No, Jack, No. Don’t Do It.”

By March 6th, 2013

Family & Friends,

Around a meal at Aslan’s How, conversation lead me to remember a dramatic moment during my seminary days. I still feel it in the Sheol of my soul. I have difficulty with every foreign language, but ironically, I picked a profession where I needed to study Greek, Hebrew, German and French! In seminary Greek class, the teacher proposed a debate. He wanted two volunteers to defend the seminary position and then two others to take an opposing viewpoint.
One hand quickly went up. He came from Princeton and was on their debate team. Another very smart person volunteered to be on his team.

I thought, “There is no one in this class dumb enough to volunteer to debate against them!” I was wrong. My friend Jack, like me, was not at the top of our class, but he loved a challenge and was not afraid of unchartered waters. I respected his courage, but as his hand went up, I thought, “No, Jack, No. Don’t do it.” Then he calmly said, “Garry and I will take them on.” I would have objected, but the whole room started to move in a circular motion. The most amazing thing was that the smart guys over prepared. Ours presentation was short, clear and spoken with bold fabricated confidence. The class voted on the debate. Courageous Jack and his shaky comrade were declared debate winners. I would have cheered, but the room started to move again.


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