from students was followed by a landslide of write in ballots that said, “Roger, Roger and Roger.”


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