Under the Kitchen Table with Dad

By June 13th, 2013

Family & Friends,

Earlier I said that I would give further details about my father’s funeral.

Dad’s military funeral was followed by a luncheon at a nearby restaurant. Cindy and I shared remembrances and then opened it to others. I remembered several snapshots of my father. Snapshot #1 was a Christmas photo that mom took of dad and I under the kitchen table playing one of the games which I received. He was a dad that could love a kid right where he was. The Snapshot #2 was a Voice of Christian Youth banquet. My parents supported every spiritual endeavor that we were in. VCY asked father and son, my dad and I, to share a testimony at this large gathering. He was a dad that wanted his children to follow Christ. Snapshot #3 is dad hunched over the hood of a car making repairs. He was great with his hands, but his son was not. As a result he encouraged me in the gifts and talents that God had given me. He was a dad who encouraged us to be what God had made us to be. The last snapshot is around a campfire in Rocky Mount, NC. I took a book sales job that had me working from 9am to 9pm every day. Dad and Mom took a “vacation” to NC and had a hot supper ready for me at 9pm each night. Dad sacrificed for the benefit of his children.


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