Wipe out What?

By October 7th, 2013

Family & Friends,

This coming Sunday is a big day for me. My favorite church, Imago Dei Community, will be sending me out as “elder on mission” with prayer, encouragement and financial support. My favorite mission agency, Africa New Life, will be receiving me from Imago Dei for a teaching role in Kigali, Rwanda with Africa College of Theology (ACT).

Nine month earlier I sat with ANL leadership and their African president, Charles Burgeya, said, “If you do come to Rwanda, you should make it your goal to wipe out biblical illiteracy in the country of Rwanda”. He said it with a straight face. I almost said, “What will I do the second month?” But, the sarcasm is gone and my goal starting in February 2014 is to wipe out biblical illiteracy in the African nation of Rwanda. I’m praying, dreaming and forming a plan. For years I’ve told Multnomah students, “Pray as big as your God.” That’s what I’m doing. Please join me.


Bible marathon Oct 12 (filled)
Aslan’s How Tour, Oct 19 (filled)

Bible marathon Nov. 29 sign up gfriesen@multnomah.edu
Aslan’s How Tour, Nov. 23, sign up gfriesen@multnomah.edu

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