“You are a Prophet”

By April 14th, 2013

Family & Friends,

It is always enjoyable to sign one of my books for a friend as I did in Jan. 1982. The book was Decision Making and the Will of God and the recipients were Gene & Linda Moore. Doug Moore recently had his parents’ signed book in hand. He stopped me and declared, “You are a prophet.” I smiled and tried to look humble. “You wrote a detailed note in this book that you gave to my parents AND IT CAME TRUE!” I was thinking, “I’m a lucky guesser”, but “prophet” did have a nice ring to it. “Do you remember what you wrote?” he asked. But, I reminded him “I’m a prophet, not an historian.”

It read, “Gene and Linda. I praise God for our fellowship and friendship together. My next book will have an illustration from your kids, so keep me informed.” I also added a Bible verse from another prophet. Doug reminded me that in Lion Sightings in the Rose City, there was an illustration about his and Vania’s wedding called, “Advent Conspiracy Wedding.” Prophecy Fulfilled!

Doug & Vania are expecting a son in one month. He will don the beautiful name, Josiah Lewis Moore. I predict that there will be an illustration about Josiah in my next book. And if I’m a prophet, there WILL be another book – so I better start writing. I think I’ll name it, Prophecy and the Will of God or maybe, Lion Prophesies in the Rose City. Whew, so much to predict and so little time.


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