Hitler, what was wrong with you?

By March 30th, 2013

Family & Friends,

Our Thursday dinner always includes a discussion at Aslan’s How around the table. This time it was “If you could ask any historical character a question, who would you ask and what question?”

Jesus, why did you create Satan? Why did you choose Judas as a disciple?

Hitler, what was wrong with you?

Harry Truman, why did you decide to use the Atomic bomb?

George MacDonald, how did you learn to pray?

Henri Nouwen, why did you chose a celibate ministry when you struggled with sexual issues?

Lincoln, what kept up your resolve to end slavery with so many enemies?

It was a beautiful night of more questions than answers. And that can be good too. I may be wrong, but I expect that part of the beauty of heaven will be looking back and learning from the sovereign God why, and what and how, but especially “Why?”


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