The Big Dance

By April 9th, 2013

Family & Friends,

Aslan’s How just finished its competition to pick the college basketball champions. Debbie Chin, who is the unofficial president of Multnomah ruling from her administrative desk, asked if she could join us. She had a lot of questions since every profession is a conspiracy against the layperson. But, we freely offered her our wisdom. “March Madness” is the basketball tournament that picks a national champion in April. A “bracket” is a genealogical chart that goes backward from 64 teams to one. “Sweet Sixteen” refers to the 16 teams who don’t make hard fouls. “Elite Eight” are teams from the Ivy League. “The Big Dance” is a pep rally for all the teams. The “Final Four” are the teams that survive the “Big Dance” in their region. A “power forward” is the same as a power washer, but he cleans backboards. She was so full of basketball knowledge that she went from inquisitive to “sagacious”.

Debbie started making her picks and recording them on the genealogical chart. There are hundreds of internet sites giving tips, but Debbie asked her lady friend down the hall. The seven charts were soon filled and taped onto the large bay window at Aslan’s How. Six men versus Debbie. She selected Michigan to go far since she believed all the bluster that I was making about my team. She picked Louisville because it sounded like a nice rural town. She picked Wichita State because all the guys said, “Don’t pick them, they’re a 9 seed.” Debbie the president is now Debbie “The Queen of March Madness.” She was crowned in April when Louisville beat Michigan in the finals. Final totals: (1 pt first round winners, 2 second round, etc.)

The Queen 71
G 61
Ryan Tallmon 58
Austin Way 57
Chris Graham 52
Drew Fajen 49
Thomas Wilson 35


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