“The Wall” is coming

By February 25th, 2014

Family & Friends,

The day has finally come.  Six months waiting and preparing are down to 24 hrs until take off.  “Houston, Portland, Kigali, we don’t have a problem and are ready for lift off.”  My eyes are better than ever after two surgeries, and I begin teaching my Old Testament Survey class on March 3!

Alan Hotchkiss, our U.S. director, gave me a warning.  “In four months in Rwanda you will hit a wall.  The good news is that you know it is coming.  The bad news is that you know it is coming.”  June 28, 2014 is the due date for the wall.  I have it marked on my calendar.  I’ve already started to pray it will be a great day and I’ll climb the wall, stand on it and shout “Praise God.”  My next Friesen Fortnightly will be from Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills.


Don’t “return” this to write me, but rather write directly at gfriesen@multnomah.edu

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