Tradition of the White Threads

By June 15th, 2013

Family & Friends,

It was a family tradition during summer to make a comment when dad first put on his Bermuda shorts. He would always go along with the fun. We would look at him and say, “Dad, you have two white threads hanging from your shorts!” He would always look down. Then we would say, “Oh, I’m sorry, those are your legs.” I have my father’s genes. Today in Kigali I was exercising in my swimsuit in my apartment. A cell call came. “G, slip outside quietly. There is a momma and a baby monkey on your roof.” I did not have time to change. Out the door I slinked like a great white monkey hunter. I quickly saw both monkeys. Then the baby monkey jumped to the Guava tree next to my house. We grabbed our watch dog, Beauty, who was as excited as the baby chimp. Monkeys are aggressive and will scratch and bite. My eyes were locked on the monkey hoping we would not experience a monkey versus dog brawl. Young Emma was watching out the window and said with surprise, “G, why are you wearing a swim suit?” Before I could give a quick answer, she said, “What are those two white threads hanging from your suit?”

I have my father’s “leg” genes. I only hope I have his “longevity” genes. There was no animal fight today, but an ancient family tradition was revived.


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