“Until Yesu comes”

By February 7th, 2014

Family & Friends,

Earlier I described trying to learn Kinyarwanda, the language of Rwanda.  After many stutters, I hired a Rwandan college student to help me.   He is a famous as a musician in Rwanda since he won a national song writing contest.  His name is Enric Sifa.  Finally, a Rwandan last name that I could say and spell.  Later, I learned it was his stage name.  His actual last name is Nshimiyumurcmyi.  I stick with Sifa.  He says that I’m doing well, but then he is paid to say that.

Our latest project is to create an introduction in Kinyarwanda for my first class period in Rwanda. It begins, “Ndabaramutsa mwizina rya Yesu.”  If you did not understand all of that, I’ll tell you the last word is ‘Jesus’.  My third sentence sobered me.  It says that I plan to live in Rwanda “kugeza ubwo Yesu azazira”.  Sifa translated and then said, “Really?”.  Yes, “until Jesus comes.”  The phrase is perfect because it can also mean “until I die and go to be with Jesus.”  Either way, I’m going to arrive in 20 days and speak those words in 24 days!


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