Bill and his Two Wives

By May 22nd, 2013

Family & Friends,

When I was young I did not know what a normal family vacation was. Our family was so close to four other families that we took road vacations together. These families from church became “uncles” and “aunts” and we knew them better than our own wonderful uncles & aunts. The caravan would stop at a camping ground, food put on top of one of the pop-up trailers and 25 people would pray and then grab for dinner. Evening camp fires gave us stories to share as our fellowship grew closer and closer. My “uncle Ernie” died and later my mom died.

“Aunt Alice” and dad lived next to each other after their spouses died. One day dad called each of us kids with a question. “Do you think it would be alright if I married Alice?” I said, “Get her before someone else does.” We never dreamed that these two 70 yr olds would be married for 22 years. One of the old black and white photos shows the two young couples together. When we view it we always say, “There is Bill and his two wives. There is Alice and her two husbands.” (to be cont.)


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