Sudden Serendipity Strikes

By August 9th, 2013

Family & Friends,

I was suddenly struck by a “serendipity”. Horace Walpole invented the word in 1754. He read the fairy tale “The Three Princes of Seredip” (an old name for Sri Lanka). Its princes were always making unexpected fortunate discoveries. He gave them the title, “serendipity” which is considered one of the most difficult English words to translate (along with email spam, kitsch, gobbledygook, facepalm, trade-off, auto-tuned). A serendipity is a “happy accident,” “pleasant surprise” or even a “fortunate mistake.”

My serendipity? Unexpectedly, a pleasant surprise of six months of open virgin calendar have dropped into my fortunate lap. In May I expected to be in Africa very soon so I vacated out my office, packed all of my belongings and cleared the calendar! I returned from a month in Rwanda to learn that Africa New Life wanted me to return full-time in February, 2014. Count ‘em – six months!

I would like to give away some copies of my “Lion Sightings in the Rose City” to your three best suggestions to fill part of the serendipity. If you wanted a copy of this book, but did not want to spend a cent – this might be your SERENDIPITY! Send “Serendipity Suggestions” to


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