A Final Interview

By March 25th, 2013

Family & Friends,

Recently, Multnomah did a final interview for one of their publications. Theirs will probably be better written, but mine is a “scoop”!

Q: “What did you enjoy the most about teaching Multnomah students?” Have students over time changed in terms of beliefs, or have they generally remained the same since you’ve been a prof. at MU?

Multnomah students are my favorite. They are sacrificing to come to college and learn the Bible. So, motivated Bible students for a Bible teacher is like a dream come true. I love to be with students for class, lunches, Days of Prayer and especially Days of Outreach. Having six men students in my house, Aslan’s How, for the last 12 years has been one of the best things that I have ever experienced.

Students have changed, but the joy of watching the lights come on and the Bible making sense will always be a highlight for me. Someone asked me why I did not get tired of teaching Pentateuch for 35 straight years. Finally, I realized that I’m not teaching the Pentateuch. I’m teaching students and the Bible class is our reason for meeting. Students are new every year and so teaching them will never get old to me.

Q: “What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment teaching/being apart of the Multnomah community?”

This question is best answered by others, but I can tell you what I have enjoyed the most over the last 37 years?

Mentoring over 80 men in Aslan’s How has made coming home as exciting as teaching at college.

With the high cost of education, my heart was moved to start scholarships for deserving students. The Norm and Muriel Missions Scholarship supports our school family on mission trips. The Lonie (Friesen) Tucker Bible Scholarship for students who value and read their Bibles like our founder, Dr. John Mitchell. The Holly Miller Missions Scholarship for students like Holly who have a heart for getting the gospel out to the world.

Teaching freshmen their first Bible class – Pentateuch. They think it will be an uninteresting bunch of laws and I get the first crack at demonstrating that Scripture is alive and the “Walk Thru the Pentateuch” is fun.

Ten years of being academic dean and finding some great teachers that will lead Multnomah into the future. These include current profs: Wayne Strickland, Ray Lubeck, Brad Harper, Karl Kutz, Doug Schaak, Domani Pothen and past profs including Tom & Bonnie Kopp and Jeff Arthurs.

Serving eight years as chair of the council of elders at Imago Dei Community which was planted by Multnomah alum Rick McKinley. Many current and past Multnomah students are a part of this fellowship.

Taking the truth of Scripture and bringing its theology to the church in the form of books including Decision Making and the Will of God, How Then Should We Choose, Singleness, Marriage and the Will of God and Lion Sightings in the Rose City. Two other books are pending: C.S. Lewis Scripture Index and Spirit Filling and the Will of God.

One of the most exciting was watching God bless the Kigali Project where we organized our student body to create a college library for the new Bible college, Africa College of Theology in Kigali, Rwanda. The library is named “Multnomah ACT Library”, it has over 20,000 titles, and our students trained 15 Africans to set it up and run it.

Q: “How has God used Multnomah Students and/or faculty to impact/change your walk
with Christ?”

Dr Mitchell was a friend and mentor during the last ten years of his life. Our regular visits and teaching a course together left me in love with God’s Word written and God’s WORD, Jesus. The students have ministered to me with a contagious faith and enthusiasm which keeps me young.

Q: “If we have questions about CS Lewis after you leave, who would be the next best person to ask?”

There already is another teacher of C.S. Lewis teaching in the degree completion program. And (don’t tell any faculty I said so), but the internet is surprisingly helpful since there are so many C.S. Lewis sites about his life and writings.

Q: “If you had to describe in one sentence your experience at MU, what would you say?”

Multnomah has been my dream job blessing me with joy of teaching my passion (Scripture) and my hobby (C.S. Lewis).


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