“Lord, drop a brick”

By October 28th, 2013

Family & Friends,

I love Multnomah’s “Journey” Chapels. Dr. Ray Lubeck shared his life today and wisdom overflowed. He learned by “bumping” into some special people and things.

Tim Kopp changed his direction by saying, “Go to Bible college and learn about the God who made man.”

David Needham revealed the Bible as an encounter with God and that the only proper response to Him is “Wow”.

Cancer just after graduation from college taught him that “to live is Christ and to die is gain.” He learned no gigantic new truth, but relearned simply trusting God a few minutes at a time.

“Biker” Rick taught him to be unpretentious and open-armed with the Body of Christ.

Bruce Waltke modeled that even a brilliant man desperately needs to trust the all-wise God.

Tamara his wife transformed his thinking by a million questions about God and a fierce desire for honesty and integrity.

An Ethiopian student illustrated that God’s truth is enough. “I can’t take the Bible off my eyes.”

When Ray was offered other teaching positions, Tamara prayed that God would drop a brick to make it perfectly clear if they should stay. That week a group to students held a “Thank you” dinner for them with symbolic gifts. One of the gifts was a brick signed by the students. It brought tears to Tamara and became a living room ornament! We add, “Thank you Lord for giving us Ray and Tamara with all their wisdom.”


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