25 Years — Worth it

By August 17th, 2013

Family & Friends,

I just finished 25 years of leading the reunions for the Friesen and Yeager families. It was worth it. I remember when my 42 year old Aunt Louise was dying of cancer. She would not miss the reunion and used the back of a station wagon as a hospital bed. I remember dad as his memory was disappearing. He did not really know who anyone was, but he was there smiling and enjoyed sitting with supportive family. My uncle Al had trouble eating and talking, but would not miss the reunion. I took a picture of him and a new family baby. It symbolized for me the cycle of life. I remember young Jeffery cocking his head back to drink lemonade right out of the thermos spout. I remember cousin Don creating beautiful woodwork pieces for our family auction. I remember Sue & Scott saying their marriage almost ended, but they had renewed their vows and were making a new start. I remember aunt Barb coming early before each reunion to clean tables and get the pavilion ready for the family and Judy bringing prizes for the kids’ games. I remembered tossing water balloons with a child and enjoying a good catch as much as a water soaking explosion. 25 years – it was worth it.


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