Funner than a God Tax

By September 7th, 2013

Family & Friends,

“Generosity” was the theme of a recent Imago Dei Community service. Luke Hendrix set the table nicely. (1) If we earned $30,000 per year we were in the top 5% of people—we were “rich”. (2) Jesus talked more about money than any other topic. Why? “Money is not the most important thing, but is the best indicator of where your heart is.” (3) “God does not need your money, but He wants your heart.”

Luke added to his arsenal by inviting Ken Weigel to the stage. Ken had generous parents that modeled biblical giving. Ken gave, but it felt like an unjoyful “God tax”. He invited his dad over to talk about money. Dad thought this was a “I need money, give me loan” talk. Instead, it was “I am loving money, and feeling like a slave to money. I need help.” His dad viewed all the bills, the checkbook, and Ken’s plan for giving the “God tax.” His dad ripped up the God tax plan and said, “You are free. God wants your heart and when you trust him for your needs you will be free to be generous.”

God transformed Ken’s heart. He told us that giving was one of the “funnest things” in his life, which he quickly changed to “most joyful”, so we got the point twice. Luke & Ken had convinced us that a joyful generous heart was more biblical and funner than a God tax.


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