Cataract, Be gone

By January 23rd, 2014

Family & Friends,

Cataract surgeries are slightly less common than mosquitoes.  It is uncommon to discover a cataract and have it removed within 40 hours.  On Tuesday, Blayne, one of the men of How, took me to the Vancouver, WA surgery site.  As my nurse friend counseled, I reminded them that I have only one good eye and so don’t let an intern, student, new surgeon or Jack Kevorkian operate on me.  They showed me the cost and I suggested they sell some of the very nice furniture in the waiting room to bring the cost down.  They ignored this suggestion and showed me the amount after insurance.  The final question surprised me.  “Are you a missionary?”  I told them I was a teacher, preacher, missionary and still hoping to be an Olympic athlete.  In jest I asked, “Do missionaries get a discount?”  They said, “Yes” and then drew a line through the charge after insurance.  Later they asked, “Is it all right if the surgeon prays for your operation before he begins?” I answered, “Only if I can say ‘Amen’ when he is done.”  The operation took ten minutes.  A small incision, the cloudy lens (cataract) was broken up and sucked out, and a new clear lens put in.  24 hrs later I’m able to drive to my check-up appointment and can use my computer to write you.  Somebody must of prayed!


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