Oldest Ring Bearer on Record

By July 23rd, 2013

Family & Friends,

My Rwanda trip was cut from two months to one, so I was back in Portland earlier than expected. Drew Fajen from Aslan’s How, called and asked if I could be in his wedding on Saturday? For the Message? Well, no. Best Man? No. Head Usher? No. M.C. for the Reception? No.

“Could you be the ring bearer?” I paused, “Is that the little mischievous boy with the pillow?” He ignored my sarcasm and said, “It will be awesome!” I learned during the practice that the pillow really does not hold the ring since no one trusts the little kid. The best man has ring responsibilities. They made an exception and handed me two rings and a mandate – “Get the cute little flower girl to the front and get the rings to the best man.”

The wedding coordinator signaled us to “Go.” Taryn, “Cute Flower Girl”, and I headed to the altar. No one was watching the ring guy. All eyes were on Taryn. I whispered encouragement to her and her basket full of flower petals. “Nice toss,” “Well done,” “Beautiful coverage, ” “Throw ‘em all”. Mission complete! The bride walked down the outside grassy aisle on beautiful rose petals. And the oldest ring bearer on record delivered the rings on time.


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