Lecture and Go Home

By June 6th, 2013

Family & Friends,

I had a two hour discussion with Gerald, the African academic dean, at Africa College of Theology (ACT). I was full of questions and he was ready with thoughtful answers. ACT will be relational and mentor-centered. He knows the West well from his education. He said many want to teach in Africa, but what they mean is “lecture and then head home.” This will not be one of those colleges. Most Africans who are educated overseas do not return. ACT is clear that they are preparing their students not to be able to make it in American education, but be able to prosper in Rwandan churches.

Their pricing of education is what I liked most. Rwandan pastors are not paid and must be bi-vocational. Most of the school tuition will be raised in scholarships by the U.S. branch of Africa New Life. A second portion will be paid by the student. Any student who really wants to come will be able. The third portion will be carried by the student’s church. A student then must be viewed as gifted and godly by ACT, must value the education, and must be viewed by their church as qualified to be a pastor. Gerald explained that they could fill the school tomorrow if it were free. ACT hopes to be filled some day, but only with motivated, gifted and church-selected students. I may mention this idea in America!


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