“Yikes, I have Grandkids”

By June 25th, 2013

Family & Friends,

My first class at Africa College of Theology (ACT) ended with a bang. On Friday night we finished the newly written Old Testament Walk Thru. It includes all key people, places and events. It also places all 39 O.T. books within the time line. We took a deep breath and then 22 students joined me to give the whole thing as Matt filmed it. It took over nine minutes. They cheered when they finished and some were jumping up and down African style. They cheered all over again when they learned that they were the first group to ever learn it. Each night I would tell a narrative story from the O.T. I’ve always heard that the African oral culture includes many stories told around the campfire. Well, there are no kampfires in Kigali and so it was a treat for them. Several times they cheered for the hero of the narrative during the story.

The final night was even better. Each student had to give their own O.T. narrative story without notes. One student in his early twenties struggled, but made it. I encouraged him and learned that English was his fourth language. We hope this class has revived adult storytelling in Africa. They clapped after each story. At the very end of class, Matt and I handed out a gift which my supporters made possible. We gave each a NIV Study Bible in Kinyarwandan. It is a beautiful edition and they were thrilled. We took a group picture with the Bibles. Then Matt had all of them surround me to pray that I would be able to return. One read Psalm 20 over me before 20 African students all prayed at the same time. One student closed praying that their “grandpa” would be able to return. I always wanted grand kids and, yikes, I received them in the middle of an African prayer!


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