“Farm Shoes”

By January 4th, 2014

Family & Friends,

I felt like a city boy lost in the country on my summer trip to Mt. Lake, MN visit friends. I set out walking to shop and take bag full of stuff to the post office.  Their dry spell was recently irrigated from above and dust had become mud.  The whole town was having sewers put in.  Soon I had to navigate a wide mud crossing formerly known as a street.  I made it across, but my shoes became “farm shoes”.   At a second mud “road”, I thought, “Go ahead.  You already have farm shoes.”   My left farm shoe slipped and I almost had farm clothes.  I caught my balance with my right farm shoe, but it disappeared into the mud.  Once across, my shoes weighed 20 pounds each.   I detoured to the city park.  It has a water spout for washing off farm shoes.  I used my city handkerchief to wipe my shoes and then tossed it.

Once in the post office I put my sack up on the counter just before noticing a glob of new mud on the bag.  Having no hanky, I wiped up the mess with an IRS tax form.  (I finally found a good use for that form!) After shopping, I was weighed down and looking for a safer route home.   Mt Lake is larger than you think when you are carrying 50 pounds.  I walked to the end of town and came back in by a rare paved road.  Once home, I dropped into my bed and promised myself that as soon as I got to a city, I was going to buy some new city shoes.


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