Start with a Foundation

By June 14th, 2013

Family & Friends,

I’m learning more and more about Africa New Life Ministries. I resonate with their structure as I understand it. Africa New Life is seeking to create a workable, sustainable and effective relationship between the U.S. office and the Rwandan office. Officially, the offices are separate independent entities who have a voluntary commitment to each other. The U.S. office promotes the African ministry, seeks sponsors and financial gifts. The African leadership in Rwanda make all of the ministry decisions and all programs are initiated by them. If there is good African leadership they will contextualize the gospel for their culture. The U.S. office speaks into the African leadership, but has no authority over them. In addition, the African team seeks to be self-sustaining. For example, the ACT Bible college may decide to create a farm or some business where their students work to provide for their portion of the tuition. They would ask the U.S. office for the starting finances for land and a tractor. Africans would then run the farm to produce revenue for the students and for the college. ACT has a long way to go, but a strong foundation has been set and we are trusting God to build great things upon it.


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