State of the Bodily Union

By January 22nd, 2014

Family & Friends,

Before leaving for Rwanda I’m doing “due diligence” on health or what I call “the state of the bodily union” report.  Monday was a routine eye exam in case I needed new glasses.  Instead, I was informed that I had cataracts in both eyes.  After some frantic phone calls they determined that there was time for the two separate surgeries.  In 24 hours I was able to get good counsel from the Imago Dei leadership, Africa New Life leadership, a prayer team at Multnomah and a nurse from our church who works in a cataract medical site.  The only caution is that I have one eye that is legally blind with about one tenth vision.  This eye makes parallel parking difficult and means that I can’t join the air force.  Please pray for a routine and successful surgery today (1/22/14) and in six days (1/28/14).


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