“So much time, so little to do”

By September 30th, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Six months free – so much time, so little to do.

I asked you for ideas for my newly acquired six months with an open calendar. Well, you gave me enough ideas to weigh down an archangel. The most common suggestion was “work for us for free.” While this was tempting, the following made the cut.

1. Have two Bible Marathons (Oct. 12 and Nov. 29) sign up at gfriesen@multnomah.edu
2. Study Greek (one reading of N.T.), Hebrew and Kinyarwandan. “Muraho” to you too.
3. Read 25 books on theology, African history and poverty issues. The best so far is Easterly, The White Man’s Burden.
4. Visit with students, friends and mission people. The most fun so far is Sundays with the Hotchkiss family for dinner, reading aloud 2 chapters of Narnia and prayer.
5. Create a scholarship for Africa College of Theology (ACT). I’m getting critique on my “work scholarship” idea from several insightful people.
6. Exercise more to enter Africa in great shape … for an old guy.
7. I’m deciding on whether to do another book of Fortnightlies like “Lion Sightings in the Rose City.” So far only the name has been chosen– “Lion Sightings in Stumptown”.
8. Plan a Multnomah student summer missions team to Rwanda (Kigali Konnect).

Winners for their “suggestions” are Mike Tompkins, Debbie Chin and Dorie Halsey.

Six Months — So little time, so many suggestions to do,


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