“I Have a Dream”

By December 16th, 2013

Family & Friends,

Martin Luther King will always be remembered for his “I have a Dream” speech. I am excited about Advent Conspiracy and it is forcing dreams on me. I was there when Imago Dei Community first announced the conspiracy. “Worship more. Give more. Spend less. More time with family and relational gifts.” If you ever gave a relative a Christmas gift card, and got one back, you might have said, “What in the world are we doing?” You are ready for a conspiracy. The idea is to divert money for Christmas gifts into money for the needy and swap time in shopping lines with strangers to time with family.
I have a dream that someday children will say, “I love Christmas because our family spends more time together than ever.” I have a dream that someday adults will say, “Why are we exchanging gift cards when we could be giving water to the thirsty and food to the hungry.” I have a dream. That someday unbelievers will say, “Christians are those strange people who don’t give gifts to each other at Christmas. They give water wells to Africa and food to the hungry.” Time to quit dreaming and start praying.

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